Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Plug In, Tune Out

SG's message read:

"you need to set up the stockade and be waiting in your boots, latex dress and gloves for My pleasure."

He was due to arrive later that evening and somehow i left the setting up and dressing up to the last minute. So when He arrived, i was still fumbling to put on one of my latex gloves. He asked me why i wasn't ready and i admitted that i had run out of time. The evening hadn't got off to a good start.

"Follow Me." He said.

i followed Him, on all fours, to the bedroom to kneel at His feet. The displeasure showed on His face. He stared at me.

"What's the worst thing i could do to you? He asked.

i shook my head, but i knew.

He held my collar in His hands, then put it on the bedside table.

"Take away your collar, isn't it?" He replied.

i shook my head: "No... please don't." my eyes pleaded with His.

"So you weren't ready for Me when i told you to be. you also decide to publicly tell everyone, via your blog, that your Dominant isn't doing His job properly..." He spoke sternly.

i quickly tried to interrupt Him: "No, that's not how it was meant to sound...", before He ordered me to be quiet and not say another word. He told me He would show me who was in charge, who owned me and to make sure i felt deeply submissive by the time He had finished with me.

On the up side, He did mention that He'd noticed i had included the 'fucking rod' of the stockade (it is an optional extra) and that it was "a very thoughtful idea", as He had now decided that He would utilise this feature. So that meant either being plugged with a dildo or butt plug - He would decide.

He told me to unzip His trousers and orally pleasure Him.

"Depending on how well you pleasure Me" He said, "will determine how lenient I am with your punishment, so you'd better make it good."

i obeyed, and began to lick and suck Him. He held my hair as i did so and told me what a good cock-sucker i was.

After a while, He instructed me to remove my knickers and 'assume the position' in the stockade. By then, i was feeling very hot and sticky in my rubber dress and boots, and one glove (He let me wear just the one). i knelt down into the contraption and He locked each of the wrist, ankle and neck hinges with a metal clip. He mockingly asked if i was all hot and sweaty. He said that i was dripping... from everywhere. He exposed my breasts from the top of my dress (they were pretty slippery too) and then applied nipple clips, but He ran their connecting chain over the front of the stockade's neck post. This meant that if i moved, the chain would pull on my nipples (how EVIL is that?).

He lifted up my skirt to expose my bottom and spanked me with His hand. He told me what a vulnerable position i was in (no kidding). He felt Him apply some clothes pegs (pins) to the insides of my thighs and near my pussy. Then i heard the riding crop swish behind me and felt its harsh sting against my skin. He cropped my bottom in a quick succession of short strokes, flicking the pegs off at the same time, and i tried to work through the pain. i could feel my bottom burning.

Then He set about using the 'fucking rod' and told me He had decided on the big butt plug. It had been a while since my last anal training and He said He would put that right in future. (i do enjoy the feeling of having my asshole filled.) He was kind enough to trickle some lube over my cheeks first and then i felt the plug's thick tip start to push inside me. Slowly it opened me up and i panted heavily as i began to take in its widest part (i think i'll have to post a pic of it, to gauge an idea of its size). Plugged and locked in the stockade, i felt very humiliated and i could tell He was pleased. He made me look into a mirror to take a look at myself. i had heard Him take some photos too. Then He decided i should be hooded, just to make the experience even more intense.

Does my bum look big in this?!

"So which hood shall it be - which one of the three?" He asked.

i didn't realise He was actually asking me and so i said nothing. The inflatable hood still worries me, but i couldn't be sure that He wouldn't use it on me.

"Answer Me. Which hood?" He said again.

i then realised He wanted a reply and told Him i didn't know, that He should decide.

He placed the latex hood on me and then i remember Him toying with the idea of putting the breath control hood over the top. my heart raced at this prospect. i was dripping both from the lube running down my bottom cheeks, as well as from my throbbing pussy. He then did place the other hood over my face, but not completely over my head and i had begun to feel pretty fearful by this time. i was shaking a little too. This was indeed an intense scene and SG was certainly making sure that i knew my place.

He took the second hood away after a few seconds and went back to focus on my bottom. He checked that the butt plug was still inside me and then He began to concentrate on my pussy. i heard a buzzing noise and then felt a vibe against my pussy and clit. Having my asshole filled always heightens whatever happens to my pussy and this was no exception. It felt so sensitive against my clit. i tried to squirm about but the stockade, as well as the nipple clips, reminded me of where i was.

SG held the vibe against me and then thrust it inside me. i knew i was going to cum very quickly. i asked Him for permission to orgasm and then i think He took the vibe out and wouldn't let me. i tried to compose myself and then He slid the vibe inside me again, for me to quickly ask once more. He could see i was pretty shaky by this point and agreed to let me cum. And it was such a relief! It felt pretty delicious with the butt plug still inside me. i felt exhausted.

He let me crawl into His arms once He had released me from my captivity. i felt safe, spacey and extremely submissive. As i clung to Him, and in His embrace, i felt like a little girl needing the protection of an adult. There was no doubt, in my mind, who was in charge.

And there were more intense scenes to come...


Jelly said...

Your bum looks very nice in that picture. =) I'm glad you got what you need!!

sera said...

This was so incredibly hot! OMG! SG seems like a rather brilliant Dom. And you look INCREDIBLE in that picture. He's not a bad photographer, either! ;)

Florida Dom said...

Thanks for telling us about the great scene but are you to tell us about the other intense scenes?

And it's easy to see why he likes your bum. But doesn't it need some red to contrast with the black?

taiah said...

Goodness no, your bum looks wonderful in that picture!

Aurore said...

Your bottom is adorable no matter what!

That is quite an intense scene. SG does seem to be so in tune with what you need.

M and A said...

I think you look fantastic in that picture! I love the way SG gives you EXACTLY what you need sexually and emotionally. You two seem to have such a strong connection!

Anonymous said...

well now, excellent ass. SOunds like you had some fun for sure!

Tristan's pet said...

Your bum looks lovely, as ever.
Tp xx

New to the pleasures of Pup! said...

Wow Pup,what a story and what a photo! You have the perfect figure and look great in your rubberwear,especially with that butt plug fully inserted and obviously working it's magic on you! Wish we could have seen you hooded too,but i can dream! Take care Pup.