Friday, December 31, 2010

Another Year Ends

So another New Year's Eve is upon us. Where did this year go? It's been a mixed vanilla one, but a very kinky and horny year for SG and i.

i'm not sure why, but i always seem to get a little sad on this day of the year, can't explain it, although i am going to do my best to keep my spirits up later.

As a final salute to 2010, here's another photo of our latest rubber session. Thank you for all your wonderful support over the year.

Happy New Year! May it bring you lots of happiness and fulfilment.

See you in 2011 for more blogging, meeting new people and, of course, more kink!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy 4th Blogversary To me!

Can you believe it - my blog is 4 years old today! Where did that go?!

i remember back to my first post of just a few words, not knowing where it might take me. Unsure of who might want to read it, let alone follow me.

And now, 136 followers and 444 posts later, i'm still here. A little older, certainly a lot wiser as to what i want, and definitely sure of what i have in my life right now.

Online friends (and their blogs) have come and gone, some are AWOL (i do wonder where they are now), and there are those who return regularly to say hi.

A big THANK YOU to you all for making my blog what it is today.

So, by way of celebration, i thought it would be cool to share a photo that we took recently. Actually, it really is party time, as in just under a week's time, it will be 3 years since SG first got in touch on Collarme. The rest is history, so here's to the future:

(i promise to post more photos from our rubber session after this.)

Have a very happy and safe Christmas.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

At Your Service

It's been an absolute age since i wrote some erotica, so i hope you like the following that just came into my head:

Shopping was on my mind. The sales were in full swing in all of the department stores in town, so there seemed no better time to buy some new lingerie. It’s one of my favourite pastimes – shopping for sexy underwear for my man. Not that it stays on long enough for Him to appreciate it, of course… but i guess i buy it for myself, to feel good in. That tiny lacy thong underneath my skirt that only i know i’m wearing, that sort of thing, you know?

i headed out to one of my much-loved stores and took the escalator to the lingerie section. Some cute sheer panties and erotica-themed bras seemed to be calling to me. i spent quite a time browsing and getting lost in my lusting. Armed with my selection of sexy lingerie, i headed for the changing rooms to thrill myself further with how they would look. There was a small queue and so i patiently waited my turn. It was a busy time and there were several store assistants rushing about showing customers to their cubicles.

Out of the corner of my eye, i noticed a very striking young assistant, with gorgeous long flame-red hair, a very petite but perfectly proportioned body and stunning blue eyes. i thought to myself ‘surely she should be a model and not be working here’. i thought she was very attractive and then spotted her walking back towards me. my turn in the queue had come and she was walking me towards to my cubicle. i followed, my eyes drawn down to the most exquisite stilettos i had ever seen. They brought her height up level with my own. She walked so elegantly in them.

i was transfixed by her as she showed me to my booth, placed my underwear inside and then said “if you need any assistance, there’s a bell there... unless you require our bra-fitting service, then I can help you with that now?”. She waited for my response. “Well, yes, that would be good - i’ve never really known my size” i replied. my heart was racing now, i was getting excited… and moist.

She closed the cubicle door behind her. “If you’d like to undress down to your bra, we can see how well that fits you.” i wasted no time in complying and stood before this young beauty in my slightly tatty Wonderbra. i wished i had put on something a bit newer now. She produced a tape measure from her pocket and positioned me in front of her to face the mirror. Her small hands wandered up to my shoulders and around my upper back to check my bra. “It seems to be a little small for you, as it’s pinching at the sides – can you see?” she said, as she ran her fingers down the sides of my ribcage. i nodded as they then moved up to rest across the top of my chest. “So you really should have more room here.” she continued.

At that point, her hands began to wander down to reach inside my bra, and found their way over my nipples. she pinched them gently. Not doing anything to stop her, i watched her in the mirror. She had now pushed my bra cups down and was slowly massaging my breasts, and i felt her hot breath on my neck. i closed my eyes as sheer exhilaration took over me. i was now half-naked as she turned me around to face her.

She gently pushed me down onto the seat and lowered her mouth to lick and caress my nipples. i reached out my hands to touch her breasts through her shirt. They felt so perfect. She had now pressed herself up close against my hips and thighs to almost straddle me. i managed to undo a few of her shirt buttons and slipped my fingers inside her lacy bra to stroke her nipples.

my pussy was now aching and extremely wet, and i knew i had to satisfy my urge. i hitched my skirt up to reveal my stockings and soaked panties. She moved slowly downwards, tracing her tongue along my thighs and parted my legs. She was on her knees, her long red hair brushing against my arm and across my lap. Her mouth found its way to my wetness and i felt her hot breath again, but now against my crotch. i sighed as her tongue teased and tickled me over my panties. A second later, she was sliding them down my ankles. The anticipation that had built up inside me was so strong now.

There she ended up, with her warm lips covering my pussy, her tongue busily circling my clit and lapping at my juices. Waves of pleasure washed over me and my gasps became more urgent. There was no let up, as she continued her delicious onslaught on me. Her tongue began to quickly dart in and out of my hole. It felt so sensual and dirty at the same time. Only a few moments later, an incredible orgasm exploded within me. i quickly placed my hands over my mouth to suppress my post-climax euphoria. She looked up at me and smiled. i stroked her hair as she rested her head on my lap and said “do you come here often?”

Thursday, November 25, 2010

HNT - Self-Inflicted

It's been an age since i posted a HNT.

Here's me being cheeky, as usual...

SG gave me permission for some play time, wearing only my PVC boots and mac. Well, the Lelo made a guest appearance, as did the wooden paddle to my bottom. i wanted to see how pink i could get it.

i think i did rather well, don't you? ;-)

Monday, November 22, 2010

In Search Of Politeness

The latest keyword analysis results are in for my blog:


They give me a good giggle at times and this is definitely no exception. Well, they do say that manners don't cost a thing, but does it apply online? Just brilliant.

Oh, and if you want the answer? No, i won't!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pleasure Is... First Glass

i've been promising to publish a post on Twitter all day, so here it is!

It had been running through my mind recently whether glass dildos could be a pleasurable experience or not. They've held a mild curiosity for me, but i think the main concern is the fact they are made of, well, glass, which is breakable and a little scary to put inside oneself.

But, always up for trying new things, i decided to buy my first one from Lovehoney. And this particular one looked even more intriguing and exciting as it had two ends to it.

Complete with its own velvet pouch, when it arrived i was even more curious as to how it would feel. The twisted end is about 6.5 inches long and about 3.5 inches in circumference. It also has a slight curve to it.

i had to wait until i saw SG (which was only the next day) before i was allowed to use it. He told me He wanted to watch me play with it. He also said He wants me to experiment with using the other smoother end as part of my anal training (i have been slack with that, i have to admit).

And i have to say, after SG got me aroused in His own special way, when i felt the twisted glass inside me it felt really good, so different to anything else i've felt before. i ended up with the whole spiral section inside me, slowly plunging it in and out to increase my excitement and rubbed my clit with my other hand. It took a little longer to achieve orgasm, but when i did it was extremely yummy. SG certainly enjoyed the show.

A very worthwhile buy! If you're contemplating buying one, then i'd recommend it.

Monday, November 08, 2010

my Beautiful Bruise

From a caning last night, for no particular reason, other than to ask SG for some pain.

i bent over His knee, He delivered.

i curled up in His lap, surrendered.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Switched On

Our switching sessions give SG an insight into what i experience on a regular basis, and that's never a bad thing! i know it's usually a case of Him telling me what He'd like me to do to Him. Sadly, there was one thing that i wanted to try out, but it didn't happen - always next time i guess!

