Thursday, September 17, 2009

HNT - Hogtie

As promised, i managed to get the shot i wanted for this week's HNT.

One hogtied pup showing off her new matching wrist and ankle cuffs:

(And yes, that big blue thing is my butt.)

Happy HNT!


Anonymous said...

Oh Im so jealous. They look like a lovely set ...

and your ass looks lovely as well. No "big" thing anywhere.

- MG

vanimp said...

Oooooo they look purdy! And I am totally distracted by that bottom hehe it needs spanking for being so cute ;) *nods* xx

Aurore said...

That is quite a nice set - oh and the woman they are attached to is pretty damn hot too ;) (your bottom isn't big!)

Anonymous said...

well that big blue thing is mighty nice

even the word "hogtie" sounds so naughty, say it three times fast

Kara and Jessica said...

Great hogtied!!! Hope you had a lot of fun in it ;) Kara XOXO

Anonymous said...

do you mean that sexy blue thing that deserves a paddle?

sweet pic!

mina said...

Ha! big blue thing.. puh-leeze. The photographer just made a point of accenting your spanking potential ;)

discerningdom said...

Technical; question: could you get free if you wanted to? The clips look like you could undo them, but maybe not?

Anneal said...

Wow bow wow...
A shade OTHER than Red!

saemus said...

ha, ha, the blue thing's great. But, we never see your toes !!!

Anneal said...

SNAP CLIPS???? really????
tsk tsk

trinity-pup said...

Morning Glory - aww thank you! Nice to see a new face here :-)

imp - *blush* are you offering to spank it?!! ;-)

Aurore - thank you sweet lady!

the eternal list - hogtie hogtie hogtie... erm... hehehe :-)

kara and jessica - the position was pretty tough as my back is going through a rough patch... but this photo was for my lovely readers! :-)

Southern Sage - hmmm... you have a point there! :-p

mina - you are too kind! SG took the photo :-)

Discerning Dom - technically, i probably could, but it would be quite difficult. The position puts quite a strain on the body and i think it is possible. i'd be in trouble if i did though... ;-)

Anneal - two comments? i am honoured... they were used just for the purpose of the photo... am sure SG would use much more stringent bonds! ;-)

saemus - thank you for commenting! Ahh there's a reason for that! :-p

t. x

Abe's Heart said...

Whadda ya mean, "big"????

(You're a peach, pup!)

I need to visit here more often...All the best to you both!

`x~Abe's Heart.