Friday, January 15, 2010

Back To Basics

i've been having a few back problems of late, so i'm not as flexible as i want to be at the moment.

SG watched me crawl out of His warm bed the other morning and saw the pain on my face, from my stiff back.

"I know what My next purchase will be for you" He said, with a smile.

i got excited and started thinking of all the kinky things that are on our wish list. my thoughts were brought to a sudden halt, when He then said:

"I'm going to buy you a rack. It might help stretch your back out."

i couldn't stop smirking. i guess if He tied me to it, then gagged, blindfolded and used me, it might well turn into a kinky time. It could do wonders for my back, and, if nothing else, help me forget about it for a while. i'm in no doubt it would make something of SG's very stiff ;-)


Aurore said...

You two and your contraptions ;) Hopefully, you get you back problems all straightened out - sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Anonymous said...

You need a hang up... Ebay it! I'm sure with an imaginative mind it could be used as a kinky contraption too....

Mistress Bella said...

I hope you get your back sorted :)

Although its usually possible to add some kink to it :)

Hope it goes well for you trinity-pup

M.B. x

FC's pet said...

nothing wrong with adding a little kink to the rehab!! sounds like a lovely idea to me :)

Florida Dom said...

What an interesting kinky way to solve a back problem. Let us know if he does it.