Thursday, September 24, 2009

Size Matters / HNT - Chillin'

One size doesn't fit all.

It was meant to be specifically made to my measurements... and yet it wasn't. So the new long-awaited addition to our latex wardrobe doesn't fit me :-(

SG told me to go and 'talc up' in the bathroom so i would be able to slide more easily into it. i was getting more intrigued by the minute. The time had come. i knelt on the bed in readiness.

He walked in the bedroom holding a heavy-looking latex garment. i couldn't tell whether it was meant to be another catsuit or a cape. It doesn't look like anything i've seen before and i'll try to describe it in the process.

Firstly, i had to sit with my legs in the lotus position, i.e. my ankles crossed and my hands placed behind my head. Can you picture that? The garment, instead of having arm and legs like a catsuit, has coverings for knees and elbows. To this effect, it means being held in this obscure lotus position by latex, but also has a full hood with just a mouth hole/tube. The rest encases the body and zips from the neck down the back and finishes at the (open) crotch (i think). Result = one extremely vulnerable subbie who can do nothing to stop her evil Domly One tease and torment her.

Anyway, SG pulled me about this way and that, trying to force my body and feet (big as they are) to fit inside, as well as at the same time to zip the back up. SG placed the hood over my head and then pushed me on to my front, which made for a very unsettled pup and He could tell i was getting very distressed. He stopped to remove the hood and to check if i was OK. i was pretty quiet and unresponsive. He kept asking me if i wanted to carry on. i knew i wanted to please Him, so i said yes. It had been so long in the making, i just wanted it all to be fine.

But it just wasn't happening. The garment had actually been made too small. No amount of pulling and squeezing was going to make it work. So He gave up and held me in His arms to comfort me.

i lay there very quietly and i felt really odd. i think it was partly due to the fact that He hadn't explained how the garment fitted, especially the hood part. i didn't realise it was a full hood. i didn't get to see what it was like until He was placing me in it. i know i've come a long way with my hood wearing, but i was a little scared i had just taken a step back because of this.

SG told me that He was sure He'd talked about buying this particular item (or something similar) in the past. i do remember some conversation but i guess i hadn't realised how serious He was. The whole way the suit looked and felt was strange. As He was placing me inside it, somehow it felt like i was being de-humanised, that SG was turning me into His latex object and i think it scared me. But i know i need to be pushed, to be challenged because that's how we grow. It makes me wonder if it was wrong of me to feel like that.

After SG had held me in his arms for some time, He asked me if i'd like to experience something a little more familiar - the straitjacket, coupled with some spanking. i said yes and in no time, He had strapped me into its leathery confinement. i do enjoy being bound in it and it has a very odd way of comforting me.

But that feeling wasn't to last long as He told me kneel and bend over the side of the bed. i heard Him remove His belt. He began to use his Hand to spank my bottom - really hard as well. Then the belt followed and i winced and squirmed a few times. More spanking continued after that and i could feel my cheeks were pretty sore. Sadly, i don't have any photos as evidence.

He then turned the attention to pleasure and pressed the pink vibe against my clit, then plunged it deep inside me, forcing me to climax several times. i needed the release to help me move on from the earlier trauma.

Afterwards, we lay wearily on the bed in each others' arms and the upset of the night slowly melted away.

It wasn't until the next day that i learned the extra hard spanking was punishment for an earlier teasing (possibly a week ago) about His out-of-date Rubberpal profile. Funnily enough, He's since updated it.

But SG also confessed that the harder beating had been partly due to His frustration caused by the latex garment not being the right size. He apologised for it because He is fully aware that anger should NEVER be taken out on anyone within a scene, or otherwise. i know He didn't mean to and all was forgiven. i got a rather yummy ride on His cock to make up for it.

Having had more time to think about, i know i would feel happier if the latex item was the right size and then it would fit me comfortably. SG has been in touch with the company and they have also apologised profusely, and admitted that the item was made incorrectly (so i know it's not my big bottom or feet).

Apology accepted. Again.

So i just hope that you can be a bit more patient whilst the item is altered and then i may be able to share a better experience here (i knew it tempting fate!). Thanks for all the great comments.

Anyway for now, here's my latest HNT offering - a more relaxed pup.

Am just loving the way the sunlight is coming in through the window.

Happy HNT!


Aurore said...

That is so disappointing :( Hopefully, you get your replacement soon.

Nice bum ;)

Southern Sage said...

good azz

mina said...

what a bummer it didn't fit. You look stunning in the sunlight.

Mistress Bella said...

Wow that is such a let down experience, hopefully you will get the challenge of it again when you get one that properly fits you :)

Should get a straight jacket for my puppy, i know that is something that interests him :)

M.B. X

Tristan's pet said...

It's not wrong or right to feel just *is*.
Bummer about the size.....better luck next time!

thepinkpoppet said...

That sucks and I hope they get it taken care of FAST and get a corrected suit to you. In the meantime, thanks for the lovely view.

subbrooke said...

Oh my goodness you are a very good pet. i could never even attempt to try on something like that. Wow. i can't wait to see how you learn and grow from this. i'm sure you'll adore it in no time.