Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why i Blog

Why do i blog? It's something i've been thinking about lately and SG suggested that i share my thoughts. There are few reasons why i blog.

i wanted to say, firstly, that i NEVER want my blog to seem like i'm showing off or that i'm bragging about my life with SG and all the experiences W/we share. i really hope that it doesn't come across like that. i want it to be an honest and true account of what goes on. The main reason i write is because it's for me to record my ups and downs of (mostly) my BDSM world. There are a few vanilla posts that crop up (yes, we do all have vanilla lives too), and i think these give it more of a balance at times. But this blog is mainly about my kink. i have written about some down times. i'm not going to pretend that everything in my life is rosy all of the time - that's not real life. You'll find i've written about some low moments, some difficult times - they really do happen.

But i am happy to say that since finding SG (or Him finding me), it has been a hugely positive and fantastic turning point for me - well, for the B/both of U/us. W/we have been able to build up an assortment of kinky toys and apparel in recent times, and it's enabled U/us to experience so much more than i thought possible. It has certainly opened up my limits, especially with my original fear of hoods. So i write because i want to record all those crazy times W/we spend together, along with the photos (which W/we love looking back on). i can see how far i've come, how much i have grown in my submission and where i need to develop further.

Another reason for blogging is that it can be quite therapeutic. It's relaxing to write (mostly). i don't want this blog to feel like hard work. If that ever happens, i'll know to take myself away from it and return when i feel ready. If i feel frustrated, in need of answers, or just inspired to write another ditty, i can share them and my feelings here, among like-minded people - the wonderful blogging community (oh, as well as the world, i guess). And that's quite a scary thought to know how far-reaching my blog is. But i know i've made some really supportive friendships along the way and i hope they continue, as well as the prospect of making more friends in the future. Who knows, in time i might just get to meet some of you - how cool would that be?

i started this blog because i was inspired by others' blogs. i was enlightened by what i read and knew that through my love of writing, i could channel my own thoughts and ideas into something that may just be worth reading. Since i now have an idea of how many people follow me, it's a testiment to that, i hope. Maybe, just maybe, i inspire others to write too - who knows? But anyway, thanks for being there.

But above all, i write for me.


Jelly said...

I love reading your posts. They don't come across as bragging at all. A lot of what you write about are kinky things that are too advance/extreme for me - things I can only fantasise about and likely never do/experience. Reading about them is really enjoyable - like fantasizing with 'inside information'. I subscribe to your blog and I love every post. Thank you so much for sharing all you have!

elle said...

You write for you. As it should be Trinity, as it should be. =)

Hugs, Elle

vanimp said...

I am glad you write, I am grateful you share, and I am especially proud of being able to watch you face challenges and fears and overcome them. You are an awesome girl. Thank you for writing xxx

Aurore said...

I love reading your blog and seeing the evolution of your submission. And, for the record, there is nothing boastful about your posts at all - you portray your life, love and submission to SG in a beautiful and open way. Thank you for sharing.

the kitten pup said...

Tag you're it you can check my blog :)

mina said...

I blog for pretty much the same reasons. Sharing a blog with Sylvanus is like having a journal of our relationship. We can go back in time and read about how we felt about things or remember the past. The blog has become an easy way and place for me to share my honest feelings when sometimes I can't just say them out loud to him.

trinity-pup said...

Jelly - thank you so much for such a great comment! It nearly made me cry. i'm so glad you enjoy what i write.

elle - *nods* i knew you'd understand :-) *hugs*

vanimp - awww bless you! Your comment touched my heart.

Aurore - thanks for your lovely words and for staying with me.

kitten pup - hmmm! ok, i shall comply! ;-)

mina - my thoughts exactly! It's so nice to have it all down to read back on :-)

Thank you all for such lovely comments.

t. x