Following the dog suit vacuum experience, He ended up in bondage with the leather body harness over His latex catsuit:

Then He requested a hogtie - always happy to oblige!

And of course, the infamous SG's SJ, and as you can see, He was getting quite excited at this point! Had to do something about that, of course!

Afterwards, this is how SG thanked me:

Always a pleasure, Sir!

Oh, has everyone gone into hibernation these days, it seems pretty quiet around here...?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Big Turn-On?

"It's the big silver, flat button on the back right corner, closest to the wall unless you've moved the thing since I've been in here. It's marked with a circle with a line through it - you know: the on/off sign," I said as patiently and non-patronisingly as my situation would permit. "It's the biggest button on the thing - it's kind of so big that it's almost too obvious, if you get my drift?"

"Erm, i can't seem to find it, Sir. Hang on a minute." I heard pup mumble, miserably.

Welcome to our first switching session since early November 2009. Well, it would be a switching session if pup could only find the bladdy switch!

OK, so it's been a while; it's only natural that things aren't exactly coming easy to either of us.

Hours beforehand, waiting for pup to come to my flat for our long-postponed session, I awoke rather excited, in more ways than one, as I anticipated being able to lie back and let her take the reins in, er, more ways than one. The thing was: I already had some strong ideas about what I wanted her to do. It was never really going to be a switching session as you might imagine it, dear readers, as I will always tend to top from the bottom and say what I want, while pup is somewhat conditioned into taking instruction from her Master and would never find it easy to get into Domme mode. Let's face it: that's how things work 363 days of our year. I did give her the opportunity to design a scene of her own - and she said that she did have one idea - but that was never to transpire (she might divulge it when she writes again - tp).

Fast-forward again to the start of our session and picture the scene (but the photo should help):

I am lying on my back, with my knees and elbows forced to bend tightly by the thick dogsuit that's enclosing me in its tight rubber grip. It's a real bugger to get into - even with someone helping to zip you in, it takes a good five minutes - and has a tight built-in hood with just one tiny round hole for the mouth. I'd bought the uber-kinky bit of kit for pup a year before, but it had lain unused since her one and only time incarcerated in it. That had been a hot session, all right, but the experience had been a bit too intense even for a trooper like her. I was determined to experience myself, though, and show her that it deserved another chance.

But I also wanted to up the ante. I'd asked her to unzip the bottom of the suit a fraction, let in the end of my Hoover's long tube and seal the zip back up tightly. This was going to be my first foray into vacuum bondage and my mind raced, wondering whether it would work, whether I'd enjoy it or not, or whether it would work too damn well and perforate my bleedin' eardrums (I did have plugs in, being the cautious type).

"OK, let's do it," I said, trying not to sound too excited.

Long pause.

Hmm, that's cool, I thought - pup's sensed how excited I am about this and is purposely ramping up the tension. she's getting into character!

Longer pause, faint sound of scrabbling and plastic being prodded.

"Erm," came the response, muffled slightly through my earplugs.

"Problem?" I asked.

"i can't seem to find the power switch."

At this point I'd been in the dogsuit for about 30 minutes since being sealed in, and had tested out its elastic limits by trying to move around a bit. I'd told pup that I would love to zip her back into it soon, put a collar and leash on her and make her go "walkies" on her knees and elbows, just like a puppy bitch should. But by now my own joints were just starting to protest at being held firmly in this unfamiliar position.

Several emotions flashed through my mind in quick succession: incredulity that pup, my tech-expert subbie - couldn't find a palm-sized button on a small vacuum cleaner (I knew from her frustrated tone that she wasn't teasing); annoyance that I might have to get out of the suit and struggle back into it just to point out the button; irritation with myself for not explaining everything to the last detail; acceptance that this sort of thing is inevitable when you disturb the natural sub/Dom order; and amusement at the entire situation. Funny old game, innit?

After what seemed like an eternity (in fact, it was probably only a minute), she found the switch and the suit sucked against me gently. Hmm, interesting. I raised my left elbow - our agreed sign to increase the power. Ooh, that felt good - like being gripped all over. I could still move fairly easily and the seal wasn't perfect, but it was great fun. Did I enter that much-discussed place called sub-space? Did I, hell! ;-)

We gave it a few minutes of me making like a vacuum-packed joint of beef while pup filmed the scene on her camera. The noise of the Hoover eventually became too irritating, despite my earplugs, and my knees had just about had enough, too. I was grateful when pup let me out when I told her to.

The first scene of the afternoon was to be a microcosm of our whole session: by turns sexy, kinky, intriguing, enlightening and frustrating. Most of all, it was fun, but definitely not something we'd do any more frequently.

pup will post more photos of what else she put me through in her next post.

Master SingleGlove

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hot Sex

We just had hot sex.

Our two naked bodies.

On the living room floor.

On my hands and knees.

His big hard cock pounding into me.

His belt wrapped tightly around my throat.

Gasping for air, as my orgasms spilled over me.

Just delicious.

Thank You Sir.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Who Am I Living For?

If you haven't heard this fabulous song on Katy Perry's latest album, i suggest you check it out. It's AWESOME. And goes some way to how I'm feeling right now.

Who Am I Living For?

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I can feel a phoenix inside of me
As I march alone to a different beat
Slowly swallowing down my fear
Yeah, yeah

I am ready for the road less traveled
Suiting up for my crowning battle
This is test is my own cross to bear
But I will get there

It's never easy to be chosen
Never easy to be called
Standing on the front line
When the bombs start to fall
I can see the heavens
But I still hear the flames
Calling out my name

I can see the writing on the wall
I can't ignore this war
At the end of it all
Who am I living for?

I can feel this light that's inside of me
Growing fast into a bolt of lightning
I know one spark will shock the world
Yeah, yeah

So I pray for favor like Esther
I need your strength to handle the pressure
I know there will be sacrifice
But that's the price

It's never easy to be chosen
Never easy to be called
Standing on the front line
When the bombs start to fall
I can see the heavens
But I still hear the flames
Calling out my name

I can see the writing on the wall
I can't ignore this war
At the end of it all
Who am I living for?

I can see the writing on the wall
I can't ignore this war
At the end of it all
Who am I living for?

At the end, at the end
Who am I living for?
At the end, at the end
Who am I living for?

Heavy is head that wears the crown
Don't let the greatness get you down
Heavy is head that wears the crown
Don't let the greatness get you down

Oh yeah
I can see the writing on the wall
I can't ignore this war
At the end of it all
Who am I living for?

I can see the writing on the wall
I can't ignore this war
At the end of it all
Who am I living for?

At the end, at the end
Who am I living for?
At the end, at the end
Who am I living for?

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Pushing Boundaries

You may remember i mentioned a very horny and intense bondage weekend where i had my boundaries pushed, well i hadn't forgotten (how could i?). i think the photos that SG took tell the story, so i've not written that much - i know how you prefer posts with pics anyway!

Getting prepared:

How my boundaries were going to be pushed was by wearing SG's inflatable hood - actually inflated. This particular hood has always scared me in the past, even though i have managed to reach a point where i can put it on and have it zipped up, as long as i know it's not going to be inflated.

As i was dressed in my PVC dress and boots, bound by my body harness with crotch strap pressed against my newly-shaved pussy, the spreader bar keeping my legs apart and ball gag to silence me, i guess i didn't have much of a choice. Of course, i had my safe word if i needed it.

View from above:

As the hood began to inflate, i didn't panic when the rubber started to squeeze against my face, even though i hadn't experienced it before. Afterwards, SG told me He had pumped it up to half of its expansion capacity. With the tightness it created, it could have been all the way for all i knew. But it felt rather good to know that i had been able to cope with the new sensation and push my limits. SG was indeed very proud of me.

