Monday, July 06, 2009

Another Spanking Time For pup (video)

Whilst i gather my thoughts for my next post of scene writing, here's something to wet your appetite (or anything else). It's my 'harder than usual' spanking from SG. He is getting to know how much i love pain and is now building up to longer sessions.

The film seems to speed up halfway through and is quite funny to watch (a bit like one of those old black and white silent movies). But it left me in no doubt how much my Owner loves to pink my bottom - and i was pretty silent, due to the muzzle gag.

Again, it's here for a limited time only - enjoy!



Eliot said...

Lovely ass! And the hits were very nice. And you were indeed fairly quiet. ;-)

M and A said...
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M and A said...

I LOVE this :) I'm so jealous! Your ass looks fantastic when it's spanked :)

Aurore said...

I miss those slapping sounds ;) Delightful spanking though; I was dying to hear you.

beau said...

What fun!


B xx

unowned desire said...

Nice arse pup!
Hoping you're OK and certainly looks like you've both been having fun!

I happen to be in that, there London at the end of this week, so I need to prod you about the possibility of a drinkie..

Ronjazz said...

Haven't seen your gorgeous ass in a long time, little Pup! Hope you are well and happy...come visit!

Anneal said...


Florida Dom said...

It was good to see the pink on your ass at the end. Yhanks for posting the video. Sorry you're not going to leave it up. Hope you post more.