Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Q & A: Vanilla Sex & Scening

jelly asks:

Do you and SG have vanilla sex?

How much time, on average say... per week or per month do you and SG spend 'scening'?

Hey, isn't that two questions? ;-) OK... vanilla sex between SG and me happens every now and then... and it's usually after a full-on scene where He's probably already fucked me, and not before He's restrained me in some way or another. So, yes W/we do have vanilla at times... but i love being taken whilst in bondage.

How much time do W/we spend on scening... well, that depends a lot on what's going on in vanilla-dom. For example, these past few weeks have given U/us no real chance of spending quality time together. Over the last year, it works out that W/we have been able to play approx. three weekends out of every month, so it's a fair amount!

W/we are hoping to have a more indulgent time together at the end of this month, so you could be reading about that, all in good time! i know i can't wait to be wrapped in latex again...

Good questions - thank you!

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Jelly said...

Thank you for answering my question!! =)