Saturday, August 08, 2009


It's the middle of Saturday afternoon. i know i'm stating the obvious, but it's always been one of my horniest times and i have no idea why. Before i met SG, i was free to 'dabble down below', so to speak, whenever i wished, and it became a pattern that i always had the need to get myself off on a Saturday afternoon.

i'm not seeing SG this weekend (boo hoo) BUT all is good - before you begin to question what's going on. We're just spending this weekend apart (a very rare thing) and He has given me 2 free plays! He has told me if i use them up and i want more, i have to ask and He'll think about it. So i've decided to discipline myself (somehow!). As much as i really want to go and give myself some pleasure right now, i've decided to write a post first, about a session i experienced a few weekends ago. i have been meaning to write about it for ages. It's not a very descriptive post either (i'll see how i go) - i think the photos tell the story so much better.

Anyway, the session took place on a Sunday afternoon and SG had decided that i needed to experience more of the leather sleepsack. He wanted to 'take me deep' - to make me feel my submission so utterly deeply and intensely. The sleepsack was a considered purchase and i know how much He loves encasing me inside it. It's certainly not something i can wriggle out of. It covers the whole body and when i'm in it i do feel very comforted, but so very submissive.

The scene began. Firstly, as I knelt naked before Him, He placed the leather hood on me and tightly laced up the back. Over the top of this, He strapped on my latest head harness - completely encasing my head. The combination of the two feels awesome and it makes me feel quite subbie. The sleepsack was laid out on the bed and He said 'you know what to do' and waited for me to slide my legs and feet down into the garment, then place my arms into the internal sleeves (there is no escape!) and witness the leather envelop my shoulders.

SG then delighted in zipping the whole thing up (it zips in two parts, so the crotch area is open for easy access), and tightened up the leather straps that run up the body. It's when He is in the process of doing this, that it dawns on me that He really does have total control of me - physically and mentally - i am completely in His care and His trust. It's quite a feeling, i have to say, just to experience the sleepsack, but don't forget, this time i was also adorned with the headgear. Almost every inch of my body was covered in leather - that was, apart from my eyes and mouth.

But, of course, SG then applied the blindfold, throwing me into complete darkness, coupled with the totally restrictive position i had been placed in. The last piece of the jigsaw was the penis gag and i was feeling a little anxious, because it meant i was about to give up everything - including the space in my mouth. i could feel Him feeding the gag in and i managed to take it all in. He had not inflated it, thankfully, so i was grateful for that. i had to remember to breathe through the breathing tube too and that is not easy. i was breathing pretty fast at that point with the rush of adrenalin and realisation of my total submersion in my 'leather prison'.

Somewhere from all of that, the calmness took over and i started to breathe more slowly and began to revel in letting go completely. my head was floating and i became very spaced out. As i am writing this, i can almost put myself right back in that moment. It was just so incredibly intense.

What i remember after is quite fuzzy but i was aware that SG began to stroke and tease my nipples. It seemed that every sensation from that moment on was heightened x 10 and i could feel my pussy aching to be touched. i think He had placed a vibrating bullet on my clit (you can see part of it in the photo below) and that felt glorious. Every now and then, i would feel the air in the breathing tube reduce slightly, as He put his finger over the end of it. When He did this, i would instinctively try to pull the tube away to get the air back. SG certainly does like to provoke and add new dimensions to scenes. This was no exception, as then i also felt (and heard) a plastic bag being attached to the tube's end. It was only for a few moments, but again it restricted the air flow. At the time, i couldn't work out what He had concocted until afterwards when He showed me the video He took of this part of the scene. There was this clear plastic bag inflating and deflating with my breath. It was quite surreal to watch.

i then felt a pull on my nipple as He attached the tweezer clip to it, before following suit with the other. It's such an awesome thing - having the use of only one of your senses, i.e. touch. Well, i guess there was taste too, if you like rubber! At one point, i felt the hiss of a pump and could only imagine that He was about to inflate the penis gag. my body began to tense up a little and a flash of panic went through my mind. For a few seconds, i wanted to fight it all, to be released there and then from all of the intensity. i felt the gag in my mouth with my tongue, but it didn't seem to have become any larger. i found out afterwards that SG had not had the pump attached, it was all just a mind fuck.

i think the whole scene lasted for over an hour or even two, i'm not sure. It was certainly one of the most intensive experiences i've been put through to date. i have never felt so helpless before or so spaced out. It lasted a long while after SG released me and cradled me closely in His arms.

What i do remember clearly, as He stroked my hair, is that He told me i was His submissive... forever.

In that moment, a great warmth encased my heart.

PS. Can i go and play now? Oh... there's just one condition to this - i have to try and wear SG's (scarier) inflatible latex hood as i play. It's the one hood i've yet to overcome and has been a limit for me. i only have to wear it for a few moments, seconds even, if it gets too much to 'go all the way in'. Wish me luck...


Anonymous said...

hmm maybe you deserve one of what Grimly has just made me ...for having too many sexual thoughts ;)

you are definately one gorgeously highly sexed girl!

TG xx

Jelly said...

That sounds like one hulluva very very very very intense scene. Have fun with playtime and good luck with the breath control hood!

Anonymous said...

I'm really proud of you pup! and delighted to hear you've had some fun and explored more :)
Go you!
There's new stuff for me as well, having just got permission to post it :)

Anonymous said...

I could NOT do that. You are so amazing.

vanimp said...

Wooow that sounds amazing hun. It's so cool to see you two exploring and leather ... yum! hehe how was the play after writing huh?

Anonymous said...

the pics remind me of the Nine Inch Nails video for "pinion"