Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday's Buzz Word

A couple of months ago, SG gave me a work challenge on a new variation.

He had recently bought the remote control vibrating bullet - it means that it can be turned on and off from a separate control box that can be over several feet away or even in another room if it's indoors. i knew that He was going to have fun with it. He's used it in scenes when i've been encased in the sleepsack or SJ, and i never know when He's going to use it on me.

So this particular challenge was for me to take the bullet to work, place it in my panties at lunchtime and head out to the local park. i was to find a noisy spot to enable me to discretely use it and buzz away as i ate my lunch. i would then be allowed to return to the office and play in the toilet.

Lunchtime arrived. i'd left my desk and had been to the toilet to place the bullet in my panties - so far, so good. It felt a little odd and a bit bulky. Not so good was the fact that i'd decided to wear a new dress, and with no tights either, so i already started to feel a bit vulnerable.

i also didn't help myself as i then bought lunch from the work restaurant and the place was packed! i had to stand in a queue with around 8 people in front and another few behind me. The fear that the bullet could actually drop out on the floor at any moment was huge ... and i had no idea what i'd do if that happened. i could feel my panties getting damp already and it wasn't even switched on.

Eventually i managed to leave the office and headed towards the park. i had to remember not to swing my hips too much as i walked... being a female and all! That was difficult and i tried to walk more slowly than usual. i was convinced it was going to fall out. i thought that if it happened outside, i'd just keep walking! i made it to the park and it was pretty busy, as it was a hot summer's day. i looked around for a place to sit down. i wanted it to be away from people, but at the same time, not too quiet. i managed to sit down near one edge of the park, whilst trying to ensure i got the best angle of the bullet to rest against my clit.

It was switch on time! Mmm... it felt good! It also felt so very naughty too, being outside amongst all these other people. i gyrated my body against the vibrations and it tingled and teased me. It felt so yummy and i was curious to know if i could actually orgasm from it. i knew there were probably too many people around for me to relax enough to get to that point. Could anyone tell what i was doing? Was that guy over there watching me get off? i texted SG to tell Him i was carrying out His task. He was pleased and told me that i should try to keep it switched on whilst i walked back to the office. Oh my god... did i really have to?!

i sat in delight (and probably a big smile on my face) for about 30 minutes and then knew it was time to get back to work. SG had given me permission to play in the toilets, and having had this as a teaser, it would definitely ensure that i would enjoy touching my pussy to bring myself off. As i got up to go, a rugby game had begun near me and just at that moment, the ball came quite close. It was a scramble to get to my feet whilst trying to be ladylike! i was sure the bullet wasn't going to stay in my panties much longer, especially as i was so wet.

SG's suggestion to keep the bullet switched on, as i walked back, was in my head, but i just knew i wouldn't be able to do it. i gave it serious thought but was too worried that all of the wetness would make it slip out. i also tried not to rush back too, but the thought of fingering my pussy excited me.

i made it back to work and headed straight for the toilets. i placed my collar around my neck and quickly pulled my panties down and begun my play. my juices were flowing. i sighed with the relief of being able to touch myself, and it didn't take long from dipping my fingers inside my pussy to the point of delicious climax. It was just awesome. i went back to my desk with a very naughty secret inside me.

It certainly has to be the most thrilling work challenge that SG has given me so far... that means He'll read this and begin to plot something even more naughty next time!

Don't you love the mind of an evil Domly One?


Aurore said...

That is delightful...I had to do something similar to this for my online dom, only he had my put in my balls while using the vibe and then go shopping...definitely an experience. I can't wait to hear what SG cooks up for you next ;)

1manview said...

Mmmm, sounds like it was a great, wet adventure...

Mistress Bella said...

Oh my god, you need to tell me what toy you have it sounds awesome! I want one!

Although you are a very good puppy and I like these tasks your Master puts you through.

Will keep my eyes posted for the next lil challenge :D

M.B. x

Indigo said...

I was a slave for my Mistress for five years, she gave me tasks to complete whilst she was away on holiday. One time she was gone for three weeks, I had three weeks, every day a different task. LURVE the kinky boots.

Abe's Heart said...

Well. All I gotta say is:

....Sounds good to me.

`x~Abe's Heart.

Delilah, obedient and eager slave said...

I've been having this fantasy that my Master do something like this during the New Years Eve party we're attending together. He's not such a party animal and I think it would make it a more enjoyable event for him if he can play with me from across the room. I hope my play can be as successful as yours was!!