Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Need Within me

This weekend, i am hoping to spend some quality time with SG.

So it may involve some of this:

Even more of this:

And most certainly, quite a lot of this:

Photos c/o Perry Gallagher

i know i need more discipline, restraint and pain - to be used, pushed and tested.

Lately, i've been feeling rebellious and He knows it. i iz naughty pup at times and it needs to be curtailed. The need within me to submit has waned a little and i ask Him to bring my submission back into focus.

i want to please Him and make Him proud of His submissive, His pup.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

HNT - Neon Nights

i've been getting arty with Photoshop again... here's my 'neon glow':

Happy HNT!

PS. SG took another 3 measurements of me (so that's 18!). Gulp...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Heavenly Torment

i lay spreadeagled, naked and tied to the bed. SG knelt over me and caressed my face. His fingers traced down my body to stroke my breasts, as He stared lovingly into my eyes.

"I'm going to blindfold you now, My pet." He said, "you trust Me, don't you?"

i nodded, "Yes Sir."

"Whom do you belong to?" He asked.

"You Sir - i am all Yours." i replied.

"Good pup. That's right - I own you." He smiled.

He teased my nipples for a while longer. my breath quickened with the excitement growing within my pussy. i wanted Him inside me so much. i ached for His hard cock.

He tied a scarf tightly over my eyes and i felt His kiss on my lips. i heard Him move off the bed and then there was silence. i waited to feel His fingers again, waited to feel His hard cock slide inside me.

From across the room i heard the door open, and then nothing but more silence.

i lay still and tried to listen for any movement or sound. Had He left the room? Where had He gone?

Warm soft lips pressed once more against my own. i happily reciprocated, glad that SG had returned and would carry on where He had left off. A tongue ran first along my bottom lip, then along my top, and began to gently separate them to venture inside my mouth. my tongue reacted by twisting and curling around it.

Gradually i became aware that this french kissing felt different to other times. SG's method was much more direct and forceful.

i had begun to realise that this might not be my Owner kissing me. my heart raced at this thought, but i didn't try to pull back. i became ever more excited but at the same time, scared at who it was.

The kissing continued and the roving tongue had been replaced by more soft kisses on my lips, face and neck.

Whoever it was now knelt above me on the bed, warm skin made contact with my hips and thighs. Then a brush of hair swept across me and tickled my breasts. i let out a nervous giggle.

"Quiet pet" SG spoke, from across the room.

i quietened myself and began to relax a little more. Soft warm hands began to stroke my face, down my neck and to my breasts. Fingers teased at my nipples, circled my breasts. i panted with exhilaration and murmured with pleasure. The caressing continued for a while and my body writhed on the bed, but only as much as my bonds would allow.

Wet lips clamped onto my erect nipples and sucked hard. At the same time, hands gripped my breasts tightly, pushing them together. my soaking pussy ached to be touched and filled. This was indeed heavenly torment.

Then SG whispered in my ear:

"Happy Birthday, trinity-pup. i do hope you enjoy your present."

i'll let you decide whether this is fact or fiction...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tagged pup - Knowing me, Knowing You

my dear friends, Vanimp (again?!) and kittenpup (nice to meet you!) have tagged me - thank you girlies! It's all about knowing more - and here's how it works:

  1. Link to your original tagger and list these rules in your post.
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself in the post
  3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post, leave their names and links to their blogs
  4. Let them know they've been tagged
So.... 7 facts coming up:
  1. i have a fascination with spiders (well maybe not tarantulas) - no idea where it came from, but i'd never kill one.

  2. i was a natural blonde until the age of two. Now i'm a 'natural' blonde, but only after visiting my hairdresser.

  3. i collect giraffes (not real ones, obviously), but in any other shape or form - be it slippers, t-shirts or ornaments. i have around 40 so far.

  4. i got my piercing and tattoo within 6 months of each other - both hurt like f**k, though i'm not sure which hurt more.

  5. i visited New Zealand a few years ago and travelled back (to the UK) on my own. It's been one of the most challenging, and in some ways, life-changing experiences for me.
    Vanimp - i LOVE your country and want to return one day soon!

  6. i discovered my love of being bound when i was about 11 years old. i imagined being tied to my garden swing or a tree by my next door neighbour.

  7. i also discovered how to masturbate around the same age - i'm still trying to perfect it now ;-)
Right, who to tag... (and only if you want to do it):
  1. Tristan's Pet
  2. sera
  3. jelly
  4. Qetesh / Min
  5. Aurore
  6. Techbondage
  7. Sir Anneal

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Burning Rubber

i like to keep my word, and quite a few posts back i promised some more images from the 'rubber doll' photo session. So i've rustled up another two for you.

