Thursday, September 24, 2009

Size Matters / HNT - Chillin'

One size doesn't fit all.

It was meant to be specifically made to my measurements... and yet it wasn't. So the new long-awaited addition to our latex wardrobe doesn't fit me :-(

SG told me to go and 'talc up' in the bathroom so i would be able to slide more easily into it. i was getting more intrigued by the minute. The time had come. i knelt on the bed in readiness.

He walked in the bedroom holding a heavy-looking latex garment. i couldn't tell whether it was meant to be another catsuit or a cape. It doesn't look like anything i've seen before and i'll try to describe it in the process.

Firstly, i had to sit with my legs in the lotus position, i.e. my ankles crossed and my hands placed behind my head. Can you picture that? The garment, instead of having arm and legs like a catsuit, has coverings for knees and elbows. To this effect, it means being held in this obscure lotus position by latex, but also has a full hood with just a mouth hole/tube. The rest encases the body and zips from the neck down the back and finishes at the (open) crotch (i think). Result = one extremely vulnerable subbie who can do nothing to stop her evil Domly One tease and torment her.

Anyway, SG pulled me about this way and that, trying to force my body and feet (big as they are) to fit inside, as well as at the same time to zip the back up. SG placed the hood over my head and then pushed me on to my front, which made for a very unsettled pup and He could tell i was getting very distressed. He stopped to remove the hood and to check if i was OK. i was pretty quiet and unresponsive. He kept asking me if i wanted to carry on. i knew i wanted to please Him, so i said yes. It had been so long in the making, i just wanted it all to be fine.

But it just wasn't happening. The garment had actually been made too small. No amount of pulling and squeezing was going to make it work. So He gave up and held me in His arms to comfort me.

i lay there very quietly and i felt really odd. i think it was partly due to the fact that He hadn't explained how the garment fitted, especially the hood part. i didn't realise it was a full hood. i didn't get to see what it was like until He was placing me in it. i know i've come a long way with my hood wearing, but i was a little scared i had just taken a step back because of this.

SG told me that He was sure He'd talked about buying this particular item (or something similar) in the past. i do remember some conversation but i guess i hadn't realised how serious He was. The whole way the suit looked and felt was strange. As He was placing me inside it, somehow it felt like i was being de-humanised, that SG was turning me into His latex object and i think it scared me. But i know i need to be pushed, to be challenged because that's how we grow. It makes me wonder if it was wrong of me to feel like that.

After SG had held me in his arms for some time, He asked me if i'd like to experience something a little more familiar - the straitjacket, coupled with some spanking. i said yes and in no time, He had strapped me into its leathery confinement. i do enjoy being bound in it and it has a very odd way of comforting me.

But that feeling wasn't to last long as He told me kneel and bend over the side of the bed. i heard Him remove His belt. He began to use his Hand to spank my bottom - really hard as well. Then the belt followed and i winced and squirmed a few times. More spanking continued after that and i could feel my cheeks were pretty sore. Sadly, i don't have any photos as evidence.

He then turned the attention to pleasure and pressed the pink vibe against my clit, then plunged it deep inside me, forcing me to climax several times. i needed the release to help me move on from the earlier trauma.

Afterwards, we lay wearily on the bed in each others' arms and the upset of the night slowly melted away.

It wasn't until the next day that i learned the extra hard spanking was punishment for an earlier teasing (possibly a week ago) about His out-of-date Rubberpal profile. Funnily enough, He's since updated it.

But SG also confessed that the harder beating had been partly due to His frustration caused by the latex garment not being the right size. He apologised for it because He is fully aware that anger should NEVER be taken out on anyone within a scene, or otherwise. i know He didn't mean to and all was forgiven. i got a rather yummy ride on His cock to make up for it.

Having had more time to think about, i know i would feel happier if the latex item was the right size and then it would fit me comfortably. SG has been in touch with the company and they have also apologised profusely, and admitted that the item was made incorrectly (so i know it's not my big bottom or feet).

Apology accepted. Again.

So i just hope that you can be a bit more patient whilst the item is altered and then i may be able to share a better experience here (i knew it tempting fate!). Thanks for all the great comments.