Then SG exchanged hoods on me for our latest breath control baby, with detachable nozzle and air bag. It looks rather evil without eye holes, but weirdly, i don't find this one as scary. He used the whole ensemble on me, as i lay restrained on the floor. i'm not sure how long it was on for, but it took me into subspace rather quickly. After a while, He removed the bag and nozzle and left me, still hooded, to relax in my bondage, as He watched over me to take more pics and video.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this, He christened our new cherrywood paddle on my bottom. He created rather pinked cheeks in no time and the feeling is very slappy and stingy. i rather like our new ouchie toy. i hope we can seek out the rubber paddle from the London store soon. It will be cool to compare them.

Overnight, SG made me sleep in my cuffs with steel chains running up my ankles and connecting my wrists (sadly no pics of this). It had been a while since i had slept like that and SG said He would make it a more regular thing.

The morning session involved SG strapping me into the SJ, adding the double-layered breath control hood and forcing me to come with His fingers deep inside me, followed by my vibe. Then He took me from behind, on all fours like His bitch puppy. i love it when He takes me like that, it's extremely erotic.

Hope you enjoyed the show!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Here Comes 200,000....

i'm just 50 away from hitting 200,000 views - fancy that?!


Thank you for still reading. It means so much.

pup x

Thursday, September 23, 2010

In Search Of Kink... in New York

Our NY trip really was a last minute thing. It was partly to celebrate my best friend's BIG birthday, but also to return after visiting 10 years ago. And it was also SG's first time.

We stayed four nights on the Upper West side in Manhattan. We managed to fit in some shopping, saw a tiny bit of Central Park (didn't realise it was so huge!), rode the Staten Island ferry, and saw a Yankees game too. We also witnessed the haunting scene that is Ground Zero - my best friend and i had visited the twin towers in 2000. It all felt completely surreal and so very sad.

The weather was unbelievable - 96F most days and only cooled down to the mid 80s overnight. It was pretty tough for me, with my fair skin and all. i never go on holiday anywhere that hot! The coolest places to be were either the subway (on the train, not the platform) or in the shops.

Our kink was mostly put to one side, except for our plan to find an erotic boutique, Coco De Mer. i'd recently read that there were two shops in London, but there was also mention of one in New York. So my curious mind wanted to seek it out while we were there. And it would probably be our only kink-related activity.

Before we jetted off, all i had noted was that it was near Chinatown in Elizabeth St. Not knowing the area at all we trekked down it, seeing nothing but Chinese supermarkets and hair salons. It was a very busy, colourful, bustling place. We'd walked along most of the street, then doubled-back on ourselves, but still the shop evaded us.

As we walked past numerous displays of fruit and vegetables, my other love in my life (aside from SG) kicked in. i had a hankering for buying some dried mango pieces. i've been hooked ever since a friend bought me some back from the Philippines.

i ended up with a whole lb's worth for $6, before our hunt for Coco De Mer continued. We battled through the midday heat and just as we were about to give up, we found it along the very last section of the road we hadn't walked along (how typical is that?!).

We stood outside for a moment, partly in disbelief that we'd finally found it:

We walked inside to find we had the shop to ourselves, which can sometimes put me off looking around. We mused over the very sexy lingerie on display (and at a price), then hovered over the range of designer vibes. The shop keeper introduced herself and then gave us a demo of one of the toys - a pink triangular vibe designed to be held against the pubic bone area and clit. It looked great but again, came at quite a price.

One of the items i was particularly interested in was from their website - a rubber paddle. Sadly, they didn't stock it in the NY store. As an alternative, we were shown a gorgeous cherry wood paddle - it was probably the only affordable item there at $40. SG asked me if i would like it and i excitably nodded.

There was just one problem - the packaging it came in. There was the bag:

The box it was placed in, wrapped up in tissue paper:

It all looked very cool but was almost impractical for transporting around in vanilla land. SG was all for going without, but i had to have the works! We'd come all this way, after all! Another little snag - we were due to meet up with our vanilla friends straight after, so somehow we managed to squeeze the box (with bag neatly folded) in SG's rucksack. Phew!

my spanking new cherry wood paddle (and it's been christened... erm.. Cherry):

We are planning to visit the London branch soon, so we can add the rubber paddle to our 'ouchie' collection.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

HNT - Lock & (Allen) Key

It's good to be back and as i write my next post on NY, i think i owe you all a HNT.

my replacement collar arrived last Thursday and SG adorned me with it, locking it on 'a la allen key' style, which felt a little scary at first. It felt so permanent, a steel reminder of His ownership. And i do love it.

And so tonight, as this little puppy heads for her bed, she'll have worn her new collar for seven days, without taking it off. It's been pretty comfy to wear and it's not caused too many comments at work... yet. Time will tell!

But SG's hold over me is ever present, around my neck. And it feels so good.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

pup's Here Again

Soooooo much to write about on my much neglected blog:

our last minute trip to New York;

the arrival of my replacement steel collar (have been wearing it since last Thurs night!);

and a very horny bondage and breathplay weekend, where i had my boundaries pushed.

All with accompanying photos too.

Stay tuned kids and spread the word...

... pup's back!

(Did you miss me?)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

HNT - His Collar

At last a HNT from me and a first peek at my new steel collar. Unfortunately it's had to be returned to the manufacturers because it's faulty :-( A new one is on its way. So for now, it's back to my leather puppy collar at night.

When i first saw it, i thought it looked too chunky. i suppose i expected it to be a lot daintier, so i wasn't too sure about it.

Ironically, since it's been sent back, i'm actually missing it - no pleasing some subs!

Happy HNT!

SG and i are taking a well-deserved holiday now, so see you in September. Be safe, be good!

Friday, August 13, 2010

An Order From SG

Thanks for your barks on our metal collar search (especially yours, sera - i'd let them cut it off, if needed).

i am happy to report that, following recommendations from a Dom on Collarme, and then seconded by Mistress Bella and Her pup, SG ordered a collar from Simplesoul. So it's on its way!

First photos will appear when it's in place!

This pup is VERY excited.

Happy Friday (13th).

Monday, August 09, 2010

Metal Collars - Your Views

SG and i have decided that i need a new collar. my current one is leather and is getting dirty and worn.

i've been visualising a rolled metal collar that locks with an Allen key, and SG thinks this could be the answer. It would also mean that i could wear it all the time. i know a few online friends who wear them.

So i'm after your thoughts here. If you wear one or have had experience of them, would you recommend one? What are the pros and cons. Do you know of any good stockists in UK?


Thursday, August 05, 2010

HNT - Cheeky

There are more photos and experiences from the Fetish Studio to come. i'm also hoping that SG may write His opinion on the night soon.

Back to HNT, as it has been an age since i last posted one. This week's image follows a particularly hard caning, as punishment for something i shouldn't have done. It may have been my cheekiness, brattiness or disobedience - i can't recall now.

Made quite an impression though:

Happy HNT!

(You can help this good pup receive the most barks she's ever had for HNT pleeeeease?)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Colour Me Red

i promised photos...

The result of my bottom from the wax play - it could also be my HNT this week (just pretend it's Thursday already):

And so to the second part of the session.

"This doesn't seem to be working" SG said, as the soft leather flogger brushed pup's bottom.

"oh, i think it is" she replied. her skin felt pinked and heated already from the strokes He had just given her.

"I need to use something harder to get the wax off."

SG stopped and went to look over the array of crops, floggers and paddles (and what an assortment!):

pup, still tied to the bench, didn't see which one He selected.


"Owwww..." was pup's response.

SG got into things.

"That..." THWACK!

"seems..." THWACK!

"much..." THWACK!


