Friday, March 27, 2009

Q & A: my Favourites

Anonymous asks:

Long time reader, first time poster

Firstly, i must say how wonderful it is for someone who has been reading me a while, has decided to post here - so thank you for that! (so what's stopping the rest of you?!). The 3-parter question is:

What is your favourite:

item of fetish wear - that has to be my latex catsuit! It just feels so good when i'm squeezed into it, and have i mentioned how much i love the feet?!

torture implement
- if i *had* to pick a favourite(?!) (and that's a rarity anyway), as W/we don't currently own that many pain-inducing implements, it would be the riding crop. It's because it feels quite stingy and i know SG can leave marks on my bottom with it.

restrained position - i think that would be when SG runs chains down my body, i.e. against my pussy, then up my back via my wrist cuffs with my arms behind my back, and connects them to my collar's d-ring. In this way, i have little mobility and, if i try to move my hands, the chains apply pressure to my crotch - that always excites me! (and i do love the sound of rattling chains).

(loving the arse pic as well
) - thank you for the compliment!

i hope that answers your question, that you also keep reading and maybe will post again in the near future.

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Anonymous said...

I have a question that is sort of related....

if you could beg, borrow or steal one of our toys which would it be and why?

if you give a good answer...ya never know ;)


if i was to lend you kylie....what would you do to her or get her to do to you?

see stupid questions ain't they!

TG x