Saturday, June 06, 2009

Cum Again?

i thought i'd be kind enough to give you the highlights of another intense scene that SG put me through last weekend....

... and i've just managed to delete the whole post i'd just written and was about to publish!! :-( Grrrr.... well anyway, here are the photos and summary, as i can't write it all again!

Basically, SG made me ride Him last Sunday morning, muzzling me first, and allowed me a yummy orgasm. He then tied me spreadeagled to the bed and tickled me - quite a torment in itself! Then He spanked and cropped my bottom:

He then decided i needed more anal training and used the big butt plug and pink vibe on me similtaneously. It made me feel very horny and filled, and i was able to have an anal orgasm, quickly followed by another in my pussy when He turned the vibe up full speed and let rip.

i felt very satisfied as i lay exhausted in His arms after, still muzzled, but smiling behind it.


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous :)

Aurore said...

I second that comment! Lucky girl ;)

vanillaimpaired said...

Heh see thats why wordpress rawks ... it has autosave ... if it didn't I would have lost tons of posts LOL.

Looks like pup had a great weekend! Hugz xxx

Anneal said...

ah....YES! Love the head the looks of your've got WAY too much freedom of movement...wink. But who am I to say?