Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All Present And Corrected

i lay in my bed at the end of my birthday last night, a very happy, exhausted and sub-spaced pet, coming down from receiving 30-something strokes to my bottom!

A culmination of a brilliant day spent with my Owner opening pressies, being taken out to lunch and visiting one of my favourite art galleries. i enjoyed every minute of it, until later that night when SG told me it was time for my birthday spanking. And yes, i only have myself to blame, as in the morning He had asked me if there was anything i needed on my birthday - then He would see to it. Sooo... somehow i managed to ask for my age in numbers to be delivered in strokes to my bottom. i'm still amazed at myself for asking, but then again maybe i would have been given them anyway. i'll never know now! But it wasn't going to be just an 'over the knee spanking'.

Anyway back to the beginning of the day, and my kinky pressies from SG were truly a mixture of pleasure, excitement and fear. One of them, as i've mentioned before, was my new leather hood, which i saw for the first time, although i've worn it a few times before (blindfold first). It looks slightly scary but i do love it. Then there was the remote control bullet! It works up to 2.5m away and i tested it out and walked around my whole flat, whilst SG kept hold of the control box from the bedroom. Interesting (but it's a very loud buzz!). i also now have a new PVC outfit - it's a bright red, sleeveless one-piece with shorts and a 2-way crotch zip for easy access ;-) i love it and tried it on straightaway. It makes me feel very slutty.

So the major kink pressie was to be something that is so incredibly exciting and scary at the same time... and formed a major part in my spanking that night. SG had talked about buying it before and i didn't know if He was serious back then. i guess i'm toying with the idea of letting you wonder for now and reveal (with pics!) in my next post, but then again, i so want to share it. Hmmm, am i doing that teasing thing again? Oooh decisions, decisions...


kittenpup said...

happy birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

Isn't it great to be another year younger? I feel it each year, and everyday, with Wendy.

Since your teasing us with what the major kink present is, at least you can give us a clue or two.


vanimp said...

Oh yes you are a beeg tease but I still luffs ya lol. Now tell meeee :P Hope you had a wonderful birthday hunni xxx