Sunday, January 31, 2010


Is this bruise self-inflicted because i was bent over my cage, with my legs pressed against its sides, while my Owner urgently thrusted His hardness inside me?

Believe me, i'm certainly not complaining! It was one of the most erotically charged sessions we've had in a while. A bonus that i got some cage time and delicious bondage, coupled with wearing my new PVC dress.

And of course there are photos of all of it... but i don't suppose you're interested in seeing them too?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

HNT - Risking It All

Two years ago, on this very day, SG and i first met in real life. We'd only chatted online for just a month, but i knew i wanted to make things a reality, take a risk* and find out what this Dom was all about.

* risk (n.)

1. The possibility of suffering harm or loss; danger.
2. A factor, thing, element, or course involving uncertain danger; a hazard.

i'd already experienced the above, and somehow i'd picked myself up again, so what did i have to lose?

And who knew, two years on, we'd be having the time of our lives.

Thank You Sir - for being my everything.

This week's HNT is another photo from the latex shoot - taken by SG's fair (but firm) hand:

Are you bored with this set of images yet? Nah... didn't think so...

i love love love this!

A Very Happy HNT!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love Is Blind

'Go and get ready for bed, pup'

We'd had a fun night of Wii and it had given me a rush. my competitive streak had emerged again, and i was also feeling a little unruly.

SG continued to look at me, waiting for me to move off the sofa.

i stared back at Him and stayed where i was. We looked at each other for what seemed like ages, probably a minute or so, before He spoke again.

'Are you doing this to get a punishment?' SG asked, 'because you're going the right way about it. Now get to the bathroom.' His voice became sterner.

i carried on sitting there, knowing that i was really pushing things now. But still i didn't move.

His face became ever more serious. Sometimes i guess i just like to look at Him when He's in real serious mode, to take in 'that look'. It scares me a lot and i don't see it that often, as i am such a good girl (mostly). i get a cold streak that runs down my back, but i like to feel it sometimes. It's a strange mix of feelings because i know i'm pushing for it. SG seemed to be concentrating about something, and then said:

'I'm counting how many strokes your bottom is going to get. It's already up to quite a high number. And anyway, you'll be sleeping chained and blindfolded tonight'.

At that remark, i headed for the bathroom. From outside the door, i could hear the unravelling of chains coming from the bedroom. It was like He was ensuring that i heard them. It had been a while since He had made me sleep that way.

i walked into the bedroom and He placed my cuffs on me and made me lie down in bed. He added chains from my ankle cuffs up to my wrist cuffs and connected these to my collar. His face had started to show some satisfaction.

Then He rummaged in the 'case of kink' to retrieve the bondage tape. i thought He might have been joking about that part. He made me sit up in bed and placed the tape over my eyes, wrapping it a few times around my head. i lay back down and curled up against the cold of the metal.

'Goodnight pup, sleep tight.'

It was a long and very dark night.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Keeping It Zipped

i did the unthinkable.

No-one made me do it or pushed me into it. No instruction from SG.

It was of my own free will.

A year ago it wouldn't even have crossed my mind. It amazes me how things can change, how you grow to like things never imagined before.

i bought a new latex hood - it has no eye holes, only nose holes and a zipped mouth! :-o As i ordered it, the thought of it excited and scared me, but I knew it would just be a step up from SG's breath control hood.

The hood turned up in time for the weekend, but i didn't show it to SG initially. i wondered what He'd think. When i did, He told me how surprised He was but how impressed too.

It was christened on Sunday morning, when SG tied me to the bed and used me. It felt incredible and not too scary. SG started off by placing it on me with the zipped mouth open. Halfway through SG's hard thrusting, He pulled the zip closed, leaving me to breath only through the small nose holes. This actually excited me even more and i came not long after, and SG then followed.

A very hot session indeed and now i can't wait to wear the hood again with my latex outfit i've been showcasing lately.

