Sunday, March 22, 2009

Surprisingly Hood

He made me lie face down on the bed and hog-tied me, using my collar (yes my beloved collar) and linked it between my wrist and ankle cuffs. i should mention that when He removes my collar, it usually means one thing - He's going to put me in the SJ.

He told me 'not to go anywhere' and He left the room. Sure enough, on His return, He held the SJ in His hands and a glint in His eyes. He loves using the straitjacket on me, enjoys how it encases me and that i can't escape from it. It's a beautiful and well-made garment. i'll never forget the moment when i found out He had bought it. That day, He had told me go and fetch what was lying on His bed. my eyes lit up and i couldn't stop grinning as i saw the leather bondage apparel for real. He had talked about buying one for a time, knowing how much He loved His monoglove, and i knew it would be very exciting to experience. It's pretty weighty too and has a million straps and buckles (well, not quite). He delights in doing each strap up fairly tightly too, especially the crotch straps that fit closely next to my pussy.

Soon enough, He had strapped me up and i was breathing in the smell of leather. Whenever i wear it, it makes me feel very safe and comforted. It can make me spacey too, even before He has done anything else to me. So there He had me, and lying beside me, He stroked my hair and started talking about my birthday. He said He had bought me 3 kinky presents already (it's now 4, since writing - woo hoo!). Of course, they're going to be surprises, but He has me intrigued. i was especially so, when He asked me if i'd like to try one of them out...

He pulled me off the bed with my lead attached, led me to the hall, and made me kneel before the mirror.

"I don't want you to see anything" He told me, then began to tightly wrap bondage tape over my eyes.

The excitement inside me was building. i could feel my pussy moistening by the second, with what was to come next.

i sensed Him behind me and a new smell, again of leather, hit my nose. Something was being put over my head and, although i couldn't see anything through the tape, everything had now become even darker. A leather hood - SG had talked about buying me my very own hood - so this was it! As He pulled it down, something hard came into contact with my mouth and pressed against my lips, forcing them open. i realised it was a ball gag with holes in, because when i breathed in, i felt cool air whistling into my mouth. The ball rested against my lips, not as far in or as tightly as the ball gag harness, but i couldn't stop it from pressing inside my mouth. i can't recall there being any nose holes and because it had become so much darker, i guessed if there were any eye holes, then these were covered.

Then i felt the back of the hood being laced up. The hood became slightly tighter around my head. i was aware that He probably didn't want to make me panic (too much), so He had only laced it up fairly loosely. The hood didn't feel too scary. It was cunning though - to place the hood on me, whilst not being able to see. It took away the initial fear i may have had, had i seen it first.

i breathed in and out quickly at first, and the air hitting against the angle of the ball gag's holes made it whistle, which i found quite amusing. After a few minutes, i began to relax, and i could hear SG asking me if i was OK. i nodded, taking in this new sensation He had forced upon me.

i felt a tug on my lead as He instructed me to get up. i obeyed and He led me down the hall and into another room. i became aware it was the lounge, as He stood me by the dining table (our infamous fucking table) and i felt my ankles being restrained to its legs, which made my legs spread. Then He pushed on my back to make me bend forward and i rested my head on the table. The ball gag whistled intermittently more as i became increasingly excited.

The swoosh of the crop and the leather cat sounded behind me, before SG began to strike my bottom and thighs with them. The sting of each ran through me and i whimpered through the hood. He couldn't wait to tease my dripping pussy with my new vibrator, and plunged it into my hungry hole. The sensation of the pain, mixed with the vibe's pleasure, was immensely magnified whilst wearing the hood. It certainly didn't take me long to beg for release, and probably 2 or 3 times more in quick succession.

He removed my hood and tape, ensuring that He kept it out of sight from me. i was exhilarated and exhausted, and SG helped His limp pup into His bed, to caress and comfort her. i snuggled in close and felt extremely submissive to Him in that moment. i love that time - when He's bringing me down and i'm buzzing with what He's put me through.

So i've experienced one of my birthday presents, but i don't get to see it until the day now. He told me it might freak me out anyway! i asked Him to describe it to me. He said it has detachable straps covering the eyes and the ball gag can also be removed. Now that i know what it feels like, i don't think it will scare me when i do see it, even though He tells me it looks quite severe. But hey, don't you love surprises? ;-)

Oh, and at some point, before my birthday (less than a month away), He told me He's going to make me wear His latex hood, with the new leather hood over the top - and i thought what He'd just put me through was intense...


Anneal said...

I enjoyed your description....nicely done by your Man too...excellent technique!

J3 and his slut Wendy said...

Anticipation is everything, and a little taste of the future is so delicious.

Thanks for sharing.


Jelly said...

I really enjoy reading about the latex and leather on your blog. Things that I doubt I'll explore anytime soon. Its nice to know what's out there and the diversity of all the D/s!

Hope you have a good birthday!! =)

vanimp said...

Oh wows what an awesomes post to get back to read after my mad holiday! I am curious about the hood and what it look like too now *chuckles*

I'm so pleased you two are enjoying this new level xxx