Anyway for now, here's my latest HNT offering - a more relaxed pup.

Am just loving the way the sunlight is coming in through the window.

Happy HNT!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Going To Extremes


The long-awaited purchase from Elena's Latex.

SG ordered a rather bespoke item from them some time ago and He has taken delivery today. It's a latex outfit made just for me and to my measurements... eek!

It will be something that i've never experienced before. SG has told me it will make me feel extremely submissive and it will be the most challenging scene for me to date.

i am scared, intrigued and excited right now.

All to be revealed or should that be, encased, after tonight!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

HNT - Hogtie

As promised, i managed to get the shot i wanted for this week's HNT.

One hogtied pup showing off her new matching wrist and ankle cuffs:

(And yes, that big blue thing is my butt.)

Happy HNT!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blind Faith

We'd been relaxing on the sofa for the evening... all very nilla, as we do enjoy that side of our lives, as well as our kink.

i'm not sure why, but for some reason i can get mischievous (yes, really). So i guess it was my own fault to start tickling SG under His arms and continued to do so for some time. i know it's something that winds Him up and i shouldn't have been doing it. He usually retaliates by tickling me back, but a hundreds time more. Not this time...

A few minutes later and He was ordering me to go to the bedroom, to kneel at the foot of the bed and to wait for Him. Uh oh... now i was in trouble. i did as i was told and shortly after He followed me into the bedroom. He told me to strip naked. He said He was going to make me His slut and He was going to show me who was in control. Oh... and it wasn't me.

He handed me the new red PVC outfit (my birthday present back in April) to wear along with my thigh-length boots. There's nothing sluttier than that outfit.

So there i stood before Him, SG's PVC slut, as He teased my nipples and stroked my pussy. i could feel myself getting very moist. He told me He was going to fuck me over the lounge table and instructed me to put on my wrist and ankle cuffs whilst He went to prepare the table.

He then returned to cover my eyes with bondage tape, attached the leash to my collar and led me to the lounge, making me crawl on all fours. He tied my arms and ankles to the table legs, spreading my limbs, ensuring that i was stretched uncomfortably across it.

Then i heard the swish of the riding crop behind me and felt its sharp sting on my bottom for several minutes. my skin felt pretty hot after as He hadn't used it lightly. He took the pink vibe to my pussy to force me to orgasm, but pulled it away just when i asked for permission to come. That was torture in itself. He never likes to deny me any orgasms, but it certainly is one sure fire way to punish me. It's not really something that He's done before, but i know that He is slowly realising that this probably hurts me more than a cropping. He pressed the vibe hard against my clit once more and allowed me to come when i asked for permission again.

Following this, He untied my bonds, removed the tape from my eyes and led me back to the bedroom. As per my usual routine, when we share a bed, He attached the heavy chains to my ankle cuffs and linked them up to my wrist cuffs and my collar. He likes to ensure that His pup feels secure at night.

Then He asked me how it might feel for me to sleep blindfolded. Well, it wasn't really a question, it was more of an instruction. The thought of it actually excited me a lot. i knew it would make me feel like i was kidnapped, lying there chained and blindfolded, and that's a huge fantasy of mine. So He proceeded to use the leather blindfold on me and then added a couple layers of bondage tape over the top to keep it in place. It felt pretty weird, especially knowing i was to sleep like that all night. His prisoner was all prepared for her bedtime and, although i can't be sure, i think He then turned off the light.

And you know what... it was one of the best night's sleep i've ever had.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday's Buzz Word

A couple of months ago, SG gave me a work challenge on a new variation.

He had recently bought the remote control vibrating bullet - it means that it can be turned on and off from a separate control box that can be over several feet away or even in another room if it's indoors. i knew that He was going to have fun with it. He's used it in scenes when i've been encased in the sleepsack or SJ, and i never know when He's going to use it on me.

So this particular challenge was for me to take the bullet to work, place it in my panties at lunchtime and head out to the local park. i was to find a noisy spot to enable me to discretely use it and buzz away as i ate my lunch. i would then be allowed to return to the office and play in the toilet.

