Saturday, November 28, 2009


Inquisitive pup would like to hear readers' opinions on the Lelo Bo - a male pleasure toy in the form of a vibrating cock ring.

SG recently purchased one and we've used it once so far. It was good fun, but it's a shame that there's no speed control. It's either on or off, so it can become a bit annoying. But that's our initial thoughts on it.

So what's your Bo experience - cum and share with us.

And we hope that our US and Canadian friends had a great Thanksgiving!


Aurore said...

I have a Bo - it's never been used :(

And us Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving last month but thank you it was great :)

mina said...

Bo was a disappointment for us as well. it worked fine, but it could use a speed control and an easier way to turn off and on... guess what.. LELO is coming out with a new cock ring soon.. last we heard it was going to be called Thor. Haven't seen it released yet with their new products.

Anonymous said...

I had a rather similar opinion of Bo until this afternoon. It was a part of the pet's daily oral obligation. I found the combination of Bo's little buzz (and I do find it just a bit annoying at times) and the pet's expert application just wonderful. It will come out of the case more frequently now , I think.

~ Tristan