Thursday, October 08, 2009

HNT - Bite me

At the time, it felt like a million bites. In reality, it was probably around 25-30. (Come to think of it, the belt to my bottom matched that.)

Now, who's holiday was this??!!

And so inspiration for this week's HNT was born.

The photo was taken early into the week and doesn't do it justice, so use your imagination. Sadly i can't, because i still have the (mosquito) marks:

Happy HNT!


Aurore said...

And here I thought I'd be seeing teeth marks :p


Min said...

Ouchie... I hate mosquito bites. I hope they go away soon.

I'm with Aurore though, I was expecting teeth marks too :-$.


Anonymous said...

mosquito mayhem!


mina said...

owie! Hope it didn't bring the holiday down! HHNT

Qetesh said...

Okay you have really nice legs...
I am not surprised that the mosquitoes wanted to bite... I would too!

HHNT lovely


vanillaimpaired said...

Hehe I'm allergic to mossie bites they end up like hives ... I like being bitten but not by those little buggers!