Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It's been a busy time for me, hence the quietness...

For all of those curious cats (and imps), here's the first peek of the new bondage mittens - as modelled by SG(!). He sent me this photo as a teaser. i should quickly add that it's probably the only time He will be wearing them!

i got to experience them for the first time at the weekend. Wearing them made me feel pretty vulnerable, especially when SG used the D-rings to attach them to the bedpost. And not before blindfolding, ball-gagging and spanking me, to then have His way with me - doggy-style.... and it was delicious!


Aurore said...

You two have so much deliciously dirty fun ;) *slightly green with envy*

Mistress Bella said...

Hmmm...those mittens look familiar :P

My puppy has those mittens on when we play, to prevent him from being naughty in any way :)

I love them, and plus they make him look adorable :D

Hope you like them lots

Anonymous said...

can u post a pic of you in ball gag?

vanimp said...

Yes yes us imps are curious wee creatures ;) They look awesome and what a way to try them out huh? How are you suppossed to use ya claws? :O

Anonymous said...

I'm smitten with yer mittens too!

Very nice :)

trinity-pup said...

Aurore - *grins* awww hun... wanna come and play with us?! ;-)

Mistress Bella - they are pretty cool and i am sure SG will be using them a lot on me... i can be a naughty pup!

Anonymous - i'm afraid i don't do requests... i do remember posting a pic of me with a ballgag some time ago though

vanimp - hehehe it was good to christen them! Hmmm good point there!

subtle - aren't they fab?! :-)

t. x

Anonymous said...

yeah i think i saw that. how abt more? haha

Single said...

Hello, anonymous. And thank you for your continued interest. I'm afraid that pup doesn't take requests - except if they come from me (and they're not really what you'd call requests in that case, if you get my drift).

If you're patient and keep coming back here, she may post the kind of pic you're after in due course, but that's a lot less likely to happen if your messages get repetitive.

SG (pup's Master)