Saturday, July 25, 2009

Let Loo-se

As soon as i left my flat, it felt like everyone knew. The woman at the bus stop, the van driving past and all those people on the platform waiting for the train... "she's not wearing any knickers". So it was a thrill from the very start of the day. The dress i wore was just over my knee too, so i didn't feel too exposed.

i decided to carry out my challenge just after lunchtime, as that's usually the quietest time for the toilets. Or so i thought... i even have a favourite toilet cubicle (i wish i'd used that one now), but instead i chose another that i thought would be less used. As soon as i walked in, there was someone just leaving, so then it was all clear - perfect!

i was more excited than ever to carry out this challenge due to the fact that i would be using the nipple clips and tape. Fumbling in my bag to retrieve my 'tools for the job', i sat down on the toilet seat and began to pull the top of my dress and bra down. my exhilaration grew even more as i placed the clips on my nipples and felt the pain of their bite - it felt good. i even had SG's camera with me to shoot some photos or even video. i began to take some shots and started to get into things.

Then i heard someone come in... brilliant. So i stopped and sat still and waited for them to do what they had to do and leave. But they didn't. i heard them eventually come out of the cubicle, heard the rush of water at the sink, but then i could tell that they were still there. i waited and waited... then i thought 'what if it's the cleaner and they're waiting for me to come out?'. Should i pick another set of toilets? my impatience got the better of me, so i 'dismantled' everything (my nipples were nearly purple), and got my things together and came out of the cubicle.

The woman at the sink was drying her hands and THEN she left! i had lost about 10 mins of valuable playtime and i realised i didn't have long to complete the whole task at hand. i decided to start again and went back into the same cubicle (the one at the end, of course). Down came the top of my dress, out came the clips, tape and camera. i felt the pinch of the nipple clips once again and then began to wrap the bondage tape around my mouth. my breath was quickening as i became more aroused. i managed to take some video too and knowing this was all for SG turned me on even more.

i placed the camera on the floor in a suitable position, and knelt on the floor with my dress raised, i set to work with my fingers rubbing my clit and pussy. With the camera still running, i pushed my fingers inside me, my pussy now very wet and excited, and it was literally only a few moments more that i climaxed. It was a real short and quick one - but an orgasm nonetheless.

i was more relieved than anything else and conscious of the need to get back to work, but happy that during this time no-one else had come in the toilets... except me that is.

So i have this one photo to post as i'm afraid the video doesn't allow me to share the whole experience anonymously (and yes, i realised afterwards that i had forgotten to put my collar on during my play... oops).

i hope you enjoy reading about it just as much as the physical gain i received. It sure was a challenge!

STOP PRESS: i found another photo... here are the 'tools' used:


M and A said...

Fantastic picture! I'm glad your adventure went well :)

Aurore said...

That pic is stunning!

It is quite nerve wracking thinking you could get caught but good for you for pulling it off and having fun doing it!

Mistress Bella said...

The photo is wonderful...and that sounds a very fun task to do :)

SG will be pleased with you :)

Florida Dom said...

SG must be very proud that you're following his instructions. And he must have loved the photo the way the rest of us did.

Anneal said...

A wonderfull description...!!

trinity-pup said...

M and A - thank you! :-)

Aurore - *smiles* yes, i know! It's always so thrilling to play at work! ;-)

Mistress Bella - thank You Ma'am! He certainly was :-)

FD - good to see you again - thank you for your kind comment. SG was very happy.

Anneal - thank You kind Sir!

t. x