Monday, December 14, 2009


(After much begging from me, SG has kindly written the concluding part of our switching story - t-p)

Owing to popular demand (OK, one reader request that I can remember - thanks, Aurore!), I'm back to recount the postscript of the switching session we indulged in last month, which started here.

Obviously, it's not in my nature to be topped for a whole day, so I strapped pup in the SJ and returned the favour, forcing her to orgasm with a vibrator. I left her there to doze off on the bed in relative comfort for an hour or so while I went to the kitchen to prepare a roast chicken lunch for us.

After a rather nice meal, even if I say so myself, and a post-prandial trio of Buffy episodes on DVD (i can't believe You admitted that! - t-p) to aid digestion, our thoughts once again turned to bondage (it's never that far away, to be honest). The plan was for me to try out another heavy-ish item of gear that I'd never experienced. This time, we agreed that it would be the leather armbinder.

And so it came to pass that I stood naked in the bedroom with my subbie sheathing my arms behind me in the kinky item that had so fired my imagination when I'd first seen a pic of it on the web 15 years before - my "nom de dom" is not SingleGlove without good reason. Talk about being hoisted by your own petard! My Domly instincts got the better of me and I instructed her on where to run the shoulder straps for maximum effectiveness.

"I want it as tight as possible," I said, and she duly obliged, cinching down the pair of straps that go round the glove at the elbows and the wrists.

Once satisfied that I was secure, she applied her leather cuffs to my ankles and I knew that a hogtie was on the menu. But not before another delicious few minutes of cock teasing - by gum, she is good, folks! But I could already feel my fingers going numb as my circulation was being affected by having my arms forced into such a stringent position. Lord only knows how bondage models such as Eve Ellis and Andrea Neal can tolerate elbows-together ties while the photographer faffs around to get the perfect shot. Practice, practice, practice, I guess!

pup turned me round and guided me firmly towards the bed in front of me, but I resisted, forcing her to force me. We laughed as she finally pushed me prone on to the bed and straddled me as I struggled. While she reached for the rope that would surely go from the D-ring at the end of my armbinder to the ankle cuffs, I wriggled and rubbed the shoulder strap against the bed and suddenly dislodged it, freeing myself from the glove in seconds. The scene came to a premature end with pup once again somewhat nonplussed that I had wanted to do another Houdini act. Half of me was pleased with myself for executing my second escape of the day; the other half was annoyed for stopping proceedings just when things were getting interesting.

Do you know what? I think that when we get around to switching again, probably some time next spring - she won't let me get away with it a third time - and I very much doubt that I'd want to!

To add some sophistication to this post, and because she does it so well, here's how the armbinder looks (and fits) on pup:

And I always ensure that she can't escape from it.


Kara and Jessica said...

Wearing the glove looks so HOT and soooooooo much fun..Kara XOXOXOXO

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

We love that you share so much with your readers! We also love the fact that you pushed pup to such actions.

J3 loves to let me "drive"occasion and I think I enjoy it a bit more than he.
Awesome blog..please keep writing!
xo Wendy

Tristan's pet said...

Hey! Nothing wrong with watching Buffy! :)

Tp xx

Aurore said...

I wanted to comment on this sooner - but I'm up to my eyeballs in studying for exams. So thanks for finishing the story - it was "enlightening" ;)

t-p you need to make sure next time he doesn't get out of it! ;)