Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So the switching was fun and, as you've read, SG seemed to enjoy Himself. What i didn't realise was that He'd be so mischievous! But what i also realised is that it is hard work to be a Domly One and the weight of responsibility is not to be taken lightly.

i loved seeing SG hog-tied in the straitjacket, and using the hood was a bonus. i think the best thing was knowing i would give back the control. Whilst SG said i was very good at it, i knew that it was only for a limited time. i knew i couldn't get too carried away, but it is always interesting to experience things from another angle.

i have to say i was slightly apprehensive in using the hood on SG. i know the trust is there but i knew i had to keep checking He was able to breathe adequately, well as much as the hood allows anyway. The idea to kiss Him over the mouth holes, thereby cutting off His air supply momentarily, came to me and knew it would excite SG even more. And it worked! i know He hadn't expected me to do that.

By that time, His cock was rigid in my hands as i teased and stroked Him, and He murmured occasionally with pleasure.

The whole scene, well what SG has told already, must have lasted an hour or more. It ended when i made Him cum from a hand job. It didn't take long, as i had kept Him aroused for some time.

i guess throughout the session i was thinking of what He was going to do to me, once He was back in charge. But that's another post...

And SG has promised to write more on what else i did with Him!


Dom Tom said...

I couldn't imagine being tied up or treated in that way. He must be very open minded. I like to be in control, but we are all different I guess. Sounds like a great time exploring new territory. You have released a new beast inside yourself!

Aurore said...

Well I'm glad that you both had fun and I look forward to SG's next post (oh and yours too darling!)

Single said...

Hi, Tom, and thanks for commenting. Yes, I like to think I'm open-minded. As someone famous once said: "I'll try anything once, except incest and morris-dancing." ;-)

I do enjoy being in control too, but I think it's instructive - not to mention exciting - to see what life is like on the other side of the fence every once in a while. For one thing, it helps to build empathy, which (at risk of sounding pious) is important, particularly in a BDSM relationship, where trust is paramount.


Master SG

PS. Thanks, Aurore - it's nice to be appreciated. :-) I'll try not to write such a long-winded post next time!

Mistress Bella said...

Wow thats a really intense sounding experience....

I have been put on the other side, just to experience it and I just couldn't do it...couldn't find the right space for it.

Though my puppy knows my limits....so it would be interesting experience switching with him....