Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat?

i didn't manage to post a HNT this week, so here's your treat - my Halloween costume:

Now, who's for a trick? Perhaps i should leave that up to SG and maybe He'll trick me into believing that He'll write another blog post sometime soon... ;-)

Have a happy and safe Halloween.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spanking The Monkey

As promised, i said i'd write a little more detail on the night before THAT bruise.

i knew i had a punishment ahead of me. i expected a fair amount of spanking for my recent misdemeanours. Namely, i had not worn my cuffs to bed a couple of times (laziness, i guess) and i had also forgotten to place my collar in my bag for two days running. Oddly, i had stored it away in a drawer (no idea why) and one of SG rules is that i am to keep my collar with me at all times. If i'm not wearing it at home or in His presence, i should have it in my bag.

For the shoot SG decided He wanted to 'rubber up' and so He put on His latex catsuit. It always makes Him super horny. He then made up the stockade on the bed. i'd been instructed to put on my red PVC outfit and then position myself in the metal prison. He placed my leather mittens on me, as well as my cuffs, and then locked each wrist and ankle into place. As i knelt there, He told me to 'hold still' as He dripped some lube onto my bottom, and then i felt the tip of a butt plug against my asshole. The stockade has an optional 'fucking rod', so a butt plug or a dildo can be held into place.

Then He began to spank me and i think He used the crop and His belt too. He gave me extra hard spanks too, when He learned that there were no ready-charged batteries to use for His camera. Another rule of His - i must ensure that all of the batteries for toys etc. are full charged before any scene.

my bottom was burning as He crouched down next to me and i saw what was in His hands - the infamous breath control hood.

"That's got you breathing faster, hasn't it?" He mocked. "Are you ready, slut?" He asked, but it wasn't really a question.

He placed the hood on me. i think He may have spanked me some more and my breath quickened, although i tried hard to remember how to breathe with this hood - slowly and methodically. It's quite evil and SG loves using it on me. He knows it can still scare me as well as excite me too. i began to slow down my breathing. Then i heard some buzzing and felt a vibrator being plunged into my very wet pussy. He pulled it out and press it against my clit, before thrusting back inside me. It didn't take very long before i was crying out from a yummy orgasm. The addition of the butt plug only served to make the whole climax even more intense.

From having the hood on me, my head had been everywhere. The realisation of being held within the stockade and the hood controlling my breath made for a very intense experience. The sensations to my pussy and ass, as well as the hard spanking had left me feeling very remorseful. SG let me free and cradled me in His arms on the bed.

The following morning, SG requested His slutty puppy to ride His hard cock. Then He flipped me over onto my knees and took me from behind, doggy-style, and then as i lay on my back, He came inside me.

It was after this that he experimented with tapping my bottom with the back of His hand. He did it a fair number of times and i did enjoy it. The photo shoot began later that afternoon. It was my idea to have the contrast of sexy lingerie with latex hood and full head harness with gag. SG didn't object either as He loves it when i suggest things. He also complemented the look with the addition of His monoglove for some of the photos. It seemed to work quite well. It was during that time SG spotted the bruise.

The photo shoot ended with me tied to the bed. As my reward for being good, SG let me use my Lelo Iris (her first time) to masturbate for Him, and He captured it on film too. The Lelo felt very different to anything else i'd ever used. She's an odd shape to have inside, but very enjoyable too. SG kept me blindfolded throughout my show for Him and somehow i kept turning the Lelo off just when i was at crucial moments! i definitely need more practice! But it was great fun and i can't wait to use her again. Funny, that's what SG always says...

And here's a photo of my bruise, as of yesterday:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

HNT - Marked Time

At the weekend SG decided we were overdue a fetish photo shoot. He wanted to publish some new material for our RubberPal profiles, as well as share more images of His pup showing off for Him (and her blog).

It was my idea to combine the look of sexy lingerie with the contrast of wearing a latex hood, harness and gag (SG chose them). It felt really good and we got some good results too.

The day before the shoot, i endured a punishment - i was spanked, amongst other things, whilst locked in the stockade (and i got to use my Lelo after!). i will share more on this and write another post with details, following this one.

Once i'd put on my lingerie, and feeling all sexy too, i was ready to pose for SG. It was then that He noticed the bruise on my bottom. i was so totally surprised (and happy) by it, and then i recalled that morning He had lightly tapped my bottom, several times, with the back of His hand. SG has only ever spanked me with the palm of His hand, so we are guessing that's what's made the mark... so to speak.

i think SG was a little worried at first. He has never marked me for any longer than a few moments, maybe an hour at the most, by using His hand, a belt or riding crop. i have never received any bruises from Him and it's certainly been a long time since others in my BDSM past have marked me in this way. i reassured Him that it was OK, as He stood looking concerned and as i couldn't stop looking at my bottom in the mirror:

i am a masochist.
i enjoy a certain degree of pain.
i know when to use my safeword.
i would use it if i knew when something was too much.