SG continued with a stiffer red leather riding crop. Short, sharp, and direct strokes seemed perfect to flick the hardened wax off her cheeks.

Stingy, but rather enjoyable, at the same time - pup decided in her mind.

Many more strokes later, SG claimed there still seemed to be traces left that He needed to remove. And after another few more, pup's bottom almost matched the colour of the candle:

He released her from the bench and held her close, before the next session that He had planned. It was going to be a long night.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Seared Bottom

Here's the first taste of our experience at the Fetish Studio:

The candle had been lit for a few minutes.

Naked pup had been placed on the kneeling bench, with her hands strapped to the handles and her cute bottom poised, in preparation of what was to come next. she knew what it was - she had suggested it to Him.

It was something that pup had experienced only once before with a previous Dom. As they had the opportunity to try new things together, she had asked SG if He would indulge her. He said He was happy to oblige.

“Ok, it’s time.” He said, as He held the red half-molten candle above pup’s beautifully splayed cheeks. “Ready?”

pup nodded. The anticipation had now moved up a level. she fidgeted a little but she knew she'd need to keep still.

she waited patiently as He seemed to pause, before she felt the sudden intensity of the liquid wax hit her skin. she jerked her body upwards and then the sensation was gone. A split second of pure masochistic pleasure.

He asked if she was ok and with her affirmation, He was ready to deliver the next droplet of pain.

Once again, the heat seared her skin - no less painful than before. Then followed several more drips and by this point, pup was giggling. It felt good but so ouchie at the same time.

But then she stopped, as she remembered the next part of what she had asked Him to do...

To be continued (and there will be photos).

Monday, July 12, 2010

Walk Your Life

Walk your life
Have no fear
Keep those close
Who you love dear.

Walk your life
Let yourself be
Open your heart
And you will see.

Walk your life
But don't delay
No dress rehearsal
Live for today.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Quietly Processing

There is a post coming soon, i promise!

i just need to process some more thoughts about our visit to the 'dungeon' last week, which was pretty surreal, but really cool too. We got to try a few new things, including a new experience for SG - wax play! (on my bottom, of course, not His!)

There's a fair few photos to show too, so please be patient and i'll see what i can share.

The blogger community seems to be a little quiet at the moment, don't you think?

Hope you're all having a great summer so far.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Kink Time

Exciting times ahead...

SG and i have booked ourselves an overnight stay at a private fetish studio. It's got floggers and a cross. We've got it booked for over 12 hours. Just for the two of us.

Am sure we'll give an update when we've experienced our first real kinky playtime away from home.

It's going to be a long night :-)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Straight Talking

It must have been some time late last year when SG and i were talking about fantasies. He already knew that i was bisexual, i had shared that with Him from the start. He wanted to know if i wanted to explore that side of things again, but in a kink sense.

It was quite a discussion and to be honest, i was a little surprised that He'd entertain the idea. But we ended up contemplating the idea of finding a female sub for me to play with, possibly under the direction of SG, or maybe on my own.

Or we arrange a session with a Domme to see how that would feel. The thought of being submissive under the control of SG and another female certainly thrills me. Of course, SG needs to be happy with all of this. That's VERY important - His needs come first. So there's a balance to be struck.

There's a lot to consider, as we know we're looking for something casual, but that could be a regular thing (if that's not too contradictory!), without things getting too complicated, intense or emotional. Hard task, we know.

So far, from mentioning it on our Rubberpal profile, we've had a few girlies getting in touch. We're in discussions with a few at the moment, but nothing definite yet.

Excited? Yes we are. Scared? Maybe a little. Most of all, we're hoping it'll be a lot of fun.

Applications are welcomed through my blog too... a bisexual female sub, or Domme, age 26-45, preferably in the southern part of the UK (but could travel within reason / invite us over the Atantic or southern hemisphere), and you're looking for some kinky casual fun - particularly if you like what we get up to (bondage, dressing in latex, hoods). It will NOT mean getting physical with SG, but you would be guided by Him. Or if you just want to experience girl-on-girl fun, please get in touch. Obviously, we will talk about specifics privately.

And that includes you... and you know who you are...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Straight Talking

'i don't do straight' i told SG, as i wonkily parked my car in His garage, and narrowly missed a ladder against the wall. It made Him smile, as He knew exactly what i meant.

I'm kinky and I'm bisexual. i don't call myself straight. i never tick that box in a survey. And i've been into kink since my early twenties. Every other partner before SG had an element of kink to them. From having been lightly spanked or tied to a bed with silk scarves, to what i now have with SG, involving the heavier bondage i adore. And i know which lifestyle i prefer!

i think i had an interest in girls after becoming sexual with men. A desire for women began to grow. i enjoyed looking at breasts, their femininity. i don't recall enjoying looking at naked men, in the same way i did for women.

i shared my curiousity in an early relationship with an ex and i remember he thought i'd be up for a threesome. Typical male i thought. But i didnt want it to be like that. i wanted to explore it separately to what i had with my fella. i kept the feelings inside and continued my relationships with men. i loved sex with them (i LOVE sex with SG), but the curiosity was there, gently nudging away at me, and i knew i needed to do something about it.

After that i struck up an online friendship with a girl in Norway who i really liked and thought was fond of me, but it didn't go any further. We never met and lost touch when the chat site was shut down.

A few years ago i decided to join Gaydar Girls. That was a pretty exciting experience and i chatted to many interesting girls there. Made one or two friends. From there, i met my ex girlfriend. We met for real after chatting for a few months. She was bi too and had been with one other woman before.

There was a snag to all of this - i was still seeing a guy at the time. He knew of my curiosity, but i didn't know where this new friendship would lead. As it turned out, i found myself feeling a lot for her. For a short time, with my boyfriend's agreement, i saw both of them, not at the same time. Each knew of the other's existence, although they never met. i decided to develop things further with my girlie and finished with him, as i realised we had no future together.

i saw her for about two years and it was a really interesting relationship, with a hint of kink, that only consisted of some playful spankings. It actually felt a bit weird to submit to a woman. It was great to explore certain things. Although my curiousity was only satisfied, to a certain point.

So where does that leave things now?

To be continued...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Could We?

(i wrote this, some time last year, before having THAT conversation with SG)

Push yourself deep
Into the darkness of my body
Somewhere You've never been before
Let's see how it makes us feel

i'd be ever so submissive
if You took me there
i'd be utterly Yours
and exactly where i'd need to be

The ultimate act of Domination
demands the most subserviant of responses

Could we ever go there?

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hush... We're Having Sex

We took some time out last weekend to visit SG's friends, who live in an idyllic house, in the middle of the countryside. It's very quiet, baa the sheep and very cute lambs, grazing nearby across the open landscape. Have i set the scene enough for you?

We stayed in the guest bedroom situated next to the bathroom. i had a great sleep and woke to a Master keen to suck His puppy's breasts. The glint in His eye was a very telling sign.

i always love to have them sucked too and His technique is definitely something to write home about. His mouth sucked hard and His tongue circled my nipples. It was an exquisite sensation.

Before long, SG told me to take my pj bottoms and pants off. Naturally, i obeyed and from all of the breast action, i was very moist and my pussy was aching for Him. His fingers slowly stroked my clit and lips. He smiled in acknowledgement of my wetness. He continued to tease me, increased my pussy juices, then inserted His fingers deep inside me.

At this point, we realised there was someone in the bathroom. SG clamped His hand over my mouth, as i was very excited, and tiny murmurs were trying to escape from my other lips. His fingers continued to probe and then began to thrust me. It felt so very naughty in someone else's bed, knowing that we had to be as quiet as possible. It was an incredible turn on.

