Wednesday, August 19, 2009


i was overcome with emotion at what i had just achieved. my head and body were buzzing. It all felt so surreal and i couldn't believe i'd done it.

It was the latest challenge SG had set for me - i mentioned it on the blog a few posts back. The next time i played i had to try and wear SG's 'scary' inflatable hood. Even if it was for just a few seconds. SG has been training me prior to this moment with the newly acquired penis gag and His other breath control hood. He's a clever Dom. Strangely enough, i had been able to cope with that hood, even though He told me it was the toughest one of the three that He owns. So this inflatable hood is really a combination of them. i think it scares me because it also inflates. It has 2 valves but i don't think i'll ever be able to wear it inflated.

i took a hot bath and shaved myself smooth - that always gets me horny. The thought of using my largest butt plug inside my pussy again (it is way too big for anal) was also propelling my excitement. To feel it filling me up and sliding in and out is really satisfying when i'm flying solo.

After drying myself off, i prepared the scene. Large butt plug (covered with condom) on bedside table, the hood laid next to me on the bed and my smaller butt plug about to be slid into my asshole. That's a sure fire way to increase my juices. i guessed the extra feeling of something in my ass might take my mind off the hood. i lay down on the bed and my hands took hold of the hood. i took a few moments to familiarise myself with it. It has a breathable mouthpiece and see-through plastic eye holes, but no nose holes. It's still a scary thing for me but i wanted to conquer my fear.

It was time. i held the hood up and began to place it over my head. It fitted v snugly and i made sure i had my mouth against the mouthpiece. i slowly pulled down the back zip. The latex began to squeeze at my face. i breathed normally and told myself i was fine. But then the zip got caught in my hair just over halfway and for a few secs it seemed to be stuck. Panic crept in as it wasn't possible to just pull the hood off. i visualised being trapped inside it with no means of help until much later as SG was not home. i hurriedly fumbled with the zip and then it began to move again. i drew it upwards and quickly pulled the hood off and lay there wondering if i should try again. i knew i had to or else this panic would set in each time i wore a hood.

i started again and felt the hood close in on my face again, just a little, but i knew i could cope. With the zip fully engaged, the hood was now tight against my skin. It actually felt good. i reached for the large butt plug and slowly began to push it inside my pussy. I was so horny by this point. The plug felt so good and i relaxed into it. my breath quickened with each push. i could feel myself near the edge already. i knew it wasn't going to take long. It only took about 10 minutes in total. my orgasm flowed over me - a nice comforting medium strength climax. i lay there for a few seconds to enjoy the sensation and the relief that had spread through me. Then it was time to remove the hood.

As I pulled it off, cool air hit my face and i took several long deep breaths. The exhilaration of what i'd just achieved overtook me and i couldn't stop smiling. i was overcome and it felt incredible. i knew that SG was going to be pleased. His pup had pushed herself to her limit and won.

i managed to carry out scene again at the weekend for SG. This time He tied me spread-eagled to the bed and then told me He was going to make me come constantly, whilst He used both my pink vibe inside my pussy and the Hitachi wand against my clit. He said He wasn't going to stop until He decided. He set to work and it must have lasted about half an hour. It was complete pleasure and torment at the same time. my breath was slightly inflating the hood, but i didn't really care. my mind was focused on climaxing, time after time. i must have had about 8 or more orgasms - and all whilst wearing the inflatable hood. i could have safe worded at any point, but i didn't. SG was ecstatic at how much i endured and had nothing but praise for me. i felt a very satisfied and exhausted pup.

This is the photo SG took as He carried out His fiendish task. One that i never thought i would ever have taken of me. It's rather surreal to look at, but i am so proud to share it with you:

i look so blissed out!


Aurore said...

That is quite a feat! Congrats! Just looking at the pic is surreal.

Florida Dom said...

Thanks for sharing the photo with us and congrats on not using your safe word and pleasing SG. He keeps taking your relationship to new levels.

Rex Venom said...

I will have to read this one again. I feel so...New?
Rock on!

trinity-pup said...

Thanks Aurore! :-)

FD - You're welcome. It's great to see your blog at last - i hope to be reading more of you.

Rex - Thank you :-) Read as many times as you like!

t. x

pixiepie said...

scary...yet oddly hot and beautiful. i want one.

vanimp said...

Yaaaay congrats hunni! It's an awesome feling overcoming a limit :D

trinity-pup said...

pixiepie - wow... it is a true honour to read your comment - thank you. Go get yourself one! i hope you are well.

vanimp - yay!! *bounces around the
room* :-) It is quite something!

t. x

Anonymous said...

I got claustrophobic just looking at your pics! Congrats!