Saturday, November 28, 2009


Inquisitive pup would like to hear readers' opinions on the Lelo Bo - a male pleasure toy in the form of a vibrating cock ring.

SG recently purchased one and we've used it once so far. It was good fun, but it's a shame that there's no speed control. It's either on or off, so it can become a bit annoying. But that's our initial thoughts on it.

So what's your Bo experience - cum and share with us.

And we hope that our US and Canadian friends had a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So the switching was fun and, as you've read, SG seemed to enjoy Himself. What i didn't realise was that He'd be so mischievous! But what i also realised is that it is hard work to be a Domly One and the weight of responsibility is not to be taken lightly.

i loved seeing SG hog-tied in the straitjacket, and using the hood was a bonus. i think the best thing was knowing i would give back the control. Whilst SG said i was very good at it, i knew that it was only for a limited time. i knew i couldn't get too carried away, but it is always interesting to experience things from another angle.

i have to say i was slightly apprehensive in using the hood on SG. i know the trust is there but i knew i had to keep checking He was able to breathe adequately, well as much as the hood allows anyway. The idea to kiss Him over the mouth holes, thereby cutting off His air supply momentarily, came to me and knew it would excite SG even more. And it worked! i know He hadn't expected me to do that.

By that time, His cock was rigid in my hands as i teased and stroked Him, and He murmured occasionally with pleasure.

The whole scene, well what SG has told already, must have lasted an hour or more. It ended when i made Him cum from a hand job. It didn't take long, as i had kept Him aroused for some time.

i guess throughout the session i was thinking of what He was going to do to me, once He was back in charge. But that's another post...

And SG has promised to write more on what else i did with Him!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

HNT - Red

A few posts ago, in Spanking the Monkey, i mentioned a punishment in the stockade wearing my red PVC outfit.

i remember posting a photo of it before that, but Sera left me a comment asking if the outfit had been shown before. So especially for her, and anyone else that may have missed it, here's another picture of it, complete with my PVC boots, for this week's HNT:

Happy HNT!

Monday, November 16, 2009

No More Rain

There is warmth in the sun today.
There is a glow in my heart.
Because i saw You.

There is only blue sky up above.
There are no grey clouds overhead.
Because i was with You.

my future seems brighter.
Just hope that it stays sunny.
No umbrellas or rain macs here.
Only sunshades and smiles.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Great Escape

(Here's a rare treat... SG has written a post! Now, be nice and leave Him a comment... t-p)

Traditionalists, if you don't want to have your sensibilities offended, look away now. Right, with that disclaimer issued for the small-minded, here's the deal: pup and I switched at the weekend. Yes, you heard me. Got a problem with that? Good.

If you think I'm being a bit defensive, here's some background info. In the past I have test-piloted certain items of heavy bondage gear that I've purchased for pup, ostensibly to reassure her that they aren't quite as heavy as they look, but also to assuage my own burning curiosity as to how they feel. I have no desire to be, or even act as, a submissive - that really doesn't do anything for me - but I am fascinated by the application of kinky equipment, which I find tremendously erotic. Plus, it also gives me an excuse to lie back and let my beautiful woman pleasure me at great length in a way that I could never do to myself. And, man, does she do that well!

pup was a bit wary when I mentioned this propensity early on in our relationship. Switches can be regarded by certain members of the BDSM community in the same way that bisexuals are viewed - hypocritically - by some gay people: with some mistrust! I have since been reassured by a number of Dom(me)s that switching on occasion is not a dereliction of duty - they too have done so for a bit of fun without losing their core essence of dominance. In essence, they see it as a refreshing "weekend mini-break" from the norm. Of course, the only person whose opinion really matters is pup's, so it has taken a little gentle persuasion over the past 18 months or so that I'm not secretly a little gimp who before too long will be begging her to keep him shackled in a trunk 24/7!

Anyway, back to the story. On the Friday before the weekend I was supposed to take delivery of pup's special rubber dogsuit, which has been redesigned because it had proved far too tight when we first had it. You can reminisce here. For one reason or another, that delivery never took place. This was particularly frustrating, because I'd intended to test-pilot the altered garment for her, as she'd found the process of being shoehorned into something that simply wouldn't fit her somewhat traumatic to say the least. My planned incarceration was, therefore, to be something of a pay-back for trying to squeeze a pup into a pint-pot!

Nevertheless, I was still ready to change things up at the weekend, and pup still seemed prepared to place me in some sort of bondage and - dare I say it - even quite looking forward to it. She does love to please her Master, after all. ;-) So we decided not to deviate radically from the plan.

That evening, after returning home from the local bonfire-night firework display, we discussed our expectations for the coming hours. Personally, if I'm going to be bound, it may as well be extreme bondage, because (a) it happens maybe a couple of times a year, so I may as well get my full money's worth; (b) light bondage doesn't really do it for me; and (c) I like to have something challenging to try to escape. So I asked pup whether she'd be happy putting me in the leather sleepsack over night - it is a sleepsack after all. ;-) she wasn't keen to do that, which I could quite understand, but she suggested the straitjacket as the next best thing.

The SJ is such a beautiful piece of work that I immediately agreed to the compromise. If you've never experienced one, you really should - it is an amazingly erotic experience. I absolutely adore the ritual of putting it on pup, tugging hard at the multitude of straps, locking her into snug helplessness. Before she put it on me, I ensured that she still had her own ankle and wrist cuffs on - our usual pre-bed ritual. Obviously, I had to trust her to connect her chains once she'd finished jacketing me, which she did with some relish. She only had to look at my jutting manhood to confirm how much I was enjoying the experience as she tugged the two crotch straps either side of it and buckled them home.