SG's hand left my mouth to pinch my nipples and He motioned to me to keep quiet. His fingers relentlessly thrusted my hole and i covered my mouth with my own hand, as my gasps and whimpers took over. It certainly wasn't long before i reached my wonderful climax. i lay in a long silence after that, as SG held me, with huge grins on our faces.

There's nothing like sneaky sex! Want to share your stories?

Thursday, June 03, 2010

HNT - Intense

It feels like an age since i posted a HNT. Hope you'll all forgive me for my busyness and that you may still possibly be reading me. my followers total is now up to 123, so that feels really good. Thank you for following!

i thought i'd post a photo from a past bondage and cage session i've written about some time ago (you get a prize for finding it in the archives). But i don't think i've ever shared this particular image, until now. It's one of my all-time favourites and takes me back to an incredibly intense time - dressed in PVC dress and boots, latex hood, cuffs and chained to the bars. i think this was taken in the aftermath of the scene. It felt amazing and i know i would love to experience it again.

i am sure that SG would be more than happy to oblige...

Happy HNT!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Paint Me Vanilla

pup's colourful verse has made me think about the intrusion of that tiresome thing called "real life" into our precious kink time. We may have slapped numerous tints on to the walls, but they all may as well be called "vanilla haze" - with nary a hint of vinyl to boot!

The decoration, cleaning and tidying process has taken four weekends so far and it has been hard yakka. We finish up exhausted and paint-spattered virtually every evening and in little, if any, mood for fetish fun. It is, I might add, extremely satisfying to improve the property - so much so that we end up looking keenly at the finish on the walls before we go to bed, rather than in our bulging BDSM toy box. Which is now safely locked in the garage! Brush strokes rather than crop strokes, indeed...

We had agreed prior to the weekend just past that it was time for our biannual switching session. In preparation for this, I had consciously tried to get myself into a less bossy state of mind before I drove to pup's early on Saturday morning. Not that she noticed my efforts as I marched purposefully around various DIY stores that day, mind! In fact, what I require from switching is not to be Dommed in the "conventional" sense. I'm certainly not into pain or humiliation. All I want, really, is to be confined extremely securely in purpose-built bondage gear (SJ, BC hood etc) and pleasured by my wanton slut. I see it as an evening off from responsibility - a guilt-free pleasure to lie back and enjoy. Also a fun challenge to try and escape!

Needless to say, by the time we had tidied up the painting paraphernalia and had eaten our well earned dinner late on Sunday night, we were bushed and both knew without saying anything that there was little point in starting anything. Funnily enough, after having psyched myself up and put in all the hard work, I didn't feel particularly disappointed. The results we had achieved were highly satisfying and I still fell asleep with a smile on my face. Sometimes, true togetherness is about so much more than kink - and, let's face it, I'll get my session at some point soon...

Master SingleGlove

Monday, May 24, 2010

In The Shade

We've been doing a spot of decorating over the past few weekends. The place is looking amazing:

my kitchen is eco friendly green,
my lounge is two shades of cream,
my bathroom is brilliant white,
And my boudoir is erotically red

In all of this, we've had no time for kink,
so my bottom is not pink
(or any other shade... yet).

But i forgot to take my collar with me, when we did venture out.

So that's why it's a yet...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

HNT - Pleasure In Pain

Take 1 x leather cane,
administer a lot of hard strokes (30+),
and tease the pussy with her Lelo.
(Not before the straitjacket, and binding of spread legs to the bed.)

The result:

pup riding waves of pleasure, entwined with intense pain,

and a very pinked bottom.

Happy HNT!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

No Butts

i'm still here...!

It's been a while since i wrote, but have been manically busy with other things.

i promised to post a pic of my largest butt plug at the start of last month. Well, it was mainly because new to the pleasures of Pup! asked to see it! i hope it makes you happy!

Here's a photo of the largest (about 2.5 inches) and medium size (1.5 inches) plugs, for comparison.

And in that first post of April, i mentioned SG's request to train my ass to take my plugs, in preparation for SG's cock at some point.

Well if i'm honest, i haven't managed to get any prep work done and it's now May. Up until recently, He hadn't asked about it either. But now He has reminded me i've not given Him an update. So maybe it's time to get my head from out of my ass and get a plug up it... and soon!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

HNT - Breast Day

Just to prove that my blog isn't all about my bottom...

... and especially for lovers of the chest.

Happy HNT!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All In Good Time

i've been waiting (patiently, of course) for my birthday spanks.

i asked SG at the weekend when i may receive them, knowing that He was a bit under the weather.

me: 'When will i get my 40 spanks, Sir?'

SG: 'you'll get them when I am feeling better. And when that time comes, you'll cetainly know about it.'

me: 'Er, thank You, Sir.'

So that means they'll be extra hard and stingy now. Oh well...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

HNT - The Shiny Thing

i've kept you guessing long enough and i can finally reveal the shininess from that Tiffany box. It's this:

Isn't it fabulous? i actually chose it, as my special birthday gift from SG. And in a way, it's something i can wear as my public collar too.

i love it. i love Him.

(And what did you think was in the box?)

Happy HNT!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Thanks, But No Spanks

Thank you to everyone who left such fabulous barks on my last two posts. They were a delight to read and filled me with joy.

i had a wonderful birthday and received many shiny things, including two gifts from Tiffanys! One of them was from SG!

i have to post a photo of their fabulous gift wrapping ability of the shininess (in case you're not familiar with them). And i'm going to keep you guessing what it is, until my next post. But feel free to leave me your thoughts.

We stayed in a lovely suite at a hotel that, i confess, i had wanted to stay at since last year. So this wasn't a surprise, as i picked the room! It had a leather sofa, wooden flooring and plasma tv and, get this, the shower was right next to the bed! Very strange, but very cool too.

We dined out at a favourite restaurant of mine and the food was divine. It was a wonderful evening. i felt very spoiled and loved by the end of it.

And in answer to Beau's bark, i have to admit, there was no kink in the mix! A purely vanilla time and that was just fine by us.

SG said we will be making up for it, all in good time. We have talked about the idea of me becoming His captive for a weekend, where i'll spend a lot of time in bondage, humiliated and used for His pleasure. So that's definitely on the horizon!

So there's more kink to come. This could be my naughty forties!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life Begins...

Happy Birthday.... to me!

Time to be spoiled by SG! :-)

Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Coming...

In less than 24 hours, life begins. Apparently.

i'll no longer be a thirty-something :-(

So i should be embracing it with open arms and be proud of all i have in my life. And i know i have a lot to be thankful for. i'm in a good place.

Age is nothing but a number.

The experiences that give you the basis of your knowledge, the people that you meet who enrich your life, and the effort you put in to making it all happen are what matter most.

The trick to life is not to get too attached to it (as The Hoosiers would say).

Friday, April 09, 2010

On The Edge

i guess this could be a late (with extras) HNT post - the photo was taken after a recent punishment. SG took His leather belt to my bottom, but instead of using the flat side, He opted for the folded belt's edge.

i bent over His knee in readiness, not knowing what was to come, as He pulled my knickers down. The pain, after just a few strokes, almost brought me to tears. It was a very mean punishment and i felt very sorry after, but i do have to confess i can't remember what it was for! (oops!):

i've since had another punishment - a hard caning (a lot more strokes!):

This was because last weekend i forgot to add rope to the end of the bed, the Lelo was out of charge (yes, really!), along with my camera battery too. All three simple things that are my responsibility and i acknowledge that i had been slack with my duties.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Help... could i be a Domme?

NB. i accidentally deleted my previous post on 1 April - 'Butt For April' (boo hoo). Somehow i've managed to get it back, but have lost your comments. If you wrote something for that post, could you please write it again? i hate losing valuable friends' words. Thank you very much!

i recently became a follower of Spike the pup's blog and his Purity Test caught my eye.

