Thursday, September 10, 2009

HNT - Game, Set and Match

So my new wrist cuffs got your approval, as well as a few requests to see the matching ankle cuffs. i've got an image in my head of how i'd like to show them, so i'll be working on that at the weekend with SG's help. It'll be showcased in next week's HNT.

For this week's HNT, here's my matching underwear in my favourite 'neon glow' style:

Happy HNT!

i have learned that SG's long-awaited latex purchase, mentioned somewhere on my blog over the past month or so, is due to be delivered this week... how intrigued and excited is this puppy?!

All to be revealed at some point, i am sure. (Sounds like another post from SG to me!)


Southern Sage said...

thats frickin hot right there!

the eternal list said...

that is a great effect on the pic, sexy

love the title of this post, i'm in us open mode as well

mina said...

excited for the great reveal! you look beautiful in this HNT

Aurore said...


And I look forward to next week ;)

Kara and Jessica said...

SEXY!!!!! Kara & Jess XOXO

Qetesh said...

Cute matching set! Love the neon glow too ;)

Happy HNT TP :)

Alisha and Brett said...

very creative and love the bra anad panties!

subbrooke said...

That's amazingly sexy and sensual. You make me squishy girl!

Mistress Bella said...

You have a really beautiful body, SG is a lucky Master having such a cute pup ;-)

M.B. x

Single said...

She's such a cutie, ain't she?

I am indeed a very lucky Master, Mistress Bella. I count my blessings every day. :-)


Abe's Heart said...

Beautiful! Eye-popper, pup!:)

`x~Abe's Heart.