Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How SG Found His Kink

A couple of weeks ago, pup posed the following question on her blog: "When and how did you discover your kinky side?" I suspect that's an intriguing and tricky one for many of us, since it's likely to refer to feelings and urges that first surfaced many moons ago. For my part, I can't point to one single watershed moment where my 'nilla innocence was lost. Rather, it's been a gradual process of discovery, accelerated hugely over the past decade or so by that rather handy gadget called the interweb - of which a little more later.

Thinking way, way back, my earliest kinky stirrings probably occurred even before puberty. I remember enjoying my older sister's Nancy Drew mystery books, where the plucky teen sleuth would inevitably be captured by the villain just before the denouement. If was really lucky, there would be a monochrome pen-drawn illustration of our heroine bound and gagged on the floor. I must have been only seven at the time.

A couple of years later, I had an "escapology competition" with my younger female cousin. I bound her wrists and timed her escape - and she did the same to me. I don't recall feeling aroused but I do remember feeling mortified when my mother came in and found me desperately trying to wriggle free. She didn't make a big deal of it. The same cousin I restrained using a lifejacket as a sort of SJ, while we were on a sailing holiday - quite possibly in the same year - putting it on her with her arms trapped inside it. This is probably where my fetish for inflatable bondage started, too. I rarely see her these days, but I'm sure she remembers those experiences - not that they'll ever be discussed!

A BBC TV adaptation of Tom Sharpe's "Blott on the Landscape" in the early 80s alerted me to the fact that other people got a real kick out of tying and being tied. I featured extended scenes of bedroom bondage played out between George Cole (playing a dodgy toff with a taste for submission) and Julia McKenzie (playing his dizzy Mistress). In one particularly memorable scene, his wife finds him tied to the bed in baby clothes with a dummy strapped in his mouth.

I immediately started devouring all the Tom Sharpe books I could lay my mitts on. Most of them were unashamedly sexually explicit and kinky. I didn't care that he was satirising the corrupt ruling classes by disdainfully treating their sexual peccadillos as an Achilles heel. I just wanted to know more about rubber fetish, breath play etc.

The first music video that featured fetish wear which aroused me was one by funk-rocker Rick "Superfreak" James. I can't recall the song and I've yet to find it on YouTube, but it featured a bevy of women playing with each other in black, shiny PVC or latex. I saw it maybe twice, but it left a big impression on me. If anyone knows which one it is, I'd be very grateful if you could let me know. It's probably appalling, but it's formative nevertheless.

But it wasn't until the web came along in the late 90s that a whole cornucopia of kink opened up. This seems crazy now, but I actually used to stay late at work to surf early bondage web sites such as Secret Magazine, where there were actual pictures of sexy women all tied up and looking like they were enjoying it. I found out about delights such as single gloves, ball gags and sleepsacks - and it's been downhill ever since! ;-)



Aurore said...

SG - being new to the world of kink, I am so fascinated about how other people's kink has evolved and is influenced by all types of media. Thank you for sharing this.

Single said...

You're very welcome, Aurore. There's a doctoral thesis in such a subject, I reckon!

Best wishes,