Oh, and i guess you'll be wanting to see photos of it, huh?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

HNT - Chesty

As you liked my latest latex photos so much, here's another for your delectation:

SG recently bought yet more latex goodies and i get to see/wear them(?) at the weekend. He's keeping them a surprise for now. i've also purchased a new latex item that i'll mention in my next post. Happy latex times ahead!

Happy HNT!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Back To Basics

i've been having a few back problems of late, so i'm not as flexible as i want to be at the moment.

SG watched me crawl out of His warm bed the other morning and saw the pain on my face, from my stiff back.

"I know what My next purchase will be for you" He said, with a smile.

i got excited and started thinking of all the kinky things that are on our wish list. my thoughts were brought to a sudden halt, when He then said:

"I'm going to buy you a rack. It might help stretch your back out."

i couldn't stop smirking. i guess if He tied me to it, then gagged, blindfolded and used me, it might well turn into a kinky time. It could do wonders for my back, and, if nothing else, help me forget about it for a while. i'm in no doubt it would make something of SG's very stiff ;-)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kissing The Hand That Holds All

Another couple of pics from our latex shoot. There are quite a number of favourites to show. But all in good time!

Here's my cute bottom in the fabulous mini skirt (did i mention how much i love the suspender clips and the criss-cross design?):

And the full ensemble:

After the shoot, and the hot sex, SG and His cumslut lay sated and exhausted in bed, in the afterglow of the afternoon's thrill. We were in spooning position and i made the mistake of cheekily teasing SG with my bare bottom. i guess i was after a reaction.

His response, and without warning, was to spank my cheek really hard several times and turn me over to beat my other cheek. It was an extremely stingy pain and i cried out a few times. When SG had done, i lay very quietly, feeling subdued and put in my place.

He asked me if my bottom was sore and i replied that it was. Then He said: "Master's hand hurts now, kiss it better" and He held it out towards my face. i remember pausing, as i thought it was not something He'd made me do before (am sure He will remind me, if i'm wrong!) If i hadn't done it, i'd probably have received a punishment - maybe a deferred spanking. The whole act certainly made me feel very compliant, like in a service way, as i administered gentle soft kisses over my Master's palm.

It serves to remind me that i am His submissive. And it makes me think that sometimes it's the smallest things that make it mean the most. (And He will beat the brat out of me.)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

HNT - Latex Lovers

i hope you read yesterday's post first, as it explains this week's HNT. Go on... go read it.

This is the first of my favourite photos of my new latex outfit, comprising stockings (i've longed for a pair since perving at them on High Gloss Dolls), a very short mini skirt complete with suspender clips and a tie-wrap (what else?) top.

What's great about this particular latex is that it's been chlorinated, so there's no need for any talc or lube to help you get it on, and it also polishes up more easily. The garments slipped on quite effortlessly and made me feel very sexy. i'm looking forward to mixing and matching them with my other (and future) latex wear.

We had lots of fun with the shoot and SG joined in by wearing His latex catsuit. Afterwards, He wasted no time in using me hard, adorning me with a latex hood to complete the look. It was a very hot session.

More images to show you in time... just gotta get back to the Wii now...

Happy HNT!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Sprinkling of Kink

A new year.

i'm not into making resolutions, but i've decided on just the one:

- To keep looking forward and have no regrets about the past.

What's yours? Care to share them?

SG and i spent a whole 10 days together - a mix of vanilla-dom, seeing family and friends, with a sprinkling of kink thrown in. It was really good.

Apart from an amazing present of a new latex outfit, SG also bought me a Wii! We stayed up until the wii small hrs at the wii-kend, trying out the various sports games on it. He discovered that i have quite a competitive streak in me!

We also made time for a photo shoot to show off my new latex wear. i'll be sharing some of our favourite shots over the next few posts, starting with a HNT tomorrow. So you only have to wait one day!

As SG left my place to go home, He told me i could carry on and play. He meant with the Wii, not with myself. Then again, i guess i could do with a rest from that ;-)