Sunday, March 01, 2009

S Is For Strict - Please Sir, May i Have Another?

If you want to catch up, here's the previous 2 parts of 'Strict':

S Is For Strict
S Is For Strict - The Morning After

With the cage now in place, SG removed the hog-tie and told me to get off the bed and into my 'prison'. Without His help, i shuffled onto the floor and, with His direction, crawled into the cage. He told me to 'get comfy' and i heard the door shut behind me. A minute later, i felt a pulling sensation on my head. i realised He had secured my lead from the ball gag harness' d-ring across the top bars of the cage. So there i knelt, hunched over, and only able to move a little. The lead prevented me from curling up, which is all i wanted to do at the time. i could only imagine, as i couldn't see, that He was enjoying watching me in this predicament.

"When you come out of the cage, when I decide, there will be some corporate punishment. Corporal punishment will consist 20 lashes. i want you to count each one - understand?" SG told me.

i murmured something like "Yes Sir".

"Can you remember that? Couldn't remember to tell Me when you were coming. Sure you can remember that?" He asked. "Are you feeling penitent? Will you be a good pup?"

Again, i murmured affirmatively and my breathing had quickened. i remember shuffling about a bit as my legs were starting to ache. "Are you uncomfortable?" SG asked, obviously watching me moving about. i nodded and He replied "That's a shame, isn't it?".

He told me He was going to 'go away' and think about which implement He was going to use on my ass. i listened to Him moving about the room. After a time, i felt Him prodding and pulling at my feet. He made me move them from underneath me, so He could tie each of my ankle cuffs to the cage side bars, to give more exposure to my bottom. He told me He was going to give me 20 strokes of the riding crop and, out loud, i was to count each one, as well as ask: "Please Sir, may i have another?".

What He hadn't told me was that He had the Hitachi wand in His hand too, which He subsequently pressed against my pussy, as He brought the crop down hard on my bottom. i gasped and whimpered simultaneously. i found it difficult to speak, not only because of the hood and ball gag, but with the pain from each strike. He kept the wand directed on my clit throughout and i think i came rather quickly (and for which i obtained permission first). After He administered the 20th, and final stroke, (or so i thought), He released my ankle bonds. i lay down on my side and curled up, feeling relieved and exhausted, and now in need of His approval and His aftercare. i needed Him to hold me in His arms again.

penitent pup
He told me i could come out of the cage. It was a slow and shaky process. As i did so (and i'm not sure how i managed it), i asked if He had taken any photos of my cropped bottom. i was curious to see the marks He Had left. He had taken 1 photo. i then made the mistake of saying something like "only 1?". He said He'd take some more, to which i replied "oh, the marks will probably have gone by now" (oops!). He checked my bottom and there were no marks. SG was then quick to inform me that He would give me another 10 strokes. i would count them out as before, and THEN He would take more photos of my striped bottom!

i really should learn to keep quiet sometimes. Then again, i don't have any choice if He decides to keep me gagged. So i received another 10 strokes and got my extra photos of my striped ass, presented below. SG had His video footage of His handiwork (for His private viewing only, i'm afraid!).

It certainly turned into a stricter weekend. SG has told me how my deeper submission towards Him is fuelling His dominance. This new path seems to be culminating in one very happy Master and pup - His 'cumslut'.


mina said...

It is amazing how your submission fuels his dominance. It is such a beautiful exchange between sub and Dom.

Aurore said...

It certainly turned into a stricter weekend. SG has told me how my deeper submission towards Him is fuelling His dominance.

A friend of mine (a Dom) once told me that as a sub you can also "train" your Dom - it seems to be working well for both of you.

Anonymous said...

i think you mean corporal punishment not corporate! i wonder how he'll correct you for your mistake! ;)

Tristan's pet said...

Ah....that brought back some sweet memories of submission. My owner has said he will get a cage for me at some point. The thing that worries me most is the pain in my joints that I'm likely to suffer from such complete immobility. Ah the trials of middle age. :).

Tp xx

Florida Dom said...

Congrats to SG for becoming more strict and fueling both his dominance and PUP's submission. It appears to be taking your relationship to a new level. Can't wait to see what SG has planned next.
And that was a great photo of PUP's butt. Too bad SG won't share the video of his handiwork. Let's hope he changes his mind.

vanimp said...

A beautiful exchange of energy taking place and a naughty pup getting some training I see ;) Nice marks xxx

jelly said...

Your submission is so deep and so beautiful. Glad you and SG had such a wonderful weekend!

trinity-pup said...

mina - isn't it?! i think it's just so good to know that and can only help us in future! :-)

Aurore - i'm working on it!! ;-)

this girl - yes, SG pointed it out to me and i now stand corrected! Or should that be, i'm due to be corrected!

Tp - *smiles* mmm, memories are good! i guess you could always try my cage out first... ;-)

FD - Thanks for the compliments. i doubt that Blogger will allow it anyway, but it was good!

vanimp - awww thanks hun - yes the marks were definitely worth it!

jelly - *grins* hey, thanks! That's really lovely to hear.

t. x

Techbondage said...

Submission often fuels my dominance as well as in a relationship it takes 2 to tango