Friday, July 03, 2009


As no-one guessed the answer to this post, i suppose i'll have to tell you. Although from J3 and Wendy's comment, i found out that SG had already let them in on His mystery purchase.

The latest addition to our toybox turned out to be an Ultimate Bondage Gag Harness, complete with inflatable breather gag - and it's a fairly scary-looking piece of kit!

And SG was keen to use it on me, as soon as He had me back in His lair last weekend...


Aurore said...

Wow! I imagine you would be speechless.

You can't leave us hanging like that...tease!

elle said...

That would definitely give me pause. Or is that paws??? lol

Hugs, Elle

Anneal said...

What a lucky girl! What color trim? And here I thought you might be getting a gibbet

vanimp said...

Oooo my, you are going to have a wee adventure or "few" hehe. x

sera said...

Goodness! He certainly spares no expense when it comes to immobilizing you! What a luuuucky pup. Yum.

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

We know all kinds of secrets. We are the neighborhood bartenders, people tell us all sorts of things they won't tell anyone else. We don't ask, we just listen.

Stop by our pub sometime and have a cold one, and throw the peanut shells on the floor please.

Anonymous said...

That is hot! Me want!

And the number of attachments is breath-taking - literally :)

I *know* you'll be having fun with that.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! I can't wait to hear all about your first experience with your new toy.


Eliot said...

Wow, that's an impressive kit! I'm intrigued...

trinity-pup said...

Aurore - speechless, fearful and excited as i remember! :-)

elle - *grins* oh dear! ;-)

Anneal - aren't i?! Trim? It's black leather all over and a million straps!

imp - i do believe i am! ;-)

sera - i know, He is a very generous Owner!

J3 and Wendy - hmmmm! mine's a beer! i'll try and get more info out of you next time! ;-)

subtle - it is certainly a serious piece of kit! i recommend (i think!)

brooke - oh my! you're BACK!?! *HUGS* how you doing hun? x

Eliot - all may be revealed soon!

t. x