Thursday, April 30, 2009

HNT - Red-Handed

It seems the theme for O/our time away was red.

So my HNT this week is my birthday suit... well not quite, it's my new PVC outfit (in red).

The next day my bottom almost matched. i asked SG for some pain and He obliged, but that's another post.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009


tie your slut's bonds, help her to free herself.

cover her eyes, shield her from what she needs.

mark her skin and make it Your colour - red.

keep her hooded, push her submission to a higher level.

fasten her ball gag a little tighter, keep her hushed.

draw her near, tell her she belongs to You, she is loved.

So very loved.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hotel Bondage

SG and i are taking O/ourselves away for a few days. W/we shall return refreshed... Well, i'll probably return with a sore (and maybe marked) bottom.

For now, i'll leave you with another photo from my mac and boots playtime:

Friday, April 24, 2009


i've kept you waiting long enough, without giving you any clues, in revealing the newest addition to O/our toybox, which has grown substantially over the last year.

Yes, i iz nawty pup for keeping it from you (do i deserve a punishment for that?). To make up for it, there are some yummy pics.

This was the first part i unwrapped that only added to my excitement (and fear):

Hmm... a 'fucking rod'. Oooer! To be used in conjunction with.... a very evil-looking metal contraption named a stockade (or medieval stocks). Already SG has become rather excited with the idea of placing it inside my cage... adorned with me, of course! i'm sure that would be quite a full-on experience. But that's for another time!

So now SG has something that will keep me in my place, quite literally. It didn't take Him long to put the evilness together either, before He 'invited' me to try it out for size. For extra visualisation, i was already wearing my new red PVC one-piece outfit.

Here is that visual:

Sure enough, it fits! So when i'd asked SG for some pain, it was with a smug grin that He said: "you're going to receive your pain whilst you're hooded, gagged and locked in the stockade". Eeek! my face must have been a picture (although i don't have one to post).

He left me with that thought for the whole day and W/we went out as planned. i had a really great time and, as you can imagine, i was getting more excited and nervous by the minute, until SG decided it was time.

He made me strip down to my pants, then placed my new leather hood on me. He laced it up tightly which ensured the attached ball gag fitted more closely in my mouth. The ball has air holes that allow me to breathe quite easily. He positioned me into the stockade - basically on all fours with my head kept down low - and then i heard Him locking the wrist, ankle and collar hinges. It gave me very little movement which was a very daunting and scary concept. i'm used to wriggling about a bit whenever SG places me in bondage, and i know how much He loves to watch me struggle, but this was something else!

i awaited my fate:

i then received my 30-something strokes from the riding crop and He made me count each one out loud too. It was certainly very humiliating, but also very exciting. SG ensured His pup had a very pinked and striped birthday bottom. The consequences of that was a dripping pussy to which He treated me to multiple orgasms with the use of my pink vibrator, still trapped in the evilness. i am sure i came in no time at all, i was that aroused!

The (bottom) end result:

The whole experience was just awesome. By the end of it, and after letting me 'free', i was a very floaty and contented pup, who happily nestled in Her Owner's arms (you'll just have to visualise that for yourselves).

i hope that this post was worth the wait! Thanks again for all the lovely birthday wishes.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Hint Of Shibari?

SG recommended that i watch this video - 'Velvet' by The Big Pink (and just released) - as it seems to have some shibari undertones. i quite agree and it's a cool song too.

What say you?

Monday, April 20, 2009

i am what i am

i am a greedy little cum slut
i am a greedy little cum slut
i am a greedy little cum slut
i am a greedy little cum slut
i am a greedy little cum slut
i am a greedy little cum slut
i am a greedy little cum slut
i am a greedy little cum slut
i am a greedy little cum slut
i am a greedy little cum slut

... and that's just how SG likes it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

my Collar

Missing Q&A

Looking back to March's Q&A posts, i realised i had written but somehow not published, a reply to a question that Jelly asked me. It's a great question about vanilla sex.

So i've now published it and you can read it here - and it's backdated to when it should have appeared originally! Apologies Jelly!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

HNT - For Mina

On my previous rubber doll post, Mina from At Longing's End commented: "Oh you look so sexy. I am seeing a little glimpse of your panties there.. will we get to see the front? They look pretty from the back." (thank you hun!)

So, this HNT is just for you, Mina (and maybe a few others too!). i know you've had masses to deal with recently, so i really hope this brings a smile. Enjoy!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All Present And Corrected

i lay in my bed at the end of my birthday last night, a very happy, exhausted and sub-spaced pet, coming down from receiving 30-something strokes to my bottom!

