Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Analysis Of The pup

One of the favourite things to check from my stat counter info is the 'keyword analysis' link. Here's what you kinksters have recently been looking for... and ending up at my blog:

7 of you (21.88%) strappado bondage

It's always top of this list and it's something that SG delights in putting me through. i know i should write more on it.

6 of you (18.75%) trinity pup

Well it's nice to know people know who they're looking for!

4 of you (12.50%) escape to monoglove

Hmm... i'm not sure it's possible to do that.

3 of you (9.38%) plug punishment hairbrush


2 of you (6.25%) strappado orgasm

Yes, there have been a couple or so - and it always amazes me how i manage to cum standing up (and i can).

2 of you (6.25%) trinity pup blog

You found it!

1 of you (3.13%) trinitypup

That's me!

1 of you (3.13%) waiting for a caning

A popular post (the irony is that it's not an experience i like to recall).

1 of you (3.13%) slave arms strappado

Uhmm... no idea what you were looking for!

1 of you (3.13%) tied up and made to cum again and again

Spot on! A regular pastime of SG's.

1 of you (3.13%) inflatable latex sleepsack


1 of you (3.13%) спанкинг видео

Ok, i didn't realise i'd written anything in Russian?!

1 of you (3.13%) bondage by strappado

Again, another popular topic.

1 of you (3.13%) hotel bondage

i think i may have mentioned the words 'hotel' and 'bondage' now and then, but the actual site 'Hotel Bondage' is a pretty cool place that SG and i would love to check in to one day. Go on, Google it.

Thank you for keeping me entertained and keep on searching!


Aurore said...

My favourite from my blog: how to attract gay boyfriend at high school.

This had me rolling off my couch!

sera said...

That's weird--the Russian thing says "spanking video" in Cyrillic.

You DID have that after all. Hope they didn't miss it. ;o)