Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blind Faith

We'd been relaxing on the sofa for the evening... all very nilla, as we do enjoy that side of our lives, as well as our kink.

i'm not sure why, but for some reason i can get mischievous (yes, really). So i guess it was my own fault to start tickling SG under His arms and continued to do so for some time. i know it's something that winds Him up and i shouldn't have been doing it. He usually retaliates by tickling me back, but a hundreds time more. Not this time...

A few minutes later and He was ordering me to go to the bedroom, to kneel at the foot of the bed and to wait for Him. Uh oh... now i was in trouble. i did as i was told and shortly after He followed me into the bedroom. He told me to strip naked. He said He was going to make me His slut and He was going to show me who was in control. Oh... and it wasn't me.

He handed me the new red PVC outfit (my birthday present back in April) to wear along with my thigh-length boots. There's nothing sluttier than that outfit.

So there i stood before Him, SG's PVC slut, as He teased my nipples and stroked my pussy. i could feel myself getting very moist. He told me He was going to fuck me over the lounge table and instructed me to put on my wrist and ankle cuffs whilst He went to prepare the table.

He then returned to cover my eyes with bondage tape, attached the leash to my collar and led me to the lounge, making me crawl on all fours. He tied my arms and ankles to the table legs, spreading my limbs, ensuring that i was stretched uncomfortably across it.

Then i heard the swish of the riding crop behind me and felt its sharp sting on my bottom for several minutes. my skin felt pretty hot after as He hadn't used it lightly. He took the pink vibe to my pussy to force me to orgasm, but pulled it away just when i asked for permission to come. That was torture in itself. He never likes to deny me any orgasms, but it certainly is one sure fire way to punish me. It's not really something that He's done before, but i know that He is slowly realising that this probably hurts me more than a cropping. He pressed the vibe hard against my clit once more and allowed me to come when i asked for permission again.

Following this, He untied my bonds, removed the tape from my eyes and led me back to the bedroom. As per my usual routine, when we share a bed, He attached the heavy chains to my ankle cuffs and linked them up to my wrist cuffs and my collar. He likes to ensure that His pup feels secure at night.

Then He asked me how it might feel for me to sleep blindfolded. Well, it wasn't really a question, it was more of an instruction. The thought of it actually excited me a lot. i knew it would make me feel like i was kidnapped, lying there chained and blindfolded, and that's a huge fantasy of mine. So He proceeded to use the leather blindfold on me and then added a couple layers of bondage tape over the top to keep it in place. It felt pretty weird, especially knowing i was to sleep like that all night. His prisoner was all prepared for her bedtime and, although i can't be sure, i think He then turned off the light.

And you know what... it was one of the best night's sleep i've ever had.


Aurore said...

Well that will teach you to tickle SG ;)

Single said...

pup certainly knows how to get a rise out of me, Aurore! :-D

And, wow, does she look hot in her slutty PVC ensemble. ;-)

Master Singleglove