So i thought i'd give it a go and here are my results. It's all a bit worrying on the Dom and sub front though - i got 83.3% and 42.8% respectively! i think i need to work on that. As well as 50% gayness, but that explains my bisexuality. i'm loving my sex drive score too!

Your Ultimate Purity Test 2.0 Score Is...

Your Score:Average For All UsersAverage For All
( total)

Dating61.54%34.33%Flirts mildly, then runs away
Self-Lovin'65.15%60.7%Master of your domain
Shamelessness70.97%77.28%It takes a couple of drinks
Sex Drive88.10%75%The Pope is envious
Straightness37.04%39.25%Experienced, but with room to grow
Gayness50.00%77.72%At least one weekend of ecstasy
Dominant83.33%86.49%Afraid to cross at "Don't Walk" signs
Submissive42.86%86.79%A playtoy when the mood is right
Fucking Sick89.80%89.7%Refreshingly normal
Total Score67.11%73.58%

Take The Ultimate Purity Test 2.0
and see how you match up!

(By The Ferrett)

SG is demanding a recount! i've asked Him to take the test. If He let's me, i'll post it here.

If you decide to take it too, let me know what you get. Then we can compare and celebrate/sympathise with each other!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Butt For April

It's April! Happy Anal Fool's Day!

Oops, did i just type anal? Well it's because, since writing about wanting to try anal sex, SG has decided that i first need more butt plug training.

He's requested that from this week on, for the next few weeks, i use my different sized plugs (i have three), and work my way up to the largest (it's pretty huge - anyone wanna see a pic?) so that i am able to take the biggest deed - His cock. He said this preparation is required so that i am ready for Him. When the time comes, i need to be able to take Him. Maybe it will be a special birthday treat ;-) (Did i just say that out loud?!)

SG has assed, i mean asked, me to send progress reports on how i get on. i just haven't gotten round to starting yet. Hence there's nothing to write about... yet.

It's not something i can put off either, as it was my idea to suggest anal, so i'd best get my ass into gear. Or rather, plugged...

Happy April!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Q&A - Inner Space

New to the pleasures of Pup! said...
Hello Pup,hope you are well. I have a question for you. Have you ever spent the night totally enclosed in several wonderful layers of rubber and heavy rubber bondage,including rubber catsuits and rubber bondage sacks etc etc? If the answer is no,do you have any plans to soon?! What a blog and pictures that would make! Thank you for sharing all in your excellent blogs,keep it up!

Ooh i am loving your name! ;-) In answer to your question, i've spent a night strapped in an SJ, but i my arms were not bound as SG likes to look after my welfare, and He isn't THAT evil! It was pretty cool to wake up that way and be totally at His mercy, as soon as i stirred. That was very exciting.

i've also spent a fair time encased in a leather and rubber sleepsacks while wearing my latex catsuit, and hooded, gagged and teased. Quite intense sessions, but not overnight as i have to look after my back and need some movement over a long period of time. If you look back to last year's posts, you'll see i've posted pictures of me in the sleepsack.

i also had this question, in a similar vein, from FC's pet:

..... how did you overcome your fear of hoods? i feel like it would be very claustrophobic..... What pleasures or sensations do you feel while wearing one?

i overcame my fear of hoods the hard way. Early on in our relationship, SG scared me when He wore His inflatable hood during a session and i'd never seen Him that way before. Hoods were a limit for me. It took a long time to get over that fear. It was a gradual process of trying on His other less-scary hoods and getting used to the feel of them.

It's quite a rush to wear one now and i surprised myself recently by wearing SG's inflatable hood, without inflation, as i know that is a step too far for me, for the moment at least. It felt awesome and such an achievement. Something i never thought possible. SG was very proud of me.

i have also bought my own hood since that only has nose holes and a zipped mouth. When i wear hoods, they bring about a great sense of subserviency. The feel of rubber on the face is quite comforting to me and i can get into subspace a lot more easily. It feels like it takes away my identity and lets me relinquish control. It makes anything that is happening to me that much more intense. It's a good feeling. i really recommend that you experience it at some point.

Thank you both for your fab questions!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Q&A - Don't Move

Anneal said...
Hello pup! Do you (or should I say SG?) prefer some movement possible when restrained, or none at all?
I know which I would choose for My play thing!

As ever, the answer is not straightforward! It depends on the type of bondage I want to achieve. Sensory deprivation scenes featuring sleepsack enclosure pretty much demand immobilisation, so more is more when it comes to restraint, as long as the position is comfortable.

For other types of play, a little wriggle room is perfectly fine - if not desirable. pup tends not to struggle much against her bonds anyway, but being kept solidly in an uncomfortable position for even ten minutes has the potential to harm her, especially her back.

We chaps may find all those tough hogtie pix a big turn-on, but amazing models like Madison Young are freaks of nature who do it for a living - sometimes "don't try this at home" is, sadly, the correct advice!

~ SingleGlove

The idea of being completely immobilised is very thrilling. To know that i can't move at all turns me on so much. But it does depend on what SG is about to do to me. Usually that means i don't know what's coming, so it's up to SG on how much movement He allows. During a hard spanking, i do move about a lot, so i guess it's good if i can't wriggle away. But i know SG enjoys seeing me struggle in my bonds, so it works both ways!

~ t-p

Many thanks for Your question Sir Anneal - i know what Your answer would be!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Q&A - Orgasm Control

Have just realised this is my 400th post! Woooo hooooo!

No HNT from me this week, as i'm working my way through questions from my lovely readers. Here's the next one: said...

Hi, pup, I have landed on your blog since few days and I appreciate it a lot...
I would like to know more about orgasm control SG has over you if He does...; How does it let you appreciate your submission-slavery ?
It is good to read you here and I love your new "coat" too !

Thanks for the appreciation of my blog and so glad you like my new coat! It's a good question you ask.

Before i met SG, i was a frequent solo player with my purple vibe being my fave toy. i played whenever i chose. After i became SG's pup, He decided to put in place a few rules. One is that i have to ask permission each time i want to pleasure myself. This also applies when He is using me and if i feel like i'm going to climax, i have ask if i can.

It is very rare for SG to deny me, as He enjoys witnessing His pup's release or, when apart from each other, knowing that she is going to come for Him, because He has allowed it. Sometimes He'll tease me and make me wait a little longer before release and i enjoy those times too.

The irony of all of this is that there are times He will allow me a free play, usually when i've been especially good(!) This means that i can play at any time (unless He tells me it's just for a specific day), without having to ask, but i have to tell SG when the deed is done. And also He may instruct me to use specific toy/s, or wear a certain outfit/hood/gag as i play, and request that i send Him a photo as proof.

There have been a number of occasions when i've not felt like playing, even though i've been given a 'free card'. When this happens, He might allow me to save it for when i need it, and sometimes it'll get revoked. It also works the other way when i've been really horny, enjoyed myself and so disobeyed SG's rules, without asking first. This doesn't happen very often, because i always feel so guilty after and confess what i've done. Then i'll always get punished for it, which is only fair.

It has taught me a lot about self control and serves to remind me that i'm His sub. It's His body to do as He wishes with and therefore i should respect it. i do enjoy this level of control. Then again, sometimes i can be a brat who wants to test His limits. That's usually never a good idea because i'll always pay the consequences!

Hope that answers your question and please keep reading!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Q&A - Oh, oh, oh, Delilah!

my first question is from Delilah, eager and obedient slave:

I wonder, and since it's Q&A month I'll go ahead and ask: what is a sexual desire or fantasy do you, the pup, have that your Master does not share? Does he know about it? (I mean BEFORE you published it here, of course. ;-) )

Many thanks for your great question, Delilah! i think, as i understand it, what would i like to happen that i've yet to share / experience with SG?