Lunchtime arrived. i'd left my desk and had been to the toilet to place the bullet in my panties - so far, so good. It felt a little odd and a bit bulky. Not so good was the fact that i'd decided to wear a new dress, and with no tights either, so i already started to feel a bit vulnerable.

i also didn't help myself as i then bought lunch from the work restaurant and the place was packed! i had to stand in a queue with around 8 people in front and another few behind me. The fear that the bullet could actually drop out on the floor at any moment was huge ... and i had no idea what i'd do if that happened. i could feel my panties getting damp already and it wasn't even switched on.

Eventually i managed to leave the office and headed towards the park. i had to remember not to swing my hips too much as i walked... being a female and all! That was difficult and i tried to walk more slowly than usual. i was convinced it was going to fall out. i thought that if it happened outside, i'd just keep walking! i made it to the park and it was pretty busy, as it was a hot summer's day. i looked around for a place to sit down. i wanted it to be away from people, but at the same time, not too quiet. i managed to sit down near one edge of the park, whilst trying to ensure i got the best angle of the bullet to rest against my clit.

It was switch on time! Mmm... it felt good! It also felt so very naughty too, being outside amongst all these other people. i gyrated my body against the vibrations and it tingled and teased me. It felt so yummy and i was curious to know if i could actually orgasm from it. i knew there were probably too many people around for me to relax enough to get to that point. Could anyone tell what i was doing? Was that guy over there watching me get off? i texted SG to tell Him i was carrying out His task. He was pleased and told me that i should try to keep it switched on whilst i walked back to the office. Oh my god... did i really have to?!

i sat in delight (and probably a big smile on my face) for about 30 minutes and then knew it was time to get back to work. SG had given me permission to play in the toilets, and having had this as a teaser, it would definitely ensure that i would enjoy touching my pussy to bring myself off. As i got up to go, a rugby game had begun near me and just at that moment, the ball came quite close. It was a scramble to get to my feet whilst trying to be ladylike! i was sure the bullet wasn't going to stay in my panties much longer, especially as i was so wet.

SG's suggestion to keep the bullet switched on, as i walked back, was in my head, but i just knew i wouldn't be able to do it. i gave it serious thought but was too worried that all of the wetness would make it slip out. i also tried not to rush back too, but the thought of fingering my pussy excited me.

i made it back to work and headed straight for the toilets. i placed my collar around my neck and quickly pulled my panties down and begun my play. my juices were flowing. i sighed with the relief of being able to touch myself, and it didn't take long from dipping my fingers inside my pussy to the point of delicious climax. It was just awesome. i went back to my desk with a very naughty secret inside me.

It certainly has to be the most thrilling work challenge that SG has given me so far... that means He'll read this and begin to plot something even more naughty next time!

Don't you love the mind of an evil Domly One?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

HNT - Game, Set and Match

So my new wrist cuffs got your approval, as well as a few requests to see the matching ankle cuffs. i've got an image in my head of how i'd like to show them, so i'll be working on that at the weekend with SG's help. It'll be showcased in next week's HNT.

For this week's HNT, here's my matching underwear in my favourite 'neon glow' style:

Happy HNT!

i have learned that SG's long-awaited latex purchase, mentioned somewhere on my blog over the past month or so, is due to be delivered this week... how intrigued and excited is this puppy?!

All to be revealed at some point, i am sure. (Sounds like another post from SG to me!)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

pup's New Cuffs

i never got round to posting for HNT this week, due to some technical problems and other domestic things going on in my life. All is up and running now, so i thought i'd post the intended photo now as i wanted to show off my new leather cuffs! They look quite chunky (and they are), so i wasn't sure if i liked them when they arrived. But i did choose them with SG's approval, and since wearing them a few times, they are pretty awesome and extremely comfy:

They're from Top to Bottom Leathers and cost a small fortune (i bought matching ankle cuffs), but they seem quite robust, especially for what SG puts me through, or rather, what He may be planning for me in the future.

i should say a special thank you to my Master, SingleGlove, for making another guest appearance on my blog. i agree with you, Mistress Bella, it would be good to read His thoughts more often (just a hint!).

Can i also say HUGE thanks to all who have left fab comments over the last few posts - it's great to see so many new names appearing too.

i hope to be sharing more of my past kinky experiences here soon.