SG, i love the bruise You gave me.

Happy HNT!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Analysis Of The pup

One of the favourite things to check from my stat counter info is the 'keyword analysis' link. Here's what you kinksters have recently been looking for... and ending up at my blog:

7 of you (21.88%) strappado bondage

It's always top of this list and it's something that SG delights in putting me through. i know i should write more on it.

6 of you (18.75%) trinity pup

Well it's nice to know people know who they're looking for!

4 of you (12.50%) escape to monoglove

Hmm... i'm not sure it's possible to do that.

3 of you (9.38%) plug punishment hairbrush


2 of you (6.25%) strappado orgasm

Yes, there have been a couple or so - and it always amazes me how i manage to cum standing up (and i can).

2 of you (6.25%) trinity pup blog

You found it!

1 of you (3.13%) trinitypup

That's me!

1 of you (3.13%) waiting for a caning

A popular post (the irony is that it's not an experience i like to recall).

1 of you (3.13%) slave arms strappado

Uhmm... no idea what you were looking for!

1 of you (3.13%) tied up and made to cum again and again

Spot on! A regular pastime of SG's.

1 of you (3.13%) inflatable latex sleepsack


1 of you (3.13%) спанкинг видео

Ok, i didn't realise i'd written anything in Russian?!

1 of you (3.13%) bondage by strappado

Again, another popular topic.

1 of you (3.13%) hotel bondage

i think i may have mentioned the words 'hotel' and 'bondage' now and then, but the actual site 'Hotel Bondage' is a pretty cool place that SG and i would love to check in to one day. Go on, Google it.

Thank you for keeping me entertained and keep on searching!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

HNT - SG and pup

i don't think i've ever posted a photo of my Owner and His pup together. So here's a special HNT for you this week:

Happy HNT!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chain Mail

"When we get home, the first thing I'm going to do is remind you of your place, of your submission to Me. I'm going to use the chain around your body and wrap you in it. I'll bind you and make you feel helpless. It's what you need. It's what you crave, isn't it, slut?"

And so He did, just not forgetting the Kub cuffs, spreader bar and ball gag left hanging around my neck (in case He needed to silence me quickly, He said). Then, as i lay helpless and at His mercy, He teased me with the Hitachi wand and made me come several, delicious, times.

However, halfway through binding me, the doorbell rang...

.... and then i remembered the special toy i ordered before our holiday, due to be delivered that morning. Leaving me half-bound on the bed, SG saw to the postman (not like that!), and brought in the parcel. We opened it together after the scene (and that's SG's hairy leg in the background!):

i am one very excited pup! Amazingly, and for certain reasons, i have yet to christen 'her' - my gorgeous powder blue Lelo Iris! i can't wait and SG wants photos of the deed. When i do it... you'll know about it (and maybe the neighbours will too).

Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Than A Game

We play dark games
No pawns to move
No aces to put down
No triple word scores here

Our games don't have sides
We don't play tag
No referee, but we have a goal
Headgear and ball(gag) optional

We play out of bounds
There are some rules
It's a win-win situation
But there's always a thrashing

Our games are addictive
We always come back for more
Moving up to the next level
That's how we roll our dice.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

HNT - Bite me

At the time, it felt like a million bites. In reality, it was probably around 25-30. (Come to think of it, the belt to my bottom matched that.)

Now, who's holiday was this??!!

And so inspiration for this week's HNT was born.

The photo was taken early into the week and doesn't do it justice, so use your imagination. Sadly i can't, because i still have the (mosquito) marks:

Happy HNT!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Coming Back Down

If you hadn't noticed, i've been a bit absent. Nothing sinister to report and the reason is that SG and i took ourselves away for a week. We took some time out to chill and explore a Greek island, and it was fab.

All pretty vanilla stuff mostly, although SG took the trouble to take a few more belts than usual and used them to immobilise me on the bed, and one other to beat my bottom.

Sadly, no marks left to show for it, but i have been marked in several places in another way. Damn mosquitoes! i have a special holiday edition HNT lined up too.

Hope you've all been misbehaving whilst i've been away and i hope to catch up with my blog reading sometime soon.

So, did anyone miss me?