Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Heavenly Torment

i lay spreadeagled, naked and tied to the bed. SG knelt over me and caressed my face. His fingers traced down my body to stroke my breasts, as He stared lovingly into my eyes.

"I'm going to blindfold you now, My pet." He said, "you trust Me, don't you?"

i nodded, "Yes Sir."

"Whom do you belong to?" He asked.

"You Sir - i am all Yours." i replied.

"Good pup. That's right - I own you." He smiled.

He teased my nipples for a while longer. my breath quickened with the excitement growing within my pussy. i wanted Him inside me so much. i ached for His hard cock.

He tied a scarf tightly over my eyes and i felt His kiss on my lips. i heard Him move off the bed and then there was silence. i waited to feel His fingers again, waited to feel His hard cock slide inside me.

From across the room i heard the door open, and then nothing but more silence.

i lay still and tried to listen for any movement or sound. Had He left the room? Where had He gone?

Warm soft lips pressed once more against my own. i happily reciprocated, glad that SG had returned and would carry on where He had left off. A tongue ran first along my bottom lip, then along my top, and began to gently separate them to venture inside my mouth. my tongue reacted by twisting and curling around it.

Gradually i became aware that this french kissing felt different to other times. SG's method was much more direct and forceful.

i had begun to realise that this might not be my Owner kissing me. my heart raced at this thought, but i didn't try to pull back. i became ever more excited but at the same time, scared at who it was.

The kissing continued and the roving tongue had been replaced by more soft kisses on my lips, face and neck.

Whoever it was now knelt above me on the bed, warm skin made contact with my hips and thighs. Then a brush of hair swept across me and tickled my breasts. i let out a nervous giggle.

"Quiet pet" SG spoke, from across the room.

i quietened myself and began to relax a little more. Soft warm hands began to stroke my face, down my neck and to my breasts. Fingers teased at my nipples, circled my breasts. i panted with exhilaration and murmured with pleasure. The caressing continued for a while and my body writhed on the bed, but only as much as my bonds would allow.

Wet lips clamped onto my erect nipples and sucked hard. At the same time, hands gripped my breasts tightly, pushing them together. my soaking pussy ached to be touched and filled. This was indeed heavenly torment.

Then SG whispered in my ear:

"Happy Birthday, trinity-pup. i do hope you enjoy your present."

i'll let you decide whether this is fact or fiction...


Aurore said...

I hope it's fact but if it's not - it's damn good fiction ;)

mina said...

Hmmm I don't know... your SG seems to be quite possessive over you ;) I can see him sharing you with a woman perhaps, but that is a dead give away. Women are sooo much softer. *wink*

Jelly said...

I'm really hopping its fact!!! MMmmmmm...

vanimp said...

Oooo you norty tease! C'mon spill LOL ... am hoping it's not fiction ;) x

Anonymous said...

I just hope there are pictures!

trinity-pup said...

Aurore - *grins* thanks!

mina - hehehe... not sure? Yes He is... but then again! Maybe He would share me... and yes, they are! ;-)

Jelly - i am sure you are!

vanimp - teasing ya again huh?

Anonymous - i bet you do!

t. x

moonheart said...

Fact or fiction, it's hot, hot, hot!!! Hoping for you it's fact. :-D