A culmination of a brilliant day spent with my Owner opening pressies, being taken out to lunch and visiting one of my favourite art galleries. i enjoyed every minute of it, until later that night when SG told me it was time for my birthday spanking. And yes, i only have myself to blame, as in the morning He had asked me if there was anything i needed on my birthday - then He would see to it. Sooo... somehow i managed to ask for my age in numbers to be delivered in strokes to my bottom. i'm still amazed at myself for asking, but then again maybe i would have been given them anyway. i'll never know now! But it wasn't going to be just an 'over the knee spanking'.

Anyway back to the beginning of the day, and my kinky pressies from SG were truly a mixture of pleasure, excitement and fear. One of them, as i've mentioned before, was my new leather hood, which i saw for the first time, although i've worn it a few times before (blindfold first). It looks slightly scary but i do love it. Then there was the remote control bullet! It works up to 2.5m away and i tested it out and walked around my whole flat, whilst SG kept hold of the control box from the bedroom. Interesting (but it's a very loud buzz!). i also now have a new PVC outfit - it's a bright red, sleeveless one-piece with shorts and a 2-way crotch zip for easy access ;-) i love it and tried it on straightaway. It makes me feel very slutty.

So the major kink pressie was to be something that is so incredibly exciting and scary at the same time... and formed a major part in my spanking that night. SG had talked about buying it before and i didn't know if He was serious back then. i guess i'm toying with the idea of letting you wonder for now and reveal (with pics!) in my next post, but then again, i so want to share it. Hmmm, am i doing that teasing thing again? Oooh decisions, decisions...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Birthday pup

It's just a few minutes into my birthday (woo hoo!) and i have these wonderful pressies to open later, after i've snuggled up to SG for the night (which i'm about to do).

i am sure He'll make me sleep in my chains and cuffs, there'll be no exception to that particular rule, i'm sure. But i'll be happy to wake up with Him, to caress and arouse Him from His slumber. Then it'll be pressie time! i do know that four of them (can you 'spot' them?) are from SG and i've been told they're kinky! Ooh, i'm an excited pup!

Friday, April 10, 2009

More Of His Rubber Doll

Didn't get to post a HNT this week (not sure why), so hopefully this should make up for it. As promised, a couple more images from the 'rubber doll' photo shoot (with more on the way):

i just lurrrrve these boots...

Wishing Y/you A/all a very happy and healthy Easter.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Hanging On His Only Word

It seems you all rather liked my latest HNT pic! As i said, there are a few more of the photo shoot to come... and all in good time.

Without going into too much detail, the previous weekend became another rubber adventure with SG. For the 3 nights W/we were together, He made me sleep in my long heavy chains attached to my cuffs - 'convict-style'. Each morning, after i had woken Him by attending to His cock, He would detach certain chains to roll me over and hog-tie me, then tease and force me to come.

He also made me wear His rubber hood and, as promised, placed the new leather hood (still unseen) over the top. This time without the ball gag attached and He brought me to climax. It felt incredible and very intense. He gave me some cage time too. i knelt inside it, already held captive by the monoglove. i was kept in place as the monoglove's end was attached with rope to the cage's top bar, which lifted my arms up slightly behind me. Then He gave me a harsh cropping to my bottom and i remember trying hard not to fight the pain, but to go with it.

He dressed me in my catsuit, boots, corset and SJ, as well as His rubber hood and ball gag harness over the top. i felt very encased and subservient. He restrained me, spreadeagled and bent over the outside of the cage, to beat me with His new leather belt (a Christmas present from me) and the riding crop. He wanted to teach me another lesson in obedience - not to be lazy with following His rules. The belt hurt a lot, i have to say. It felt very severe and my bottom stung for a time after. So there was a fair amount of pain and pleasure dished out, as He saw fit...

... as well as the fear He placed inside me.

He made me kneel on a chair in the hallway. He placed a length of rope under my arms (i was in the SJ, hood and ball gag) which was then pulled up behind me and tied to a bar fixed across a door frame above me. He's used the bar in the past for strappado bondage. The rope held me tightly in place, even though i felt myself teetering on the chair. i couldn't really look up to see what He had done (can't recall if i was blindfolded or not at this point). He told me how vulnerable i looked at that moment and all the things He could do to me. He said i should feel submissive enough now and realise who was in charge. He told me that the next word He would say "will get your adrenaline pumping".

There was a short silence before i heard Him whisper it, just the once, in my ear.


i could hear the smile in His voice, as He said it.

i couldn't catch my breath.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

i iz cute pup

i think i'm following vanimp's blog too much, as i know how much she loves the lolcats. So this pup thought she'd join in...

Thursday, April 02, 2009

HNT - Rubber Doll

Aside from my punishment at the weekend, W/we had time for some rubber fun. SG took a series of great images of His pup in her latex dress and sexy lingerie.

This is the first of those i'd like to share.