Thursday, June 11, 2009

HNT - Peek-a-boo

Not sure if this counts as a proper HNT... but i was about to become half-nekid!



vanimp said...

I am so damn curious about trying a single glove... love love seeing it even if you are teasing hehe xxx

Southern Sage said...

Well it works for me!

Laurie said...

Hmm.....that is sexy!

Happy HNT!


Aurore said...

Such a tease! ;) HHNT!

1manview said...

The mind can be a dangerous tease... lol..

Anneal said...

there you go again! At least it looks tight as it should be this time!

subtletimes said...'ll have to do! Teaser :)

trinity-pup said...

vanimp - kill that curiosity then!! (or we'll bring it with us, when SG and i visit!) ;-)

Sage - Good! Nice to see you here :-)

Laurie - thank you Ma'am! HHNT!

Aurore - i am??! *does her innocent face*

1manview - indeed it can be! ;-)

Anneal - *grins* SG will be pleased for that!

subtle - *pokes her tongue out* good! ;-)

t. x