Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It's 730 days since He came into my life.

2 years ago when He left me His message on Collarme.

No 'kneel bitch' attitude, no egotistical behaviour. Just a friendly hello and an introduction with some vain hope that i might reply.

And i did. It was the only thing to do as His words and photo drew me in. He was rather cute. There was something about Him i wanted to find out more.

Tonight, 2 years ago, it all began.

i do believe there was stardust in the sky that night.


Cinderelli said...

That's so beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes. Thank You!

Aurore said...

Awww. So sweet. Happy Anniversary! :)

Anonymous said...


sera said...

I misted up too. Sometimes you can tell when there's something real, even over the Net, can't you?

A happy, happy New Year to you both.