The SJ looks like quite comfortable bondage, but in fact your shoulders will start to ache after a couple of hours, as the arms are not quite held in a natural position. We decided that, to prevent a night of broken sleep for both of us, my arms should not be buckled up - that would be taken care of first thing in the morning. A little pre-bedtime teasing by pup ensured that I went to sleep as hard as a rock in anticipation of what might occur.

When morning came, being the mischievous Houdini that I am, I managed to work loose some of the straps as soon as pup got up to go to the bathroom. When she returned a couple of minutes later, she was surprised to find me standing by the bed and looking a little flushed from my efforts. The expression of amazement on her face was priceless. I don't think she could quite compute why anyone would want to escape such a delightful predicament.

"I like the challenge and you turned your back on me for a second," I shrugged, grinning. "Hey, I bet I can be out of this and making us breakfast in another five minutes."

"Go on, then", she chuckled. "i'd like to see you do it. By the way, there's no way You could escape it if i'd done it up properly."

I winked back: "Ah, well. But you didn't, did you? That's the difference between you and a real Dom like me."

Within a minute, the jacket was on the floor and its erstwhile occupant was in the kitchen, cheerfully making tea and toast.

After breakfast, I found myself back in the SJ and properly bound, with my arms strapped tightly down this time. pup knelt on top of me and offered her gorgeous, full breasts for me to lick and bite, sometimes pulling them away so she could see me strain upwards for them. she rewarded my efforts by sucking hard on my glans and then giving a slow, teasing hand-job which brought me agonisingly close to cumming. I have rarely felt pleasure like it. I was glad to see that we were both hugely turned on by this. she had an evil grin on her face and seemed to be really getting into the spirit of things.

"I know this is topping from the bottom, but I'd really like you to up the ante a bit," I said.

"OK, what are you thinking?" pup asked.

"Do you think you can use the breath control hood on me?"

"Yes. i can do that. Where is it?"

"That's great. It's in the second bedroom. Don't worry - I'm not going to make another escape attempt."

Just to make sure I didn't get up to any mischief while her back was turned, she used her own ankle cuffs on me, rolled me on my front and put me in a hogtie. That's more like it! :-)

The breath control hood is a gloriously simple, yet brilliantly kinky invention. I think it's a fantastic way to reinforce trust. It's a thin latex hood with a translucent loose front and five tiny breathing holes. If you inhale too quickly the front collapses on itself and in effect the the breathing holes are closed. To me it's not that daunting. There's another model with just the one hole - that might be more of a challenge! But using it is a huge turn-on nonetheless. pup retrieved it and, after some deliberation, zipped it carefully over my head. In so doing, she took away both my sense of sight and my fresh air. I hope I'm not being too dramatic in saying that my life was now in her hands.

I felt pup roll a condom down over my by now hugely sensitive member and then she slowly and deliberately kissed me through the hood, right over where the holes were. The brilliance of that act nearly made me cum there and then. By kissing me she knew she was cutting off my oxygen and I gasped for non-existent air. she repeated the process a few more times as I struggled and groaned in utter appreciation and admiration. Evil genius! Now totally into her stride, she wrapped some chain around my balls and jerked me off, slowly and steadily. It didn't take long for me to reach a shattering, oxygen-deprived orgasm.

It was hugely enjoyable for me and I'm pretty sure pup had fun, too. It didn't end there, either. I might tell you the rest of the story another day, if you ask nicely.

I'm sure you'd all agree that pup is an amazing woman - and that I'm so lucky to have her. I do realise this and I count my blessings every day. By the way, I'm going to get my own back in a couple of days' time, so she'd better watch out!

Master SingleGlove

Saturday, November 07, 2009


You are my sparkle.
Lights up my day when it is dark.
Keeps me warm in the cold of night.
Brings me up when i am down.
Makes me smile when there are tears.
Envelops me with strong arms to keep me safe.
Always there to see me through.
You make me feel needed and loved.
So good to have You in my life.
A shining light in an otherwise dark world.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

HNT - Hot Bot

This week's HNT is a photo from our recent holiday. SG decided to redden my bottom with His belt...

... well, the sun wasn't going to tan it, was it?

Happy HNT!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Great Reads

i'm a little behind with this, so please forgive me, but i've seen (with much delight) that i've been mentioned in some 'great reads' posts - thank you my lovely friends!

Now i want to return the favour. i must also say there are many other blogs out there that i read and follow - you know who you are!

In no particular order, here are my 'great reads':

this girl - recently engaged to an evil Dom (congrats!) - she's amazing, inspirational and never ceases to surprise (and is pretty hot too!)

Beneath His Grasp - Jim and Wendy's blog - a couple who enjoy very similar interests - bring on the latex and hoods! (Can we have that barn yet??!)

Sera - check out the cutting board post and pic! :-o A cutie! Has a very refreshing style of writing.

Subtle - just gotta love her: the kink and her pics! she makes me smile a lot, especially with her love of bondage... and food!

Mistress Bella - recently engaged too (congrats!) to her submissive pup. It's so great to read a Domme's perspective.

Vanilla impaired - funny and unique writer on poly life, with fab HNT posts... oh, and lives in NZ ( love that place!).

Sir Anneal - an intriguing 'Dude' (always good to have a male view), who loves His precious metals (usually restraints) and has a talent for cutting gemstones.

Dangerous Liaisons - Aurore always (usually the first!) leaves me comments (bless you!) - i love what she writes about.

At Longing's End - Mina and Sylvanus' (now Mr & Mrs) incredible journey - it blows you away!

Tristan's Pet - i love reading her journey with her Owner and can relate to her occasional struggles with submission.

Beau - He inspired me to start writing this blog and is taking some time out at present, but let's hope He returns soon.

Go check them out and say i sent you!