Monday, April 13, 2009

Birthday pup

It's just a few minutes into my birthday (woo hoo!) and i have these wonderful pressies to open later, after i've snuggled up to SG for the night (which i'm about to do).

i am sure He'll make me sleep in my chains and cuffs, there'll be no exception to that particular rule, i'm sure. But i'll be happy to wake up with Him, to caress and arouse Him from His slumber. Then it'll be pressie time! i do know that four of them (can you 'spot' them?) are from SG and i've been told they're kinky! Ooh, i'm an excited pup!


Aurore said...

Happy Birthday!

Can't wait to see what SG got you.

mina said...

oh you lucky girl! Look at all those pressies.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you get some awesome pressies.

P said...

happy birthday pup :)
hope you're enjoying your day.

Anneal said...

Hope you enjoyed your most recent trip around the sun! Geez, it looks more like Christmas than a birthday!
Enjoy the new toys!

Abe's Heart said...

Happy Birthday, pup!

All the very best to you..

..(spank*~for ya B-day!)..

`x~Abe's Heart.

beau said...

***Happy Birthday***

Can I give the birthday spanks?


B xxxx

sera said...

HAPPY! Birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day and got fabulous birthday treats for being such a good pup. ;)

trinity-pup said...

Wow.... thank you so much everyone! my birthday treats will be revealed soon!


t. x