Thursday, July 30, 2009

HNT - Animalistic

It's those pants again (well they are one of my favourites).

No arty shot this time... but taken in cheetah mode:

And THANK YOU for getting me through the magical 100,000 (and then some) views. No-one came forward to claim it (did i mention there was a prize?), but i'm very happy you're all still reading me, and with 54 followers too - i feel a loved pup.


Mr Upton Ogood said... that I think of it, ..ur..uh..yeah...I remember now, 'cause I was drinkin' at the time, so I sure am sure that I remember...and'm positive that it said 100, 000 and I know this is true 'cause, like I said, I was drinkin' and I thought at the time...gee..I must be the first one here...but then I had another beer and forgot all about.

It's only a coincidence that I rembered just now and has nothing to do with the prize that you happened to mention, which, now that's it's offered, I'd just like to say "You like really like me" and then go on to mention all the little people who made this day possible for me.

I thank you. ;-)

Mr. Upton Ogood, who, like the lyric to "Your kiss is on my list", only can honestly say "I only smile when I lie" :-)

Aurore said...

You are loved darling! And those panties, roar ;)


Southern Sage said...


Anonymous said...

i tried to be but when i saw i was at 94 then i tried a few minutes later at 95 i thought it would be cheating to keep clicking to get it, but Congrats anyway.

mina said...

Rowr! Sex-ay!

Anonymous said...

lookin' great pup! Kitty stuff looks good on pup! :)

subbrooke said...

You look good in everything! I love your pictures.

Rex Venom said...

With pics like this, you will always have loyal readers!
Rock on!

Kevin Lomax said...

Kitty kitty kitty: sweet kitty, come overhere please...

the eternal list said...

RAWR indeed!

belated hhnt

Abe's Heart said...

Beautiful, pup!

[I posted a video just for you]

`x~Abe's Heart.

vanimp said...

I have the urge to poke your bellybutton *grin* cute, sexy girl as always x

1manview said...

Sexy ... No not the panties...

Abe's Heart said...

The vid I posted got scrapped because of Terms of use Violation.
I found it on Yahoo, and it's now up and running.

Oh! I forgot to say:
Happy (belated) HNT!

`x~Abe's Heart.

trinity-pup said...

Mr U Ogood - ooh wow... i've seen you commenting in many other places, but never here! i feel honoured! ;-) Ahhh, so you think you may have been that 100,000th? Try again.. oh no, you can't can you?! :-) Maybe the 200,000th then? Great to see you here! :-)

Aurore - aww thanks sweetie! And so are you!

Southern Sage - *blush*

sissyslavemaya - i think you were probably the closest to it who has commented! Thanks for stopping by :-)

mina - thank you, you sexy minx! :-)

Anon - hey you! *squishes back*

t. x

trinity-pup said...

brooke - hey hun, i know we have yet to catch up - i so want to know lots of things! :-)

Rex - thanks dude! :-)

Kevin - uhm... not sure if SG will let me... :-)

the eternal list - another new face! Thank you for your comment.

vanimp - noooooooo! me ticklish there... *prepares to hide*

Abe's Heart - i checked out the video last night (when i finally worked out which blog!) - that's a cool video - i have no idea why you posted for me! ;-) i'm not sure i do the same acrobatics in my cage! :-) Hope you are well.

Wow.... i've never had so many comments for a HNT before - i'm truly delighted! Thank you

t. x