Monday, May 11, 2009

pup's Spanking Video (Limited Edition)

A unanimous yes! (why am i not surprised?).

This is the promised video (the first ever to appear on t-p) and it's posted here for a limited time only (so watch it, while you can).

pup's hairbrush spanking:


Thanks for all your great comments.


sera said...

Wow! Gorgeous. Your bum doesn't even jiggle (unpleasantly) when you get spanked! Pretty colors too.

Five Stars!

Aurore said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again - your bottom is lovely and even more so when pink!

(my verification word : reard *giggles*)

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm liking the chain running through the butt crack :)

Anonymous said...

good spanking, would love to see that brush run up and down her thighs as well.. nice video thanks for sharing..


Min said...

:-) Nice. You definitely need to make more videos :-).

ps - Like the chain in the butt too :-)

Anneal said...

I'd say you got "off" fairly easy with that one. LOL too easy..

Riff Dog said...

Woof! Very nice video and very beautiful ass.

Florida Dom said...

Very good video except it could have been longer. And what was the comment at the end? You have a luscious ass and it would look ever better if it were redder.

Are there going to be more vidoes. And not surprisinng that a video gets more comments.

And where was the chain in the butt attached?

katie said...

lovely bottom, nice chain, but i think i need to give you a proper spanking lol, no more love taps smiles*

vanimp said...

Oh noes am I too late :( crappage

vanimp said...

Oh yay my compie must hate me. I'm with subtle the chain is hawt! (so is that cute wee pink bum) xxx

trinity-pup said...

sera - *blush* hehehe doesn't jiggle?! It might give SG more ideas now...

Aurore - awww thank you hun. i love the word verification at times!

kitten - isn't it great?! i just love the feeling of chain on my nakedness :-)

Kinky - thanks for commenting - don't you know, it's very ouchie on the thighs! ;-)

Min - oh yeah?! There are a few in O/our collection... will have to see what i can do! :-)

t. x

trinity-pup said...

Anneal - too easy? That wasn't the whole spanking! ;-)

Riff Dog - ooh new face! Thanks for your kind comment.

FD - yes, it could have been longer... and my bottom has been redder than that (but that's another story).

The end comment is "ha, i had it on film - silly old me" (as if He didn't know!) There may be more videos in future.

The chain ran up from my ankle cuffs up my back to my collar and connected to my wrist cuffs.

katie - *grins* oh yeah? ;-)

vanimp - it worked in the end! i am glad you enjoyed it :-) Chain is very hawt!

t. x

rubberlover13 said...

Thanks for sharing your handy work SG......I look forward to seeing more of pups training.

thekittenpup said...

i love the chain! :) And i also agree..your ass is quite ppuuurrrty

beau said...

Very nice t.

I'm sure he didn't stop there though.

I didn't see you wriggle or kick.

I didn't hear you squeal or sigh.

Just a little harder perhaps, or longer, or more unexpectedly ...

So many possibilities. Such fun!

B xxxx

Briebee said...

boohoo i missed it! I am sure it was hot!!!!!

Sorry i havent been around alot... dang vanilla life!


Spanking OTK said...

I come here to late... :((((((((

The next time you can send me a trackback? :)