Friday, April 24, 2009


i've kept you waiting long enough, without giving you any clues, in revealing the newest addition to O/our toybox, which has grown substantially over the last year.

Yes, i iz nawty pup for keeping it from you (do i deserve a punishment for that?). To make up for it, there are some yummy pics.

This was the first part i unwrapped that only added to my excitement (and fear):

Hmm... a 'fucking rod'. Oooer! To be used in conjunction with.... a very evil-looking metal contraption named a stockade (or medieval stocks). Already SG has become rather excited with the idea of placing it inside my cage... adorned with me, of course! i'm sure that would be quite a full-on experience. But that's for another time!

So now SG has something that will keep me in my place, quite literally. It didn't take Him long to put the evilness together either, before He 'invited' me to try it out for size. For extra visualisation, i was already wearing my new red PVC one-piece outfit.

Here is that visual:

Sure enough, it fits! So when i'd asked SG for some pain, it was with a smug grin that He said: "you're going to receive your pain whilst you're hooded, gagged and locked in the stockade". Eeek! my face must have been a picture (although i don't have one to post).

He left me with that thought for the whole day and W/we went out as planned. i had a really great time and, as you can imagine, i was getting more excited and nervous by the minute, until SG decided it was time.

He made me strip down to my pants, then placed my new leather hood on me. He laced it up tightly which ensured the attached ball gag fitted more closely in my mouth. The ball has air holes that allow me to breathe quite easily. He positioned me into the stockade - basically on all fours with my head kept down low - and then i heard Him locking the wrist, ankle and collar hinges. It gave me very little movement which was a very daunting and scary concept. i'm used to wriggling about a bit whenever SG places me in bondage, and i know how much He loves to watch me struggle, but this was something else!

i awaited my fate:

i then received my 30-something strokes from the riding crop and He made me count each one out loud too. It was certainly very humiliating, but also very exciting. SG ensured His pup had a very pinked and striped birthday bottom. The consequences of that was a dripping pussy to which He treated me to multiple orgasms with the use of my pink vibrator, still trapped in the evilness. i am sure i came in no time at all, i was that aroused!

The (bottom) end result:

The whole experience was just awesome. By the end of it, and after letting me 'free', i was a very floaty and contented pup, who happily nestled in Her Owner's arms (you'll just have to visualise that for yourselves).

i hope that this post was worth the wait! Thanks again for all the lovely birthday wishes.


M and A said...

I like the way that little contraption looks! It seems exciting to not be able to struggle away :) Thanks for sharing!


Aurore said...

That contraption looks deliciously torturous. Love the stripy bottom ;)

Min said...

Oooh... now that looks like fun... ;-)

vanimp said...

Oh yum what an awesome new present! Tis makin me grin lol, and look at those lovely stripes huh! By the looks you both had lotsa fun! xxx

Anonymous said...

Very nice! But a question...can you still lift the front up while putting your weight on your knees? (I'm guessing the contraption is not too heavy that you can't lift it...)

Oh and happy belated birthday! (sorry I'm soooo slack.)

trinity-pup said...

A - thanks for the comment - always fab to see a new face :-) It's an evil-looking thing!

Aurore - *nods* indeed it is! Thank you!

Min - hey, you're back??! Yes, lots of fun :-)

vanimp - it certainly made me smile when i unwrapped it! i loved the stripes and W/we had a great time - a birthday to remember!

k - oooh wow... so good to see you here! It is pretty hefty metal, but it is possible to lift it up, though i'd be in a lot of trouble! Thanks for the wishes. *hugs*

t. x

elle said...

Now that looks like fun!

Hugs, Elle

Spanked Girls said...

Hi, i like your blog. I have a spanking blog to. If you like we can exchange links betwen our blogs.

Let me know what you think.


katie said...

Very nice looking contraption and nice pink lines xxxx


Time for me to go shopping >:)

trinity-pup said...

elle - hmmm i think it could be! ;-)

Spanked Girls - thanks for dropping by - i'll come and check your blog soon

katie - it's EVIL! :-) i love the stripes a lot more!

techbondage - i think it is! :-)