Monday, July 27, 2009



i am just 158 away from the 100,000th visitor to my blog! Can you believe that?! Actually, i know that it's probably more than that because the blog was already six months old when i decided to add the counter. Either way, i'm so blown away by it and the fact that i'm still writing!

Whoever you are, my 100,000th visitor, if you happen to notice that it's you, please, please, please leave me a comment - anonymous or not - i'd love to know who you are!

To celebrate, i may possibly post another video.

And thank you all so much for making it possible!


Mistress Bella said...

I will keep an eye out, just incase i end up being that person :) and wooo for you! :D

Rex Venom said...

That is alot of wandering eyes...heehee
(I just keep following the Mistress, it seems)
Rock on!

Jelly said...

Congrats!!!! 100,000 is a big milestone indeed. =) I clicked over from google reader just in case =) but i'm number 100045, so whoever was the 100000th was some time ago!

Congrats again!

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Nancy said...

Such Wandering Eyes!
Glad you have so many readers; surely you know why!!

Florida Dom said...

Congrats on reaching double figures. That shows how popular your blog has become.

And hope you'll celebrate with another video.

Mr Upton Ogood said...

I was too early and now I'm 285 too late to be the magic man .. congrats!


trinity-pup said...

Thank you everyone! :-)

t. x