Thursday, August 06, 2009

HNT - Bedtime

i was almost struggling to find another 'proper' HNT photo to post this week. The most recent photos taken by SG show me either completely encased (in rubber) or naked... i do hope to share these with you soon (and no, i don't mean the latter!).

So for now, this will have to do... pup ready for her bed:


PS. i know i promised a celebration video, but Blogger wouldn't let me!


mina said...

Looking lovely as always!

Aurore said...

Very sexy (as always!) and I swear those stockings are magic ;)

Anonymous said...

oooh, love your nip piercing, and the fragmented area on your right arm makes this seem like we're viewing some sort of forbidden VHS video

i like forbidden


Anonymous said...

Very nice.

Sweet dreams!!!

Anonymous said...

that is awesome!
love it, very sexy!

Jelly said...

Nice!! =)

Advizor said...

beautiful breasts, really, just perfect.

Are you fuzzing out a name tattoo on your shoulder? Inquiring minds want to know...

Anneal said...


Anonymous said...

amazing body. Gorgeous. ;D

vanimp said...

Damn girl you are looking hawt! I seriousy have to find me some stockings .. I think you are giving me a stocking fetish now *grin* xx

trinity-pup said...

mina - *smiles* thank you!

Aurore - hehehe... i think they are! i've just bought another pair as i love them so much!

eternal list - thank you... mmm forbidden is a naughty thing!

southerngirl - hey, thanks for the comment - gotta check out your blog :-)

Sage - too kind! thanks!

Jelly - good to see you here

Advizor - oooh, another newbie - thank you for making me blush! Not fuzzing out a name as such. Just have to keep you intrigued!

Anneal - lol, i'll see what i can do next time... ;-)

superstarstyle - another new face! thanks for passing by!

imp - c'mon girlie... get those stockings on...mmmm! :-)

t. x


Kevin Lomax said...

Excellent titties for teaching you your place... I'm sure those nipples can handle some pain...