Bringing me to heel:

Ball gagged and monogloved again (i guess it keeps me from mischief):

Before His visit at the weekend, SG told me He would be 'measuring me up'.

He wasn't kidding. He took 15 (yes, 15!) measurements of my body, so now i'm a very curious pup! Apparently it's for a 'bespoke item of clothing' ... and that's all He'll say for now.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why i Blog

Why do i blog? It's something i've been thinking about lately and SG suggested that i share my thoughts. There are few reasons why i blog.

i wanted to say, firstly, that i NEVER want my blog to seem like i'm showing off or that i'm bragging about my life with SG and all the experiences W/we share. i really hope that it doesn't come across like that. i want it to be an honest and true account of what goes on. The main reason i write is because it's for me to record my ups and downs of (mostly) my BDSM world. There are a few vanilla posts that crop up (yes, we do all have vanilla lives too), and i think these give it more of a balance at times. But this blog is mainly about my kink. i have written about some down times. i'm not going to pretend that everything in my life is rosy all of the time - that's not real life. You'll find i've written about some low moments, some difficult times - they really do happen.

But i am happy to say that since finding SG (or Him finding me), it has been a hugely positive and fantastic turning point for me - well, for the B/both of U/us. W/we have been able to build up an assortment of kinky toys and apparel in recent times, and it's enabled U/us to experience so much more than i thought possible. It has certainly opened up my limits, especially with my original fear of hoods. So i write because i want to record all those crazy times W/we spend together, along with the photos (which W/we love looking back on). i can see how far i've come, how much i have grown in my submission and where i need to develop further.

Another reason for blogging is that it can be quite therapeutic. It's relaxing to write (mostly). i don't want this blog to feel like hard work. If that ever happens, i'll know to take myself away from it and return when i feel ready. If i feel frustrated, in need of answers, or just inspired to write another ditty, i can share them and my feelings here, among like-minded people - the wonderful blogging community (oh, as well as the world, i guess). And that's quite a scary thought to know how far-reaching my blog is. But i know i've made some really supportive friendships along the way and i hope they continue, as well as the prospect of making more friends in the future. Who knows, in time i might just get to meet some of you - how cool would that be?

i started this blog because i was inspired by others' blogs. i was enlightened by what i read and knew that through my love of writing, i could channel my own thoughts and ideas into something that may just be worth reading. Since i now have an idea of how many people follow me, it's a testiment to that, i hope. Maybe, just maybe, i inspire others to write too - who knows? But anyway, thanks for being there.

But above all, i write for me.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

HNT - No Escape

Putting me in my place:

on my knees
dressed in rubber and PVC boots

waiting to be used:

Happy HNT!

Monday, May 11, 2009

pup's Spanking Video (Limited Edition)

A unanimous yes! (why am i not surprised?).

This is the promised video (the first ever to appear on t-p) and it's posted here for a limited time only (so watch it, while you can).

pup's hairbrush spanking:


Thanks for all your great comments.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Vote Of Spanks

Since a few of you are curious to watch my hairbrush spanking video from last weekend (you kinky people!), i thought i'd put it to the vote! (please check out the right hand column)

If i get a majority of 'yes's' in the next 7 hours (10.30pm GMT) , then i'll post the video - but be warned, it will only be up for a limited time.

So vote with your kinky hands!

PS... if you do vote 'yes', i expect you to leave a comment after viewing! (oooh, did i sound all Dommely just then?)

Friday, May 08, 2009

Let The Right One In

Let the right one in
and let them fill your heart.

Let the right one in
and let them feel your soul.

Let the right one in
and let them pull you close.

Let the right one in
and let them take control.

Let the right one in
and let their love flow through you.

Let the wrong one in
and never know your true self.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pumped Up

So first W/we have a leather SJ - that's awesome enough in itself. This was followed by a leather sleepsack - even more awesome. Then O/our rubber fun took over and SG bought me my latex catsuit

Now W/we have an inflatable latex sleepsack... yes, such a thing does exist! It had been on SG's wish list for a while. So His pup said yes to experiencing it. He wasn't going to force it on me, as He knew i felt a bit unsure about it. It didn't stop Him buying it in the first place though! A few weeks prior to this, although i never wrote about it, He tried it out as He wanted to feel a new experience. i had helped Him into it and pumped it up for Him, along with Him wearing His inflatable hood. As He owned the hood already, i guess it made sense to Him to buy it. i know at this moment in time that i still have difficulty with that particular hood - i haven't been able to wear it. But the thought of being restricted within latex all over had appealed to me (since loving my catsuit) and over this last weekend, i found out just what it was like.

