Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lost and Found

So what had the pup done wrong...?

Here's the answer:

SG had come to collect His pup to stay over at His place. i'd packed my case of toys and other stuff, and was ready to leave. As i put my collar into my bag, i realised the padlock was not with it. i searched around trying to find it, then remembered that i had temporarily put my collar in my bedside drawer. i checked the drawer and couldn't see it, so i began to worry that i'd lost it.

An integral part of the collar is the padlock - it secures my bond to my Master and He is the only One who removes it when W/we are together. SG asked me what i was looking for and i confessed. He went about to search for it too. W/we must have spent about 20 minutes or more looking for it. i was getting pretty upset by this point and just wanted to find it. Then i heard SG's voice from the bedroom tell me He'd found it. It had dropped inside a bag in the drawer. i was so relieved and thanked Him. SG said nothing more and W/we left.

First thing on Sunday morning, SG told me to put my hands and tongue to good use to orally pleasure Him. i did as i was told and soon enough, i heard His moans and sighs as He told me what a good slut i was, and how much He enjoyed a puppy blow job.

But then the situation changed... He told me that i needed to be punished for the previous evening's wrongdoing - for not making sure where my padlock was and for the time wasted in looking for it. He reminded me that it was my responsibility to look after all of my things, that my toys need to be cleaned after use and put back in their right place. It was the same for my collar and padlock. i should take more care of it.

He told me i had a choice of the gag He would use on me to receive my punishment. i selected the muzzle gag. Then He told me to follow Him to the lounge. i was still sleepy but this was about to wake me up.

i knelt before SG and He strapped the muzzle gag tightly on me and then also blindfolded me. He tied my wrist and ankle cuffs to the legs of the table, making me stretch across it, with my legs spread wide and a very vulnerable bare bottom.

i heard a familiar swishing sound behind me. He took the flogger as well as His hands to spank me hard, as He told me again to respect my collar and toys, and to expect to be punished if i don't comply. After several minutes of flogging and hard spanking, He untied me, removed my gag and blindfold, and told me to crawl back to the bedroom. He said He was in need of release and wanted to use me.

i lay spreadeagled on the bed to await His return. As He entered the room, i could see His hard cock urgently needed servicing. Somehow i asked if He could come over my breasts. i wanted to feel like His dirty whore. Having only experienced it a couple of times before (as He loves to come inside me mostly), i felt an urge to see Him shoot over my body and feel His warm cum across my skin. He was happy to oblige and began to pump Himself hard and fast. It always amazes me how He brings Himself off, how much effort He puts into it, but i love to watch it. He was getting close and i took over with my hands, running my fingers over the tip of His cock and pumping Him just as fast as He had shown me. Then He was there and as He cried out, i felt His warm cum squirt onto my breasts and stomach. i ran my hands over the fluid and into my nipples and smiled up at Him. He said it had felt delicious to get Himself off like that.

i was back in His good books.

Following that, W/we shared a hot shower together with lots of kissing, nuzzling and groping. As SG's hands ran over my body, i got very aroused (the shower is one of THE most horniest places for me!) and i was in need of my own release. He gave me permission to come and passed me my pink vibe to play with. He soaped and caressed my breasts as the vibe teased my clit and then pushed it deep inside my pussy. It felt so good and i was panting fast. i ended up coming really hard lying down in the bath with the vibe pressed against my clit, as SG stood over me to watch His puppy climax and flop wearily under the hot water.

It was a very sexual Sunday morning... but then again, most of them usually are!

Mmm... Sunday tomorrow, isn't it? ;-)


Mistress Bella said...

Ooooh you bad girl for being careless, but SG seems to know how to do a punishment he he :)

Sounds like an intense time for you trinity-pup :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds super-fun!

Happy weekend . . .

Aurore said...

Well hopefully you learned your lesson ;)

Tristan's pet said...

Crikey! If I got punished like that every time I misplaced something I'd be permanently black and blue! At least I can blame my menopausal hormone situation....what's your excuse? :)

Florida Dom said...

You probably won't misplace the padlock again.

Anneal said...

Hmmmmmm (again)

Anonymous said...

I hope that you don't misplace the lock again.

Anonymous said...

Why are punishments such a turn on? I always feel guitly because I should be feeling bad for my mistake (and I do), but man I get so crazy, horny too. Weird.

Great post!