Thursday, October 22, 2009

HNT - Marked Time

At the weekend SG decided we were overdue a fetish photo shoot. He wanted to publish some new material for our RubberPal profiles, as well as share more images of His pup showing off for Him (and her blog).

It was my idea to combine the look of sexy lingerie with the contrast of wearing a latex hood, harness and gag (SG chose them). It felt really good and we got some good results too.

The day before the shoot, i endured a punishment - i was spanked, amongst other things, whilst locked in the stockade (and i got to use my Lelo after!). i will share more on this and write another post with details, following this one.

Once i'd put on my lingerie, and feeling all sexy too, i was ready to pose for SG. It was then that He noticed the bruise on my bottom. i was so totally surprised (and happy) by it, and then i recalled that morning He had lightly tapped my bottom, several times, with the back of His hand. SG has only ever spanked me with the palm of His hand, so we are guessing that's what's made the mark... so to speak.

i think SG was a little worried at first. He has never marked me for any longer than a few moments, maybe an hour at the most, by using His hand, a belt or riding crop. i have never received any bruises from Him and it's certainly been a long time since others in my BDSM past have marked me in this way. i reassured Him that it was OK, as He stood looking concerned and as i couldn't stop looking at my bottom in the mirror:

i am a masochist.
i enjoy a certain degree of pain.
i know when to use my safeword.
i would use it if i knew when something was too much.

SG, i love the bruise You gave me.

Happy HNT!


Aurore said...

The way a masochist's bum should look! ;) I love the lingerie, very sexy!

M and A said...

very nice! i love the way bruises look when they're like that :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely lingerie and bruised bottom! HHNT

Anonymous said...

You are lovely and so are your bruises!!

Happy HNT!!


Mistress Bella said...

This is a well taken photo, and nice mark :) you must make SG proud :0

mina said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely ass and marked so nicely!

nancy said...

Delightful picture and a wonderful reminder of a bruise!
I love them just for that little smile it gives me to remember how and when it was given!

Cami said...

I must agree with Nancy. Even the dullest activity the next day can be brightened by the recollection. Wonderful photo.

Thunderbirds_baby said...

very pretty!!!