Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pumped Up

So first W/we have a leather SJ - that's awesome enough in itself. This was followed by a leather sleepsack - even more awesome. Then O/our rubber fun took over and SG bought me my latex catsuit

Now W/we have an inflatable latex sleepsack... yes, such a thing does exist! It had been on SG's wish list for a while. So His pup said yes to experiencing it. He wasn't going to force it on me, as He knew i felt a bit unsure about it. It didn't stop Him buying it in the first place though! A few weeks prior to this, although i never wrote about it, He tried it out as He wanted to feel a new experience. i had helped Him into it and pumped it up for Him, along with Him wearing His inflatable hood. As He owned the hood already, i guess it made sense to Him to buy it. i know at this moment in time that i still have difficulty with that particular hood - i haven't been able to wear it. But the thought of being restricted within latex all over had appealed to me (since loving my catsuit) and over this last weekend, i found out just what it was like.

SG had instructed me to place the latex hood on myself before He helped me into the sleepsack, which took a little time, but once in and zipped up, it felt rather comforting. It was like a bigger version of my catsuit, a bit like lying in a bed of latex. There were 2 removable breast pads for easy access to my nipples and a cutaway hole around the crotch area, to enable external play too. The whole suit inflates by use of a hand/foot pump, which takes a little time to do, but it slowly and gently squeezes your body. He wrapped black tape across my eyes over the hood. i knew this was going to feel intense.

SG started to pump the suit up and told me i could play with my pussy if i wanted (erm...) "before you're unable to move your arms at all" He added. So i took advantage of this and found i was soaking wet from excitement. i could feel my body becoming more restricted by the mixture of air against the latex, and it had become quite difficult to move my limbs. After pumping a sufficient amount of air in (although there could have been more), SG began to tease my vulnerable nipples with my pink vibe. i squealed and tried to squirm about, but it was fairly impossible. Evil, i say!

From the early stages of feeling the air inside the sleepsack, along with the hood and my eyes covered, i had begun to feel rather floaty. It increased more with each pump of air and it just felt so extraordinary. It was like nothing i've experienced before. It is rather hard to describe it in any more detail than that. Just to add another dimension to the scene (because that's how SG works), He said He wondered what it would feel like to wear the breath control hood on top of the latex hood... then let the vibe loose on my clit.

It wasn't long before i found out - and i actually remember asking to try it. The breath control hood is intense in itself, let alone with a hood on already. i know that i had surprised SG when i said i felt able to try it. i know He wants to push me with new experiences too, but at the same time He does not want to go too far.

So He placed the vibe into my hand and told me to position it on my clit in order for me to climax and gave me prior permission to cum. At the time of doing this, He slid the other hood over my head and i could feel its tight grip against my already latex-covered face. For a split second, i felt myself panic as this other hood only has breathing holes along the outer layer of latex. This layer inflates and deflates against the face.

i told myself i could cope, i was going to be fine and tried to concentrate on the vibe against my clit. my breath quickened as i grew more excited with pleasuring my pussy. It occurred to me that SG might keep this other hood on me until i climaxed (it's something that He has suggested before). However, i think it was only a few minutes more before He decided to remove it, which was a relief. i then set to work on causing a very yummy orgasm... or was it two... or three?!

After that, He left me in the sleepsack for a short while, so i could enjoy my continuing floatiness. Once He had removed the latex hood and deflated the suit, He let me out and He curled up beside me to hold me tightly. He told me how He was so incredibly proud of me. Once again, i knew i had achieved something pretty special within myself.

Before He went to make lunch, He adorned me with my cuffs, then restrained me with a loose hog-tie - my arms behind my back, with chains connected from my wrist cuffs down to my ankle cuffs, enabling me to stretch a little. Of course with a naked bottom on show, He couldn't let the moment pass without beating my cheeks with my hairbrush (and all on video too).

Don't you love floaty Sunday mornings?


Aurore said...


(I am speechless) Lucky pup!

mina said...

wow indeed! What a lucky pup. Now I am curious about the video!

M and A said...

I don't even know what to say! Those feelings all sound so intense, they kind of intimidate me :) I'm so curious to see how you reacted! I hope you'll post at least a piece of the video :)



Now that looks like something I would like. It looks like you guys are having fun with. Very awesome! Keep up the great writing.

Spanked Girls said...

Hi, you have a very nice blog here. If you like we could exchange links betwen our blogs.

If you like this idea, please, let me know!

Best Regards

vanimp said...

Wows I wanna try it now! You make it sound like so much funa nd the idea of being completely bound has always fascinated me. Time to explore rubber and latex some more me thinks hehe xxxx

Min said...

It definitely sounds like an interestingly different experience.

trinity-pup said...

Aurore - *grins* it was pretty awesome.

mina - hehehe... ahh, the video! maybe i'll post for a limited time ;-)

A - yes, pretty intense especially with the hood on too. i was pretty spaced out after and in need of SG's arms.

Techbondage - haha! go for it! And thank you! i shall do my best!

Spanked Girls - thank you - maybe we can!

vanimp - oooh, got you curious now have i??! ;-) i think you have to try it. Get into latex!

Min - it most certainly was, nothing like i've tried before and i know i want to try again :-)