Saturday, July 11, 2009

Harness That Humiliation

So we were back at SG's....

As soon as we got in, He ordered me to my knees and had placed my collar around my neck. Then He ordered me to remove my clothes and as i did so, He fetched my leather mittens. He strapped them on me and clipped them together behind my back. i was vulnerable already.

He knelt behind me and began to grope and pull at my breasts. He hadn't been that rough before, but it felt good, and i knew it would get me wet in no time. Then He produced some clothespins and placed them directly on my nipples. That was extremely tough and i winced at the severity of pain. He removed them after a few seconds because i whimpered so much and then used them on my thighs instead - much thinner skin but not quite as painful. His hand moved down to check my very wet pussy and He told me what a horny slut i was. He pulled me about a bit more (which i love) and He asked me if i wanted to see my new present. Naturally, i said yes and He told me to stay on my knees and wait for His return.

i was excited, nervous and a little fearful.

He entered the room holding a leather head harness. Aside from the SJ and sleepsack, i had never seen so many straps and buckles on one piece of apparel. He placed the harness on me and tightened up the straps. The leather smelt really nice. It fitted very snugly as He already had some of my measurements, but it had been the circumference size He had asked for recently that was the one He needed to order this. It was almost custom-made. The section around my mouth was a cutaway hole. The whole harness felt very weird, but very secure. There wasn't one part of my head that didn't feel covered by a strap. It made me feel very submissive in no time.

"Now i bet you're wondering what's going to fill that hole...hmmm?" He asked, but didn't expect an answer.

He unzipped his jeans and pulled down His pants, His erection stood proud.

"You know what to do" He told me.

i leaned in to take Him in my mouth and i began to suck and lick Him through the hole. He groaned with pleasure and told me i was a good pup. i continued until He pulled away from me - He had other plans for me.

He disappeared again to fetch the next part of the present - the inflatable penis gag and breather tube. The gag looked huge and i was getting a bit more worried now. He presented the gag up to my mouth, so i could see what it was like and then began to feed it through the hole. It filled the length of my mouth and i thought it may almost be too much to keep in. i was scared that it would make me reach. It almost did and i tried to adjust it inside my mouth, although it didn't have anywhere else to go. i tried to calm myself and He told me to breathe through the tube and that everything would be ok. Once in, the gag has a leather piece with press studs that clip onto the mouth hole, that ensures it stays in place. He made sure these were clipped on and stood back to admire His pup.

He released my mittens from behind my back and made me crawl into the hall to kneel before the mirror, so i could take a look at myself. i found it quite hard to do as i felt vulnerable and the gag made me feel so humiliated. It was certainly going to keep me pretty quiet too and SG delighted in this prospect. He sat behind me to grope me again and then put his finger on the end of the breathing tube for a few seconds. my air supply stopped and i tried not to panic. i knew i was safe with Him - i trust SG with my life. It's in these moments that He has the power to do anything. He released the tube and made sure i was ok.

Then He told me how much He wanted to fuck me.

He made me crawl back to the living room and to 'assume the position' (this means to get on all fours and spread my legs). i knew what was coming next. He pushed Himself deep inside my wet pussy and it felt so delicious. Those first few plunges always feel so good and it wasn't long before He pumped away at His bitch. The gag was very effective in keeping me from making much noise at all. i can squeal and scream in the throes of sex, but this gag kept me rather quiet.

As i remember, just before i came, i think He removed the gag and i could feel myself on the edge of a tingling orgasm. Then as it washed over me, which felt so utterly amazing, i had a sudden outburst of emotion and i burst into tears with happiness and relief. It was an incredible moment and i know that SG wasn't sure if i was upset or not. i reassured Him i was fine and He continued to thrust inside me, but i think this might have taken His mind off the job in hand, or rather, in pussy. He told me He wanted to hold me, to comfort me in bed. He realised how intense the scene had been for me. He removed the harness from His exhausted and teary-eyed pet, then helped her crawl (as that's all i had the energy for) into the bedroom.

i curled up beside Him in bed and He held me tightly in His arms.

i felt safe once again.

(Sadly, no photos were taken of this scene, but there are some pics of the new harness gag from our rubber fun last weekend - another post for another day - it will be worth the wait!)


mina said...

What a thrilling experience. I am so happy SG takes such good care of you.

Aurore said...

Is it odd that it was emotional for me to read this post?

Either way, you two have got a good thing going there.

Laramie said...

how lovely! some dear friends of mine have had similar cathartic crying reactions after an intense scene. i have not been so lucky yet, but i can imagine the release must be splendid.

clothespins can definitely be more grueling than the inexperienced might think. not so long ago i was made to trot around in public with clothespins on my nipples (under my shirt), and they were on for so long that the wire part left a pattern on my nippers for some time after!

thank you for sharing :)

trinity-pup said...

mina - it certainly was! He is truly amazing and our trust is such a key thing.

Aurore - oh hun, care to share why it was emotional for you? i don't think it's odd at all.

Laramie - what a fantastic comment! Thank you for taking the time. The release is just amazing.

t. x

Aurore said...

I would but not here. You can email me at mlleaurore(at)gmail(dot)com.

It wasn't a bad thing...

Eliot said...

Wow, that was actually pretty damn hot. Thanks for sharing!

Jelly said...

That sounds so intense!!! Thank you for sharing.