Monday, April 06, 2009

Hanging On His Only Word

It seems you all rather liked my latest HNT pic! As i said, there are a few more of the photo shoot to come... and all in good time.

Without going into too much detail, the previous weekend became another rubber adventure with SG. For the 3 nights W/we were together, He made me sleep in my long heavy chains attached to my cuffs - 'convict-style'. Each morning, after i had woken Him by attending to His cock, He would detach certain chains to roll me over and hog-tie me, then tease and force me to come.

He also made me wear His rubber hood and, as promised, placed the new leather hood (still unseen) over the top. This time without the ball gag attached and He brought me to climax. It felt incredible and very intense. He gave me some cage time too. i knelt inside it, already held captive by the monoglove. i was kept in place as the monoglove's end was attached with rope to the cage's top bar, which lifted my arms up slightly behind me. Then He gave me a harsh cropping to my bottom and i remember trying hard not to fight the pain, but to go with it.

He dressed me in my catsuit, boots, corset and SJ, as well as His rubber hood and ball gag harness over the top. i felt very encased and subservient. He restrained me, spreadeagled and bent over the outside of the cage, to beat me with His new leather belt (a Christmas present from me) and the riding crop. He wanted to teach me another lesson in obedience - not to be lazy with following His rules. The belt hurt a lot, i have to say. It felt very severe and my bottom stung for a time after. So there was a fair amount of pain and pleasure dished out, as He saw fit...

... as well as the fear He placed inside me.

He made me kneel on a chair in the hallway. He placed a length of rope under my arms (i was in the SJ, hood and ball gag) which was then pulled up behind me and tied to a bar fixed across a door frame above me. He's used the bar in the past for strappado bondage. The rope held me tightly in place, even though i felt myself teetering on the chair. i couldn't really look up to see what He had done (can't recall if i was blindfolded or not at this point). He told me how vulnerable i looked at that moment and all the things He could do to me. He said i should feel submissive enough now and realise who was in charge. He told me that the next word He would say "will get your adrenaline pumping".

There was a short silence before i heard Him whisper it, just the once, in my ear.


i could hear the smile in His voice, as He said it.

i couldn't catch my breath.


elle said...

Holy crap Trinity, that would have put the fear of God into me.

I watched a German (I think) bdsm porn scene the other day where the woman had a loosely knotted noose around her neck. It was scary looking but very hot.

Can't wait to hear more. =)

Hugs, Elle

katie said...

Very nice description babes. You really describe the scene well.

However, the noose thing would not bother me as much as some of the other things you describe as i would have perfect faith in that he wasnt going to harm me. Kinda negates the fear lol.

But being left in an uncomfy position, that scares the crap out of me. arnt we weird lol