Friday, March 13, 2009

A Question (or 4) Answered

my first question (or should that be 4 in 1!) is from 'anonymous perve', who asks:

I have a question, where do you see yourself in say... 5 years, with your relationship with SG?

You want to be more submissive to him, but obviously there has to be a point where it ends? Or are you looking for TPE in the long run?

Also, Can you see yourself ever being turned on by the breath control hood???

Last question, can you ever see yourself accepting anonymous perves who lust after your latex clad body ???

Quite a loaded set to answer, but here goes:

In 5 years time and with all the wishes in this world, i see myself ever further into my journey with SG. i am striving to be more submissive towards Him. i do believe that my blog has reflected that aspect recently and it is something i am currently working on, with His help. i need Him to guide and teach me.

Who says there has to be a point where it ends? People evolve and circumstances can change, but i do know what i have right now is extremely special and i wouldn't change that for anything. i've never been so happy and i don't have to pretend to be anyone else, but me. As for TPE - if you mean 24/7, i believe that reality has a lot of bearing on things, so it's very hard to achieve. That's not to say that there aren't those who are able to do it. All i do know is that i'm happy with what i have at this moment in time. For sure, the idea of TPE and 24/7 is a huge fantasy for B/both of U/us and excites U/us very much. For now, real life sneaks in quite a fair bit, so the time W/we do share is very special and W/we make the most of it.

In answer to the breath control hood, i think it may take a little while yet before that happens. However, SG has recently told me that He's going to put it on me and not let me out of it, until i've climaxed. Now that's a scary and thrilling scenario! So maybe if i can achieve that, it may sway how i see the hood in future, so W/we'll see!

Finally, as for accepting anonymous perves? Well i've answered your questions and it's always great to see regulars that return, as well as comment more than once (even if they don't leave their name), so i'll let you decide...

Thanks for the questions.

i shall be answering my next question in a new post soon. Please keep them coming and post them here - Q&A month runs throughout March.

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