Monday, November 02, 2009

Great Reads

i'm a little behind with this, so please forgive me, but i've seen (with much delight) that i've been mentioned in some 'great reads' posts - thank you my lovely friends!

Now i want to return the favour. i must also say there are many other blogs out there that i read and follow - you know who you are!

In no particular order, here are my 'great reads':

this girl - recently engaged to an evil Dom (congrats!) - she's amazing, inspirational and never ceases to surprise (and is pretty hot too!)

Beneath His Grasp - Jim and Wendy's blog - a couple who enjoy very similar interests - bring on the latex and hoods! (Can we have that barn yet??!)

Sera - check out the cutting board post and pic! :-o A cutie! Has a very refreshing style of writing.

Subtle - just gotta love her: the kink and her pics! she makes me smile a lot, especially with her love of bondage... and food!

Mistress Bella - recently engaged too (congrats!) to her submissive pup. It's so great to read a Domme's perspective.

Vanilla impaired - funny and unique writer on poly life, with fab HNT posts... oh, and lives in NZ ( love that place!).

Sir Anneal - an intriguing 'Dude' (always good to have a male view), who loves His precious metals (usually restraints) and has a talent for cutting gemstones.

Dangerous Liaisons - Aurore always (usually the first!) leaves me comments (bless you!) - i love what she writes about.

At Longing's End - Mina and Sylvanus' (now Mr & Mrs) incredible journey - it blows you away!

Tristan's Pet - i love reading her journey with her Owner and can relate to her occasional struggles with submission.

Beau - He inspired me to start writing this blog and is taking some time out at present, but let's hope He returns soon.

Go check them out and say i sent you!


Aurore said...

First again! Thanks ;)

sera said...

You are such a sweetheart. Thank you--and thank you for the list, I've been looking for new blogs lately. Hooray for yummy reading!

saemus said...

Hi, here's a couple of blogs from South of the border...

Anneal said...

How cool is that?! Thank you pup

vanimp said...

*smooch* you lovely girl you! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mention! I'm honoured :)

I love your pics too - especially that red out in your most recent post. Damn it is hawt!

Mistress Bella said...

Awwwww thank you hun! *hugs*

I appreciate that you enjoy my blog, I now feel guilty that I don't update it so much :P

Although you must know that I totally love reading your blog :)