Thursday, April 30, 2009

HNT - Red-Handed

It seems the theme for O/our time away was red.

So my HNT this week is my birthday suit... well not quite, it's my new PVC outfit (in red).

The next day my bottom almost matched. i asked SG for some pain and He obliged, but that's another post.



Aurore said...

Very sexy!

Anneal said...

nice nip nestle! you look good

mina said...

you look fantastic!

Anonymous said...


katie said...

woof woof, you look great

Florida Dom said...

White skin, red suit and black collar. Hard to beat that, well it's probably good to beat that.

Anonymous said...

Very sexy lady in red!

Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

You've been awarded a sexy blogger award! See my blog for details :)

Min said...

Mmmm... very nice. Especially the hint of nipple I noticed when I looked at the big version :-).

Happy HNT

trinity-pup said...

Aurore - thank you!! :-)

Anneal - *blush* i just had to tease! ;-)

mina - aww thanks hun!

Rebecca - *grins*

katie - (long time!) thank you my dear!

FD - you're back! Great combo isn't it? Hehehe... SG certainly enjoyed beating that ;-)

Laurie - nice to see a new face. Thank you for your comment!

k - oh wow! Thank you for that!

Min - i'm so glad you liked it!

What great comments! Thank you.

t. x

vanimp said...

Omgoodness you look damn awesome and my oh my red suits you well hehe xxx Stunning hunni ... now can I have the other post??? ;)

trinity-pup said...

vanimp - hehehe thanks hun :-) all in good time... iz got a sexy post to do in the meantime! ;-)

t. x