Well, i have often wondered and fantasised about being taken anally by Him. i may have joked about it with Him in the past. Up to now, we have used plugs of various sizes and it's definitely something that turns me on (which then usually turns SG on). i also discovered i can orgasm from it too, which was amazing when first experienced. It feels like no other climax. It feels wrong to be coming like that!

To me, it's the ultimate act of submission, and i know i would love to give myself to SG in this way. It would make me feel completely His in every way - just totally. Not that i'm not completely His right now, as my body is His to use in any way, for Him to gain pleasure from.

Anal sex isn't new to me, as my previous Dom 'put me through it', so to speak, not that many times - and it wasn't great. But i've come a long way since then. i have a loving and committed relationship. i know it would be scary for me, but i also know i could overcome that, in the same way i have conquered my fear of hoods.

It would be different because of my love for SG. i feel it would take us to another level of trust and bond closer (i'd hope) and i don't think that's a bad thing. So, who knows if it will become a reality?

Does He know about it? Er.... He does now!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

HNT - Up Front

i succumb to your demands and have decided to post another photo from a scene last weekend.

This was taken after servicing SG's needs - both orally and sexually. He wanted to torment and tease His pup further and placed her on her front and restrained her, as depicted:

He then administered a fairly hard caning (much longer than He's ever given before). It felt difficult to take at first, but then i let myself go with it and rode the pain. The session ended when SG's fingers gave His pup a very delicious climax.

Breaking news...

There is much excitement in t-p blogland! From my last post, i have a question from Delilah (nice to see another new name). It's a good one and i am hoping to answer it in my next post.

Keep the questions coming...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A New Coat, A Stiff Cock and A Hard Caning

Still waiting for those questions... must be someone out there wanting to ask something?

Anyway, i thought i'd show off my new 'coat', and really live up to being called blonde!

As you can see, i was a little pre-occupied when the photo was taken...

... servicing my Master's needs, while restrained by my leather harness and mittens. And before i was caned and given a long hard fucking... but i'm sure you're not interested to know that (or see more photos), are you?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Solo With The Lelo... And Guests

i've just realised, from catching up with blogs, that it's Q & A Month (and 9 days in already!). So if there's anything you'd like to know, please interrogate... erm... ask away!

i had a very yummy play yesterday morning. It was fuelled from watching some rather hot bondage videos, kindly lent to us by a RubberPal friend. There were lots of quality scenes of shiny latex wear, rope, chains, hoods and restraint - just perfect to get the imagination going.

With my Lelo and nipple clamps close to hand, i placed my hood over my head and zipped up. The feel of tight latex across my face sets me off. To excite me further, i zipped up the mouth too, allowing myself to breathe only through the small nose holes.

i played with my breasts, pinching and pulling at them, before using the strong clover clamps to bite down on my nipples. i can't take them for long, but in short bursts they work well. i knew i'd be very moist by now and i lightly traced my fingers against my pussy - i wasn't wrong.

The Lelo buzzed and i held it against my clit and stroked my pussy. Not able to wait any longer, i urgently pushed it inside my lips and changed the vibe settings a few times. The alternating throb and pulsate modes really do their job very well.

The clamps were now biting down on my nipples as i became ever more aroused. i removed them to enjoy their delicious release, mixed with pain.

The Lelo was now deep inside me on a higher setting, and also sliding in and out of me. Only a few seconds more and my delicious climax washed over me. i lay in complete stillness and relaxation, still adorned by my hood, taking in all of the pleasure and release.

SG said i was allowed two plays before He left. After having a little sleep from my first play, i felt in need of another. i reached for my pink vibe, but i also felt the urge for something to fill my ass. i took hold of a medium-sized butt plug with some lube. It felt so good to be ass plugged. With the vibe against my clit, it was merely a few minutes before i came again, as i was that turned on. i continued to tease my ass with the plug, and tried to make myself come anally, but all the other stimulation had overridden that. Still, it felt really good to be so filled, teased and aroused.

I do love my solo play times.

And, at last, here's the photo of the new brush. i am sure there'll be some results of its use to post at some point (and take a look at those bristles!):

Although He is still away, SG has just told me that i can have another play today!

Hmm... what to use?

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Away Time

A rare weekend is here.

SG is going away for a few days. i have one free play that i can use at any time. One condition - that i use my hood when i do.

There's also an impending punishment too though. i mislaid my collar's padlock, so it wasn't in my bag when i was at SG's this week.

He's now on His way over to see me for lunch, before His trip. So when He departs, will it be soft lingering kisses or stinging red stripes that He leaves me with?

Thursday, March 04, 2010

HNT - SG's Cane

No explanation needed for this week's HNT. Originally i was going to spoil you with a trio of photos.

i know i previously promised an image of the new floor brush - that will appear here in my next post.

Then i was going to show you a photo of SG's new leather cane, but i have just searched for it and cannot find it - so am guessing that He has taken it with Him.

So anyway, this is the result of the caning at the weekend. SG pushed me to take a few more strokes i knew that i needed and surprised myself. The cane gave a very solid thuddy feel. It felt good. i know that He isn't used to giving me this level of pain, and this is His first cane - a present from His pup. And until now, i've not received that amount of pain from Him.

Together, i think we will enjoy exploring what works for us:

Monday, March 01, 2010

Getting my Five A Day

i'm talking about orgasms - not portions of fruit and veg!

This weekend was SG's birthday. Belated wishes welcome. We enjoyed a great vanilla time, but there was a small matter of kink to be enjoyed too.

After SG's present opening, He secured me to the bed using my cuffs and rope. Then He surprised me by revealing another new hood for me to experience. This one looks more like a bag and fits loosely over the head, but it has no eye or nose holes There is only a mouthpiece to breathe through to let in fresh air. i'll post a pic of it some time soon.

He then used my pink vibe on me, holding it directly on my clit or pushing it deep inside my pussy. He forced me to come four times. Then He used me by thrusting His hardness inside me, making me come again.

"you've had your five a day now."
He joked. He always likes to ensure His pup receives her nutrition ;-)

A kinky gift of a new leather cane was given to SG. He was quite curious about it. i'll post a pic of it too. He tried it out by striping my bottom before bedtime (as well as making me sleep blindfolded). The cane felt really good against the skin, and has a much more solid feel than the riding crop, flogger or His hand.

i should say thank You to Mistress Bella who suggested the cane from Affordable Leather. i can see why You enjoy using Your cane on Your pup.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

HNT - These Cagey Times

This is where SG put His pup, after the photo shoot.

Harnessed... cuffed... hooded... chained to her cage bars... filmed... aroused...

It was one of the most intense sessions i've experienced to date.

And i loved every single moment of it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mind: Occupied

It's been a week since my last post. i
know that's a little unusual, but i've not been up to writing about much of anything lately. my mind has been occupied mostly with vanilla things.

Am sure there'll be another kink-filled post in the coming days. If nothing else, a HNT to delight you, i hope.

Normal service will resume soon...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do It Himself

Your comments were very much appreciated, then SG leaves His comment in response:

Single said...

"So, it's pup's bottom on the line here, is it? I have a new implement that could do with an outing. Would you like me to test it on her pert little butt, ladies and gennelmen? ;-)"

i'm curious as to what He means, although i have a sneaky suspicion it could be the new floor brush i came back with from the local DIY store. He told me to keep an eye out for anything that might enhance our kinky play. Ever the masochist!

And i was only popping in for some paint...