SG had instructed me to place the latex hood on myself before He helped me into the sleepsack, which took a little time, but once in and zipped up, it felt rather comforting. It was like a bigger version of my catsuit, a bit like lying in a bed of latex. There were 2 removable breast pads for easy access to my nipples and a cutaway hole around the crotch area, to enable external play too. The whole suit inflates by use of a hand/foot pump, which takes a little time to do, but it slowly and gently squeezes your body. He wrapped black tape across my eyes over the hood. i knew this was going to feel intense.

SG started to pump the suit up and told me i could play with my pussy if i wanted (erm...) "before you're unable to move your arms at all" He added. So i took advantage of this and found i was soaking wet from excitement. i could feel my body becoming more restricted by the mixture of air against the latex, and it had become quite difficult to move my limbs. After pumping a sufficient amount of air in (although there could have been more), SG began to tease my vulnerable nipples with my pink vibe. i squealed and tried to squirm about, but it was fairly impossible. Evil, i say!

From the early stages of feeling the air inside the sleepsack, along with the hood and my eyes covered, i had begun to feel rather floaty. It increased more with each pump of air and it just felt so extraordinary. It was like nothing i've experienced before. It is rather hard to describe it in any more detail than that. Just to add another dimension to the scene (because that's how SG works), He said He wondered what it would feel like to wear the breath control hood on top of the latex hood... then let the vibe loose on my clit.

It wasn't long before i found out - and i actually remember asking to try it. The breath control hood is intense in itself, let alone with a hood on already. i know that i had surprised SG when i said i felt able to try it. i know He wants to push me with new experiences too, but at the same time He does not want to go too far.

So He placed the vibe into my hand and told me to position it on my clit in order for me to climax and gave me prior permission to cum. At the time of doing this, He slid the other hood over my head and i could feel its tight grip against my already latex-covered face. For a split second, i felt myself panic as this other hood only has breathing holes along the outer layer of latex. This layer inflates and deflates against the face.

i told myself i could cope, i was going to be fine and tried to concentrate on the vibe against my clit. my breath quickened as i grew more excited with pleasuring my pussy. It occurred to me that SG might keep this other hood on me until i climaxed (it's something that He has suggested before). However, i think it was only a few minutes more before He decided to remove it, which was a relief. i then set to work on causing a very yummy orgasm... or was it two... or three?!

After that, He left me in the sleepsack for a short while, so i could enjoy my continuing floatiness. Once He had removed the latex hood and deflated the suit, He let me out and He curled up beside me to hold me tightly. He told me how He was so incredibly proud of me. Once again, i knew i had achieved something pretty special within myself.

Before He went to make lunch, He adorned me with my cuffs, then restrained me with a loose hog-tie - my arms behind my back, with chains connected from my wrist cuffs down to my ankle cuffs, enabling me to stretch a little. Of course with a naked bottom on show, He couldn't let the moment pass without beating my cheeks with my hairbrush (and all on video too).

Don't you love floaty Sunday mornings?

Saturday, May 02, 2009

i iz sexy pup?!

Wow.... sexy blogger... me?! Hmm, oh alright then!

It seems i've been given this award 3 times - by kitten, Tristan's pet and libby. So thank you my dear friends - it's very kind of you to think of me!

So it works like this: you have to list 5 sexy things about yourself and tag 4 others.

*Puts thinking hood on*

Right... let me see (only 5 right?!):
  1. i have a cute bottom, if i do say so myself! So cute, in fact, that SG can't keep His hands off to either caress or crop it! (i think it's currently 50/50).

  2. my green eyes - probably because they're not blue or brown - even though i wanted blue eyes, when i was younger!

  3. my extremely sexy thigh-length PVC boots - SG bought them for me last year. i still can't believe He did because it was such a lovely surprise (and for them to fit too!). They make me feel very horny and wanton, and i loved to be fucked in them.

  4. i adore sex with my Owner and i believe He loves it as much as i do. That makes me feel very sexy (does that count?). Knowing He can make me cum in so many ways is very exciting, and i am always greedy for more.

  5. Oooh, i only have one more... so it will have to be my whole slinky body when i wear my latex catsuit. i love the shape it gives me and as it holds me so close, it arouses me very quickly.
Yay! i made it and so now to award 4 others - they are great friends who deserve this probably more than i do. They are:

sera - one very sexy woman, with an amazing talent for thought-provoking writing. i really enjoy her blog and she really deserves this award.

Aurore - a smart and funny lady (as in, she makes me smile!) - i relate so much with her, especially with our choice in sexy hold-ups! ;-)

Wendy - such a sexy woman, under the Domly care of Jim. They make a great couple and i love reading about their latest experiences. They have certainly inspired me to try new things!

this girl - just because! she has really opened my eyes with her love of extreme bondage, along with her evil Dom who loves and protects her - she definitely deserves this award.

Along with the award, this is my 300th post - so i want to thank everyone who reads, follows and lurks for their support in my blog.