So, who'd like to see a pic of it - the brush, not another one of my butt! Well, knowing you lot, you want both!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

HNT - Strap Happy

SG is a happy man, so that's makes for a happy (and saved) pup.

Thank you to all those who took time to comment on the last two posts (and for saving my ass, literally!). They made us smile a lot and i am sure SG will be dropping by again to respond to them. It's always great to see new names (even if you are called anonymous) make themselves known. It seems like everyone wants to see my bottom pinked again! And Katie would like me to write about my oral-pleasing skills - i'll see what i can do, if she begs hard enough!

When i first saw this image from our last photo shoot, i just knew it would make a great HNT. i love the shininess of it. It shows off the new PVC dress (a Christmas present from SG) and He thought it might be an idea to place the leather body harness on top of it. As the straps tighten over my body, particularly across my chest, it makes me feel very submissive and pretty aroused too. i felt very slutty for Him - and that's just how He wants me to feel.

Happy HNT!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Save The Pup!

So it seems no-one liked SG's last post. He was hoping for maybe one or two barks, but there was nothing. All that time and effort given, i think He was genuinely upset. It could mean that He takes His disappointment out on me and my bottom... now, who would want that? *does her sad puppy eyes*

Anyway, it may also mean that i have to cut down on the number of photos i post from our recent PVC, latex and cage session. Images like this, for instance:

In all seriousness, do you want that to happen? (i really want to post more)

So you can help me by leaving a belated bark on SG's last post or comment on this one.

Please save a puppy today!

Thank you.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Top of the Morning to Ya!

In which SG waxes lyrical about pup’s handiwork skills.
(Yay, He''s written again! t-p

Waking up next to pup is not a daily occurrence for me, more’s the pity. I do this two mornings a week on average. On the occasions when we awake with me ‘spooning’ her, ‘little SG’ is inevitably at least semi-erect and pressing into the small of her back or the groove of her buttocks. The strange thing is that I rarely feel horny in my head at these times; it’s just that daily rush of testosterone that affects us chaps - and their old chaps - as the slightest bit of friction causes a stir. Now, I know that many women aren’t exactly enamoured by having their man nudge them in the back by way of saying: ‘Good morning, slut. I bet you’d fancy some breakfast.’

pup, as everybody here knows, is different from most women. she genuinely enjoys the look and feel of my cock and she will often reach down as we start to discuss how we slept, what we dreamt etc, and almost absent-mindedly caress my member into wakefulness. It’s extraordinary, really, because I’d be the first to admit that a penis isn’t exactly the most aesthetic thing in the world, is it?

she has learned how to stroke me steadily to a lasting sub-orgasmic state in a way that I simply don’t have the patience to do to myself – are most men like me, I wonder? Do let me know, fellas. I will quite often reciprocate by pinching her nipples, which usually makes her groan with pleasure, which of course has a magnifying effect on me. I cannot stress enough how good she is with her hands. her touch is something else, that’s for sure – and it’s made even more special by the fact that it never seems a chore for her. she loves to pleasure her Dom and I do realise how lucky I am, dear readers. (she’s pretty damn useful with her mouth, too, especially when the rest of her head is encased in her new latex hood, but that’s a whole other story...)
(He's teasing y'all again! t-p)

It’s amazing how the minutes speed by, especially when we have to get up for work and the cock, sorry clock (what was I thinking?), is ticking. On those occasions nothing comes of it (literally) and we realise that we have to fit 40 minutes of breakfast and ablutions into 20 minutes in order not to be late for work. Talk about a vertical take-off…

I know that pup would like a ‘quickie’ fuck in the morning every now and again. It’s not really my thing, as you all know by now that I much prefer a long, leisurely scene. A quickie will normally result in the man’s satisfaction but leave the woman wanting more – it may as well be a DIY job! But maybe one Sunday she will get a surprise and wake up to find me pushing my hard member inside her. Wakey, wakey… ;-)

(wishful thinking! t-p)

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Is this bruise self-inflicted because i was bent over my cage, with my legs pressed against its sides, while my Owner urgently thrusted His hardness inside me?

Believe me, i'm certainly not complaining! It was one of the most erotically charged sessions we've had in a while. A bonus that i got some cage time and delicious bondage, coupled with wearing my new PVC dress.

And of course there are photos of all of it... but i don't suppose you're interested in seeing them too?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

HNT - Risking It All

Two years ago, on this very day, SG and i first met in real life. We'd only chatted online for just a month, but i knew i wanted to make things a reality, take a risk* and find out what this Dom was all about.

* risk (n.)

1. The possibility of suffering harm or loss; danger.
2. A factor, thing, element, or course involving uncertain danger; a hazard.

i'd already experienced the above, and somehow i'd picked myself up again, so what did i have to lose?

And who knew, two years on, we'd be having the time of our lives.

Thank You Sir - for being my everything.

This week's HNT is another photo from the latex shoot - taken by SG's fair (but firm) hand:

Are you bored with this set of images yet? Nah... didn't think so...

i love love love this!

A Very Happy HNT!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love Is Blind

'Go and get ready for bed, pup'

We'd had a fun night of Wii and it had given me a rush. my competitive streak had emerged again, and i was also feeling a little unruly.

SG continued to look at me, waiting for me to move off the sofa.

i stared back at Him and stayed where i was. We looked at each other for what seemed like ages, probably a minute or so, before He spoke again.

'Are you doing this to get a punishment?' SG asked, 'because you're going the right way about it. Now get to the bathroom.' His voice became sterner.

i carried on sitting there, knowing that i was really pushing things now. But still i didn't move.

His face became ever more serious. Sometimes i guess i just like to look at Him when He's in real serious mode, to take in 'that look'. It scares me a lot and i don't see it that often, as i am such a good girl (mostly). i get a cold streak that runs down my back, but i like to feel it sometimes. It's a strange mix of feelings because i know i'm pushing for it. SG seemed to be concentrating about something, and then said:

'I'm counting how many strokes your bottom is going to get. It's already up to quite a high number. And anyway, you'll be sleeping chained and blindfolded tonight'.

At that remark, i headed for the bathroom. From outside the door, i could hear the unravelling of chains coming from the bedroom. It was like He was ensuring that i heard them. It had been a while since He had made me sleep that way.

i walked into the bedroom and He placed my cuffs on me and made me lie down in bed. He added chains from my ankle cuffs up to my wrist cuffs and connected these to my collar. His face had started to show some satisfaction.

Then He rummaged in the 'case of kink' to retrieve the bondage tape. i thought He might have been joking about that part. He made me sit up in bed and placed the tape over my eyes, wrapping it a few times around my head. i lay back down and curled up against the cold of the metal.

'Goodnight pup, sleep tight.'

It was a long and very dark night.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Keeping It Zipped

i did the unthinkable.

No-one made me do it or pushed me into it. No instruction from SG.

It was of my own free will.

A year ago it wouldn't even have crossed my mind. It amazes me how things can change, how you grow to like things never imagined before.

i bought a new latex hood - it has no eye holes, only nose holes and a zipped mouth! :-o As i ordered it, the thought of it excited and scared me, but I knew it would just be a step up from SG's breath control hood.

The hood turned up in time for the weekend, but i didn't show it to SG initially. i wondered what He'd think. When i did, He told me how surprised He was but how impressed too.

It was christened on Sunday morning, when SG tied me to the bed and used me. It felt incredible and not too scary. SG started off by placing it on me with the zipped mouth open. Halfway through SG's hard thrusting, He pulled the zip closed, leaving me to breath only through the small nose holes. This actually excited me even more and i came not long after, and SG then followed.

A very hot session indeed and now i can't wait to wear the hood again with my latex outfit i've been showcasing lately.

Oh, and i guess you'll be wanting to see photos of it, huh?